Oh the infamous Motives Mavens Element Palette has been one in my possession now for over six months and I just haven’t had the chance to touch base and talk about it here until now.  In true Honey form, we are gonna keep it absolutely real and talk story about a product I don’t think I have really mentioned, but I’m taking the time to do so right now.  Let’s talk a bit about Motives first.  I have been using Motives products off and on now for quite a few years, since before they became a huge hype and widely endorsed on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.  I found out about Motives through a friend who is an “Un-Franchisee” through Market America.  The first products I used were nice, eye shadows were fairly pigmented and lipsticks were pretty good.  Now five years later, Motives is a brand widely used by makeup artists and enthusiasts a like.

Motives Mavens Element Palette

The Motives Mavens Element Palette was introduced about a year ago to the Beauty Community.  The palette was a collaboration with six Motives Mavens as a must-have palette with shades for every woman.  Including eight complimentary shades in neutral and deep hues, this palette will offer you everything from a day time look to a glamorous eye look or a sultry smoky eye.  It’s a great size, awesome for travel and the eye shadow pans for each shadow are huge in comparison to what are on the market today.  The Mavens palette retails for $35.00 on the Motives Cosmetics website or you can purchase from a Motives distributor.

8 shadows – net weight of each shadow is 0.125 oz/3.54g with a total weight of 1 oz/28.35g

Motives Mavens Element Palette

If you are looking for a neutral palette that offers a few shades that will bump up your look, I think this palette is definitely a good buy.  This is the kind of palette that will work for most skin tones and all age ranges offering many looks that can be created.  I love that most if not all of the shades will offer complimentary tones to those with a variety of eye colors and if you love neutral tones – this will be a great palette for that.

Motives Mavens Element Palette

 LEFT TO RIGHT:  Birch, Native, Aubergine, Raven

Motives Mavens Element Palette

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Shell, Serene, Bordeaux, Truffle

 As you can see from the swatches above, this palette offers you high pigmentation in each of the shades.  There is a combination of metallic, satin and matte shades to give you a variety to choose from when creating your looks.  I especially enjoy how easy this palette is to use when creating daytime / every day wearable looks and sultry smoky or evening looks.  The colors are a great combination for such.  This palette also offers a matte highlight shade and a satin-matte transition shade which works well for me since I’m not big on shimmer shades all over my lid.  Some of the shades (particularly the shimmer/metallic ones) do have some fall out when applying so I suggest using patting motions when applying to the lid.  Take your time and it shouldn’t be difficult to work with.  It’s not a lot of fall out but it can be there, so I figured I mention that.  The palette also comes with a brush that is handy but while it works for well for blending, it is not so great for applying color (i.e. patting to the lid) and can cause fall out when applying color.  This is a great addition, but I use it for blending shades mainly.

Motives Mavens Element Palette

Having used different Motives cosmetics products I can surely attest that while some work really well, others may be a bit hit or miss in my book and I definitely was not sure that the Motives Mavens Elements palette would be worth the hype prior to trying it out.  I was not completely sold on many of the eye shadows I have tried from the brand over the last five years to I a can’t say I had high expectations or any at all for this palette.  Whether it be due to their makeup artist contributions or a change in formulation, I’m very impressed with how well this palette is.  Each shade offers a soft and/or buttery texture, even the mattes, and the shadows apply nicely.  In my eye look I used this palette, including the smoky purple as a sultry pop of color on the lower lash line.  The shades in this palette definitely bring out my eyes and make them sparkle so much more.

Motives Mavens Element Palette

I think this palette is surely something I would recommend to anyone who wanted a good palette that offered great colors and pigmentation.  It’s travel friendly, with a large mirror which makes it easy and effortless when applying your makeup on the go.  While the colors are basic, they are surely the type of shades I consider staples in my makeup arsenal so for me, I think it’s a must-have.  Do you need it?  Probably not, but it would make a great addition to your makeup collection regardless and if you love to use sultry shades day or night, I think this palette will be much more versatile for you than it looks.

Have you heard of Motives before or the Motives Mavens Elements Palette?  If not, would you try it?  If you have… what are your thoughts?

Signature Honey

Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me for review consideration.  While I was sent this product, this is not a sponsored review and I have not received compensation to provide this review or post.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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  1. MyBeautyJunction Reply

    Bordeaux is such a pretty shade! Love your look! The lippie and necklace are gorgeous.

  2. polarbelle Reply

    You look fantastic!!! The lipstick really sets off the look. Just beautiful.

  3. TinaBowling Reply

    Thanks for the thorough review on this palette. I’ve tried some Motives lipgloss but not the eyeshadows. The colors look very nice on you in this look!

  4. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I wasn’t familiar with this brand and I enjoyed reading about it. It would be a good palette for me since it has a lot of neutrals and mattes.

  5. Your look is lovely! I love the lips. I’ve been curious about trying Motives because I’ve seen them all over pinterest.

  6. I love that this palette has so many neutral-ish but still bold colors and isn’t just a repeat of all the other palettes that are generally all in the same color range. I need this!

  7. Lola Seicento Reply

    This is a seriously gorgeous palette! The swatches are so pigmented and beautiful, and your FOTD is just stunning! Your lip color is insanely gorgeous!

  8. This palette looks made for you! You look simply gorgeous in the colors you chose. Great that they seem to have bumped up their quality, too.

  9. I must have been hiding under a rock because I’ve never heard of this brand before! It looks really great! How does it compare to Urban Decay (which is my current favorite eyeshadow line)?

    • I think with regard to the soft texture and feel of the shadows, quite comparable. Each shadow has a buttery feel as well. The quality has definitely improved over the years from where I used it before but if I had to choose, I would still take Urban Decay over Motives. I like the quality – but I still would like to see Motives do more 🙂 At the price point – this palette specifically though – is definitely worth it.

  10. cindyprimebeauty Reply

    I really love the look you did, too bad the palette is hit & miss.

  11. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I like the bright lippy you matched w/ your eye makeup. I’ve heard of Motives before but didn’t try

  12. I like the color selection and the look you created is beautiful. I haven’t tried anything from Motives yet but I would add this to my list of wants.

  13. The Polished Mommy Reply

    I’ve always wondered about Motives and these colors looks so nice and pigmented.

  14. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    These shadows look incredible, love how you’ve used them! The brand is new to me, but I am seriously loving these shades.

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