I am a lover of sweet things… Vanilla, Sugar and soft floral scents.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a fan of scent called Dark Rum.  Over the course of the last few months, I have heard great things and raves about Malin + Goetz Dark Rum EDT (Eau De Toilette) and I was completely intrigued as to why… since I just couldn’t image what the hype was all about.  What could possibly be so exotic and sultry about this scent that it can be used for both Men and Women and some of my favorite celebrities love it so?  Well, after getting my hands on a bottle – I found out exactly what the hype was all about.

Malin and Goetz Dark Rum

Our Dark Rum EDT is synthesized for its natural, warm notes and general well being. Modern and dynamic, this formidable and long-lasting fragrance performs on its own or paired with the subtle freshness of our Synthesized Lotus Root, creating a unique sensory balance tailored to an individual or couple.

I am not a huge fan of fragrances that have musky or deep masculine notes so I didn’t expect to enjoy or like Dark Rum from Malin+Goetz at all.  After a spritz of it on my wrist and inhaling the scent, I was immediately intoxicated.  I was expecting to smell a deep dark and rich scent that I am not too fond of, but I was very impressed that my first whiff of the perfume was the complete opposite.  I don’t even know how to explain it.   If I had to actually put it into words I would explain it as… “a soft but sweet musk”.  But, here’s the interesting thing about this perfume or Eau De Toilette, it can be used for both Men and Women and the scent that shines when I’m wearing it seems to be completely different than that when on my husband.  When he wears this EDT, it has a masculine scent that compliments his chemistry makeup.  It smells sexy and I LOVE IT.

Check out the embedded video below for my thoughts on the perfume, or click here and watch it directly on YouTube.

When I use this perfume, I get SO MANY compliments.  I promise you, until you smell it – you will not understand what I am talking about.  I love to spritz a small amount of my Coach Love Perfume or Halloween and then spritz on my Dark Rum for a different, entrancing and unique fragrance.  Dark Rum EDT pairs nicely with some of my favorite, deeper or musky scents in my collection for a custom fit for my body chemistry that leaves me feeling empowered, sexy and beautiful.  Who says a fragrance can’t do that for a woman, or man?


Top notes of bergamot and plum, middle notes of rum and leather, dry down of amber, patchouli, and milk.



Malin+Goetz Dark Rum EDT

Now, if you know anything about me you will know my favorite scents… and I have just added Dark Rum to one of my go-to signature loves.  It’s a fairly steep price to pay for a bottle of perfume, so at $150 US – it will be a splurge item for me once I run out of the bottle I have, but… with 3.4fl.oz. / 100ml in product I’m sure it will last me, hopefully. lol The scent lasts through the day so carrying a large bottle with you to reapply is not necessary.  I especially love that the bottle/packaging is clean, simple and really allows the scent to speak for itself.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging, but with this product, the smell speaks for itself.

Pair this Perfume with Malin+Goetz fresh, subtle synthesized lotus root for the perfect balance.


Malin and Goetz Dark Rum EDT

So now that you know my thoughts on this product, would you spend that kind of money on a scent that could render your completely intoxicated?  I’m definitely excited to test it out with other fragrances I have in my collection but so far – I am truly enjoying Dark Rum.

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  1. I’ve loved every Malin+Goetz product that I tried so far, and this perfume sounds delightful. Vanilla, sugar and florals? Count me in! 🙂

    • I am such a vanilla, sugar, floral fan… this is a little richer and muskier but definitely much better than I could have imagined. 😉 I really want to try their lip balm and skin care. I have never tried this brand and only heard of it 😉

  2. Oooo this sounds amazing! I like perfume but I don’t know if I would spend that much money on it without actually smelling it first!

    • YES – I’m totally with you. The cost is outrageous. But the good thing is you do get a lot of product. The apparently have smaller sprays too, but it is a tad bit different in scent – but similar, if that makes any sense. lol

  3. kSquaredGlamour Reply

    the packaging is gorgeous and i love that it can be worn both by men and women with a different scent

    • I love how clean the packaging is… definitely gorg. 😉 At that price I think it’s a tad bit justifiable since both men and women can wear it… but it is expensive 😉

    • definitely check it out Brooke. I swear I can’t even pinpoint what I am smelling but I’m such a huge fan now 😉

  4. By the name, it doesn’t sound like a fragrance I’d like, but to hear you describe it, I think I need to at least try this fragrance! (oh, and you and your layering, girl! lololol!)

    • you must try it… at least one of their smaller sprays they have available. I know they do differ a bit but they are still favorites of many people. Oh my gosh – you know me and layering… it’s all about customization. lol 😉

    • Omigosh – I know, it’s so darn expensive. But I love it. There are other scents that people rave about on their site and they are not even close to the cost of this one. I have heard great things about the Rum Tonic. 🙂

  5. What have you tried from them? I have not tried anything outside of this fragrance and I’m so excited to dig in and try more. 😉 I love that its unisex.

  6. yes – definitely pricey but I am loving it. I have been justifying the price by saying I get double the amount of a regular size bottle and that both women and men can use it… I’m hoping hautelook will have it when I need to repurchase lol 😉

  7. Norah Salazar Reply

    I have tried the lip moisturizer and the body Vit 5 moisturizer, all samples when I stayed at a hotel last year.

    • I think it is a great scent – which I never thought I would like at all. But they have a smaller version in their Dark Rum Tonic which I hear is the same or similar in scent. I would have picked up that one if I wanted to test.

    • I hear the dark rum tonic which comes in a smaller / cheaper version is very similar and their original scent. I am loving it so far.

  8. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    This intrigued me a lot. I don’t mind splurging on finer things such as fragrance as long as I know I will truly love it. Great review

    • They have smaller sizes in one of their signature scents – the Dark Rum Tonic which I have been told smells very similar and was their original version. If I didn’t get the big bottle I would have tried that one first – because it is a splurge 😉

    • How did you like their skincare? I have not tried anything from this brand with exception to this fragrance but hear great things. 😉

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