As a family, our lives tend to be a bit hectic and busy.  I just consider us busy because we are out in the world, making memories and enjoying life.  This year all three boys started school the same week they started Football practice for Pop Warner.  Let’s just say it has been a busy month so far and keeping the littles on task for school while still getting them to and from practice and games can be a challenge but overall rewarding and we make it work to the best to our ability.  With a schedule that starts from 6am and ends at 8:30pm for the boys, they have a long day and their little bodies keep truckin from rise to bed.  To keep t hem on top of their game and play, I try to incorporate great tasting snacks like CLIF Kid Zbar® that have important nutrients for active kids.

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It seems like I have a household full of guys that literally eat like crazy, but with three growing boys that’s exactly what is going on.  To keep them on their toes, I give them CLIF Kid Zbars, which are nutritious snacks that are made from organic ingredients, all of which are specially-crafted for kids’ developing taste buds and active lives.  My sons absolutely love how the CLIF Kid Zbars tastes and they have asked me to purchase them many times.

CLIF Kid, energy, play, sports, children, kids, football, school, CLIF Kid ZBar,

CLIF Kid Zbars are the perfect portion size for kids. I especially love that they come in flavors that they love and they fit perfectly in their lunch box or backpack to take with them to school.  All three boys snack on their CLIF Kid Zbars during break for that mid day snack so that they are not starving when they come home from school.  I enjoy that they are made with organic ingredients, are Non-GMO (something we try to steer clear of in our household) and have no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives.

CLIF Kid, energy, play, sports, children, kids, football, school, CLIF Kid ZBar,

CLIF Kid has been an essential part of our back to school routine and the boys have been loving the taste and flavors of the snacks they have tried.  But, what I love is that they don’t need to be used for just school.  CLIF Kid is dedicated to reclaiming play!  With balance and active play laying the foundation for skilled, healthy, resilient and successful society, we are keeping our kids active and still providing them fun.  This is one of the reasons why my sons are engaged with Play time, no matter what it is.  Our play time is football and the boys enjoy CLIF Kid Zbars as a part of their snack after practice.

CLIF Kid, energy, play, sports, children, kids, football, school, CLIF Kid ZBar,

When my sons are on the filed, they not only get a little active time, but they have a lot of fun and CLIF Kid helps to encourage that.  Let’s face it, play is disappearing at home, in school and in communities now a days, especially since technology, television and video games have a little part in that.  I remember as a kid, I played outside all the time and it’s sad to see that 70% of moms like me played outside while only 31% of our kids play outside today.  I encourage outside play whole heartily and enjoy that my sons love to play and keep active.

CLIF Kid, energy, play, sports, children, kids, football, school, CLIF Kid ZBar,

Whether it’s back to school or on the field, foraging through the woods or riding a bike – no matter the play time your family enjoys, get out and enjoy it all.  Remember, like I said before… make memories while having some fun.

CLIF Kid, energy, play, sports, children, kids, football, school, CLIF Kid ZBar,

What about you?  Do you remember being out exploring and playing till the lights came on?  What are your favorite memories of your play time?  Encourage play time with your kids if you don’t already, have some fun and create memories.

Check out the CLIF Kid Video.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I have never had a Clif bar but I love the packaging. I used to know their former marketing director who liked working on it. Glad the kids like ’em

    • the kids love them. 🙂 I hate adult CLIF bars… just being honest, I’m really not into protein or energy bars so I just don’t like any I’ve tried. I’m good with a great granola bar.

  2. I saw those and wondered if my 5 year old would like them. He’s not yet at heavy sports but he loves to run.

    • oh – I think that he will. The twins love these, no matter if they are playing sports or just an after school snack. They are a great little snack to have on hand.

  3. My son would have gobbled these down when he was a kid. He had (still has, actually lol) a bottomless stomach and keeping him full and energized was a challenge. 😀

  4. all_the_words025 Reply

    These sound like a really great snack option for kids. Yours are adorable!

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