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Living in Hawaii during the Summer months can be beautiful and a well worth living experience, but it also means that my hair absolutely hates me due to humidity and funky weather.  My naturally curly hair tends to feel dry during the warmer months, leaving me using the same ol’ hairstyle each day to keep the frizz at bay.  All that craziness helps me to have a better appreciation for those who can use heat on their hair often, because straightening my hair during the summer not only causes my body to over heat, but my hair becomes damaged and takes a toll if I am not using the proper hair tools or products.  Now that Fall is so close – I can smell it in the air, I’m looking forward to using a tried and true hair style I have done for years and I want to share it with you today.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

It’s been over a year since I decided I would try to wear my hair much more natural so I haven’t used any heat on my hair since.  Because of this – I am excited to show you my straight locks for the Fall season.  But, as many who have naturally curly hair like I do know, it is not easy to go from super curly to straight without having a few challenges.  With curly hair going straight, you may experience frizzing, dryness and in my case – when I straighten my hair, I want my style to last at least 3 days before having to wash since it takes me almost two hours to create this perfection.  Here are some tips and what I do to keep my hair style looking fresh and great.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI
Before – Straightening my hair

Since I haven’t added heat to my hair in over a year and recently just cut and had my hair layered, I made sure to straighten my hair the day after I washed it.  This way some of my natural oils in my hair were able to develop and help to protect my hair in the straightening process.  I added a heat protectant spray to my hair to help protect from damage while my Ultra CHI Tropical Splash 1″ Flat Iron heated up.  This light weight heating tool heats up quickly – up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.  While the heat is not adjustable, it is the perfect temperature to flatten and straighten my curls without burning my locks.  When the iron has reached the full temperature, I then start flat ironing my hair – each strand about an inch in size.  The iron adds moisture and shine and penetrates the hair from the inside out so you reduce frizz and static electricity.   This is perfect for me and my curly hair gals as the last thing we want is the dreaded FRIZZ.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

Even after a lengthy trim, my hair is still fairly long, so it usually takes me about an hour to go through the strands and straighten completely.  Once that is done, I can leave my hair as is – but I like to add some coconut oil to help with the fly-aways, frizz and to help add some much needed moisture back into my locks.  To finish this very easy hairstyle, I spray my hair from mid length to the ends with CHI’s Dry Conditioner to help add extra shine and luster to my hair and leaving my hair soft and manageable.  This spray will help to keep my hair soft, easy to work with and even assist in extending the style for a few days until my next wash.  CHI’s Dry Conditioner is a waterless conditional spray that helps to make hair manageable in between shampoos.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

If I am to skip washing my hair for a couple of days, I’ll also use the CHI Dry Shampoo to help absorb excess oils and keep my hair looking refreshed between my next wash.  This Dry Shampoo from CHI smells great, works well and I love the waterless formula that helps extend the hair I worked so hard to create.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI
After – Straightening My Hair. This was taken immediately after.

To add a little bit of texture or volume to the crown of my style, I will use the CHI Texturizing Spray at the roots to help add some volume.  This spray is lightweight and has great hold so it’s perfect for those days when you are looking to add a little vavavoom to your hair.  I especially enjoy this on the 2nd or 3rd day I have my hair straight to allow me to still give my crown some volume without weighting down my hair.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

Once I do decide to wash my hair – CHI offers a variety of products that will also work well to keep my curly hair at bay as well as offer definition to my curls.  The CHI Styling Cream Gel is is Paraben free and helps to create sleek, smooth styles with a gel that is workable without flaking.  You get incredible shine and control and it keeps my curls soft and defined.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

The CHI Reworkable Taffy is a go-to when I want my curls to to look defined and my flyaways controlled.  It’s a non-sticky taffy that has impressive style memory to create reworkable styles that have texture.  It’s perfect for curly hair and a little goes a long way.  I use this product mostly on the tips of my hair to keep my curls in place and from frizzing.  Finishing off my curly hair look with the CHI Finishing Pomade which adds shine and a light hold.  It gives your look a polished shine and leaves your curls looking frizz free and your hair ends controlled and gorgeous.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

At the end of the day – my hair styles (no matter the season) are easy and manageable to allow me to go about my time without hassle.  The CHI Styling Line Extension has products that have been useful for my hair whether I decide to rock it straight or curly and they work well for any season.  Each product in the Styling Line Extension is enriched with silk and CHI Ceramic Compound which works hand in hand to achieve maximum shine and resist thermal damage.  The silk instantaneously works to provide your hair a layer of protection while steal leaving your hair looking fab and enhancing shine.  The weightless formulas are perfect to keep your favorite style in place without losing volume and each product offers a zesty, fresh-smelling fragrance with lavender and jasmine that leave your hair feeling replenished and ready to go.  Using CHI Styling Line Extenstion products with thermal styling tools help to seal the hair cuticle and secure the proteins in each strand of hair to increase strength and ensure protection for your styling needs.  I have been able to keep my hair straight for three days before washing due to the assistance of these products and even with my curly hair – I have enjoyed my style.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

Have you tried any of the CHI Styling Line Extension products or the Ultra CHI Tropical Splash 1″ Iron?  How could you incorporate these tools into your Fall hair style routine?  Do you wait till the colder months like me to add heat to your hair too?  Comment below and tell me, share your thoughts and tips too.

My Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyle Featuring CHI

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Disclaimer:  This post is in collaboration with the lovelies of The Beauty Council.  I was sent product for review, consideration and feature for free.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide this post and Affiliate links are through out.



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  1. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I like the rework able taffy as well! I like your long hair

  2. Lola Seicento Reply

    Excellent tips for curly girls. As you know, I, too, have naturally curly hair– and it can be such a tremendous challenge to straighten it. I completely agree with your tip about straightening a couple days after washing so that your natural oils have some time to build up. This really truly works, and it does give those curly tresses added protection. I love your curly hair, but do think that you look absolutely gorgeous with straight hair as well!

  3. That is seriously the cutest flat iron! I really try to limit the amount of heat I apply to my hair, and since South Florida is so sticky humid in the summer, I basically put it in a messy bun everyday anyway. Those CHI products sound great though, I haven’t played around much with that brand!

  4. I admire your patience to use an hour to straighten your hair. Luckily you’ve also got products for your natural style.

  5. The flat iron is super cute. I understand the flat iron struggle. I always have to take a break when I flat iron my hair.

  6. all_the_words025 Reply

    I’m the opposite of you as I never used to use heat, but the past year have been all about straightening and curling. That straightener is too cute and I definitely want to try the dry shampoo and texturizing spray ow.

  7. The iron looks so cute! Your hair is gorgeous either way ♡ Don’t think I have tried this line before, but it sounds wonderful! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 I am hoping to buy the dry conditioner soon. The concept fascinates me.

  8. Whether curly or straight, you have an incredible head of hair! It’s been humid here so i can totally understand what your hair goes through. The CHI works so well!

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