Love Your Life!I am not going to lie… Life has its way of kind of catching you by surprise and swallowing up your insides making it feel like all is lost and difficult.  I went through that on more occasions than I would like to remember… or count – but the last few years, well… they have really shown me a side of life that I am so happy to share with all of you.

A few years ago I had made friends with people who lived to make my life miserable… and because of it, I had forgotten how awesome my life truly was.  From an awesome and supportive (did I mention hawt?) husband and 3 beautiful sons, sometimes the things we love so much, we tend to disregard as the “constants” in our life and forget how important they truly are.  Don’t get me wrong… it’s not that we forget about them, but forget about how they often make us feel… happy, loved, supported and the butterflies that flutter around in our stomachs when we think of them – that’s all real feelings that we tend to cast aside from time to time.  Last year, I made every possible effort to move forward from those terrible people that worked so hard to make me miserable and just cast them aside… leaving me to concentrate on all the things that made me happy.  And, you know what I realized?  I absolutely LOVE MY LIFE!  How many people can say that?  How many people can say that their life is so wonderful (regardless of all the downs and challenges) that they love to live it – so much so that they are “In Love” with their life?  Well, I will admit that the road here was a challenge.  Not necessarily because I hated my life but because I didn’t focus on the things that were so awesome and there is so much greatness in my life right now and there always has been.

So – this post, while long winded has a purpose.  This year – now 2014, I am going to remind myself  how awesome life is, how great of a support system I have and how much I love everything beautiful and I know it will make for an awesome year.  (hmmm… I think I need a thesaurus… a little too much Awesome in this post. lol) Each time you think of a struggle that has you down, think about all the things that make you smile.  When times are tough and you feel like you have hit rock bottom, remember… there are people out there that love you unconditionally.  There is always a positive to any negative and smile to a frown.  Together – let’s make 2014 AWESOME.  So, like Jack Kerouac says… “Be in Love with Your Life, Every minute of it!” and make the best of 2014 and every single day of your existence.  While times are tough, God would never give us anything we cannot handle!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014 filled with Happiness, Prosperity and Love.  It’s going to be an awesome year – no exceptions!

With Love!


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