I absolutely love the Holiday Season and to me, the Christmas season means much more than just presents, snow and jingle bells.  I love that Christmas allows us to share in giving but also in celebrating our Savior and his love.  I don’t often talk about Religion here on Honeygirl’s World, and I’m a wholehearted believer that no matter your religion, believing is seeing!

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There are several things you can do to offer service this Christmas Season.  Like I said before, regardless of your religion belief, you have the ability to serve others.  Each year my family and I work together to help serve those in need – no matter what time of year, but especially during the holiday season.  I would like to share 10 ways that you can lift others burdens – ways that you and your family can part-take in.

  1.  Remember that you never know the struggle a person is dealing with when you come in contact with them.  A kind smile, compliment or generosity are great ways of rising someone’s spirits while making them feel great about them self.
  2. Donate food like canned goods to your local food bank.  My sons and I always take a list of canned goods and suggestions with us while shopping and pick up a few extras to deliver to the food bank.
  3. Adopt a family this holiday season.  Each year my family and I select a name from the “Angel Tree” and purchase gifts on the family’s holiday wishlist.
  4. Donate your gently used items like household goods, clothing, blankets and more to your community homeless shelter.  Winter is the coldest time of year and sometimes a warm blanket, jacket and socks can make a huge difference in someones life.
  5. Make a meal for a family member or friend who may be ill, down on their luck or overworked.  Or – donate the meal to the soup or homeless kitchen for holiday service.
  6. Help a neighbor who is elderly by collecting their recyclables, trash, etc. so that they do not have to get into the cold and take care of it.
  7. Write letters or send holiday cards to service members, sending them holiday cheer as they serve our country and are aware from their families and friends.
  8. Sing and carol around your local neighborhood to bring  holiday cheer.
  9. Help a friend in need.  Assist a friend who may need help, a ride, a meal or anything and make sure you follow through and see it to the end.  Sometimes all your friend may need is kind wishes and a prayer, but knowing that someone is rooting for them means everything.
  10. Head on over to mormon.org for a list of ways that you can make a difference and don’t forget to #LightTheWorld

I can’t stress this enough, no matter what religion we believe in – together, we can all work together and help to light the world with Christ’s love and a commitment to serve.  In 25 days and 25 ways we can offer those around us action and service inspired by Christ and Light The World around us.

Happy Holidays!

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