Today was one of those days where I stopped and thought to myself… “Okay – we are in 2014, where in the World did 2013 go?”  Honestly, 2013 flew by so quickly, I didn’t realize it till the Holidays were staring me in the face.  Regardless… it doesn’t really matter now that it is 2014 and that was the past.  One things for sure though… I know 2013 was pretty awesome (even if it went by so quickly) and 2014 will be just as great if not better.  #loveyourlife

Maui Sunset January 13, 2014


While driving home the other day I caught glimpse of a beautiful sunset.  Sunsets mean a lot to me… it’s something my husband and I look forward to and sometimes when we are not with one another – we look up at the sky as the sun sets and know that we are each staring at the same sun setting – just at different locations.  So seeing the sun set the other night brought major comfort to me.  That day was a bit of a challenge… The twins and my eldest were handfuls, the stores were busy and packed and traffic had me wanting to pull out my gray hair.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I weighed myself that morning and put on 2 pounds which was completely inconceivable considering I didn’t eat anything out of the norm and kept with my routine.  I was feeling frumpy, not myself and just lacked inspiration in a whole.  Seeing that sunset reminded me that I needed to stop, breath, take in the view and know that everything would be okay.  I took the photo above as a reminder of that very moment.  Sometimes in life… whether daily or once in a while – we really need to stop and smell the roses, or pull over on the side of the road and watch the sun set.   While we don’t enjoy the stressful days or the craziness we call life… it’s the little color and sparkle that makes us appreciate what we have.

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
― Rabindranath TagoreStray Birds

Have a wonderful Week Loves!

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