It’s been over a year since I last wore my hair straight so I really wanted to do so while trying out a “new to me” product. Today, I introduce to you the Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush. I’m writing this post a week after I actually filmed the demo video (posted below), so I also have a photo of what my hair looks like after a few days of wearing it straight.

So, the Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush retails for $59.99 at our local Ulta Store, which is where we picked it up. It claims to smooth, straighten and give you frizz-free hair in half the time it takes to use a flat iron.

Instyler Straight Up Details

  • 65 Powerful Ceramic Heated Plates
  • 7 Heat Settings from 330 degrees F to 450 degrees F
  • Cool Tip Ionic Bristles
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Professional Swivel Cord
  • Automatic Shut Off

I used the Straight Up in my demo directly out of the box and did not read directions or tips on how to use the tool. I definitely suggest reading up on it prior and don’t do as I did. The tool itself heated up almost instantly and after less than a minute it was ready to be used.

I love that the Straight Up has a swivel cord, but would have liked it to have a longer cord altogether because some of my plugs in my house are near to the floor and I stand up when I straighten my hair. As I mentioned before, the tool heated up very quickly and while there are definitely hot spots on the brush, it was very comfortable to use and I could get on the top of my head without burning my scalp. Holding the brush takes a little getting used to, mainly because of the cord, but ultimately it was easy to grasp.

If you are looking for something like a flat iron but with minimal effort, I think you’ll enjoy this tool as much as I did. After my initial use, my hair stayed fairly straight without touching up for at least a week.

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As you can see from the image below, the hair at the nape of my neck as well as the underneath began to get curly fastest, which is normal with me using a flat iron as well. I took this photo 5 days after initially using the Straight Up on my hair. It still had shine (not greasy) and I was still able to wear it down.

Overall, I think the Straight Up by Instyler is a great buy and a nice value considering it tackled my very long and curly hair. I would definitely recommend it and I like the ease of use. I may not be using it properly, but I like that it’s as simple as brushing through my hair.

Have you tried the Instyler Straight Up? If so, what are your thoughts on this product?

Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was purchased by a family member as a gift for me. All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased. Affiliate links are posted through out.


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