Have you heard of Mukama Botanica? I love trying products that come from businesses here in Hawaii and I’m excited to share this brand with you. If you’ve been a long time follower of this blog, you may have seen a variety of skincare products from brands that were started right here in the islands. Today, I’m ecstatic to share with you this new to me company – Mukama Botanica. And, their High Vibe Face Mist.

High Vibe Face Mist

I’m all about a great face mist, especially when it has ingredients that will help to heal and balance out my sensitive skin. This face mist has become my go-to in my skincare regimen over the last few weeks. I love its lightweight feel on my face and fresh scent. If you are a lover of rose tonics or rose water but don’t like the strong fragrance that it can have, this is the mist for you. Lightly scented and perfect for year-round. I’ve been using it daily to combat my dry skin. It has also been a savior to help me feel pampered while going through this pandemic lockdown. I tend to gravitate towards products that are lightweight and this mist is IT!

Did I mention how gorgeous the packaging is? Totally luxurious and such a pretty addition to any vanity.

High Vibe Face Mist retails for $55.00 (4.05 fl oz / 120 mL) and is a facial mist that boosts your skin and mood. This mist is a pH-balanced potion that is formulated with high vibe ingredients and aromatics inspired by sacred Hawaiian plant healing. I love that it is perfect for all skin types and my sensitive skin LOVED this product. It’s created with 100% natural and organic ingredients and handmade in the USA.

Using the High Vibe Face Mist is as easy as pressing the spray button. Simply mist your face a few times after cleansing and rub the product into the skin prior to using your moisturizer. You can also use it as a refresher during the day. You want to make sure that you shake the bottle before using it and store it at room temperature. Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Is it worth the price?

I know what you’re thinking… and I know you’re going to ask me this question, so I figured I’d answer it for you. At the $55 cost, is this facial mist worth the price tag? Well, I’ve been using this mist daily for about a month now and using it generously I might add. I still have most of the bottle left considering how much I’ve utilized so far. The mist is fine so it will cover a broad area. That’s what I like about it. I think this mist will last quite a while even with daily use. Considering there are so many luxury skincare products on the market today – yes, I think this is definitely worth the price tag. You are not just getting a product, but a mission and key ingredients that are so beneficial to your skin.


Key Ingredients include Rose Water (to help calm and improve your skin’s hydration. Tangerine to give your skin some love and protecting antioxidants. Sandalwood to regulate the skin’s oil production. Main Ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana (Organic Witch Hazel), Rosa Damascena (Organic Rose) Water, Santalum Spicatum ((Organic Sandalwood), Citrus Reticulata (Organic Tangerine), Rosa Damascena (Organic Rose), and Arginine.

“making self-care selfless.”

Sustainable luxury skincare inspired by healing Hawaiian botanicals. Organic, natural, recycled and handmade.

Mukama Botanica’s two best-selling products include their multi-purpose Skin Superfood Serum (which I can’t wait to get my hands on) and their High Vibe Face Mist (pH-balanced toner/face mist). Their Skin Superfood Serum is packed with rich antioxidants and vitamin C from guava (one of my favorite fruits). Both products have been covered in the January, February and March 2020 issues of Vogue.

*Image from Mukama Botanica*

Mukama Botanica’s Mission

Inspired by Kama Hagar’s upbringing in the Hawaiian Jungle, Mukama Botanica is 100% Natural, 100% Organic and uses no artificial fragrances. Their products are Vegan and handcrafted in the USA. They use recycled packaging. Mukama’s mission is to inspire selfless self-care. They also donate 3% of their proceeds to help restructure corporate programs to become more ethical and sustainable.

Mukama Botanicals mission is to only support cruelty-free suppliers, craft ethically with zero toxins, minimize waste and to give back. They do what they do so you (or we) can take care of ourselves and make a difference, guilt-free.

Overall – I’m definitely impressed and loving my Mukama Botanic High Vibe Face Mist. It has been the one product in my skincare regimen over the last month that I’ve used consistently. Being on lock-down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I’m constantly wanting some consistency in my life. This facial mist has been my place of zen for pampering during a time when it’s not really feasible. It’s rare for me to say “Go out and pick one up for yourself…” but in this instance, I say – “Do It!”

If you’re interested in trying the Mukama Botanica High Vibe Face Mist or any other products by the brand, head on over to their website at: https://www.mukamabotanica.com/

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