2014 is definitely a year for new products from Milani Cosmetics.  This year Milani rolled out the new Matte Baked Blushes to add to their already awesome Baked Blush line.  As a matte blush addict, I was so excited to hear about these and couldn’t wait to put them to the test.  As one of my favorite Drug store brands, Milani really has stepped up their product line over the course of the last few years and the brand’s products have made favorites pretty often.  So – what are my thoughts on these new blushes?  Read on to see…Milani Matte Baked Blushes

There are two matte blush additions this year to include the colors:  Bella Rosa and Delizioso Pink.  Each blush retails for $7.99 on the Milanicosmetics.com site and contain 0.12 oz of product (3.5g) which is the same amount as their regular baked blushes.  If you are a fan of their original baked blushes but really do not care for the shimmer they offer, then these blushes will surely offer you all the color pay off without the glitter.

Check out my quick overview video (embedded below) or watch it directly on YouTube here.  Also scroll down for swatches and more details.

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Milani Matte Baked Blushes

The shades they have available (Bella Rose & Delizioso Pink) are highly pigmented and long lasting.  Just a little of the product goes a long way and I prefer using a stippling brush to apply the product for an airbrushed effect.  The colors are also very true to their shade in the pan.  I especially love how bold Bella Rosa is, but I am very impressed that both shades held up very well against my medium skin tone.  A little note – take your time in building up the color of  each, after picking up the color on your brush, tap your brush prior to applying so that you have a perfect blend of color.  While each blush does come with a little brush (hidden in a little compartment below the blush, tucked in next to a mini mirror),  I suggest using a blush brush or stippling brush for the right effect.

Milani Matte Baked Blushes Review Swatches

What I love about these is that they are not as powdery as Milani’s original baked blushes – because they do not have all the glitter.  They offer high quality pigment with a satin feel.  Besides providing a great matte finish, they also have the lasting power of high end blushes without the high end price tag.  And, of course – they have Milani’s signature packaging which I think gives the products a little “high end twist”.  I’ve said it many times before and to me… Milani is the High end of drug store.  I am always amazed with the new products that they come out with.

Since these blushes are a part of the Permanent line, you can find them at your local drug store that carries Milani (CVS and Walgreens) and they are also available at milanicosmetics.com.  You can expect them to cost about $6 – $7.00 and as mentioned earlier, they are $7.99 on the site.  If you are planning to check out your local drug stores, call them first to see if they have gotten them in stock yet.  I know that many locations have received them, but some are not releasing until March 2014.

Milani Matte Baked Blush Swatch

In the photo above, I am using Bella Rosa on my cheeks.  As you can see – the color provides a huge punch of color.  Interested in seeing the tutorial for this look?  Click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

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  1. So gorgeous! It’d take some getting used to from me because I’m heavy handed with my blush, and it seems that you only need a bit of this to get a lot of pigment!

    • My sissy is too – but I switched her to a stippling brush instead of a regular blush brush and it made a huge difference. You really only need to tap your brush 🙂

    • it is such a gorgeous candy pink and I love that it matches well with my skin – because a lot of baby pinks like that can make me look like a dark barbie and not in a cute way. lol

  2. Aleya Bamdad Reply

    I don’t use blush but I’ve tried this and it feels great on the skin.

  3. I really need to depot my single shadows because they just do not fit well in my makeup drawers so I tend not to use them as much. 😉 I think you will really like these matte blushes 😀

  4. MyNewestAddiction Reply

    So pretty. I had them in my hands last week. I should have just purchased them!

  5. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    These are super lovely! I will be on the look out for these blushes!!!!

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