Happy Tuesday Fam! Today on the YouTube channel I released a new video with a flip through of my November 2021 Planner Setup. I am currently in a PrintPression B6 Rings which I converted to strings (or a Traveler’s Notebook) and added my own inserts. If you’ve watched my July Setup, this is a bit similar, this flip-through basically shows a little of what I’ve been doing.


After this flip-through I go ahead and show you little sneak peek of some of the planners that I will be using for 2022. Some of these planners include the Everything Weekly, which is a planner I designed and created. It features a 12 Month layout with 60 weeks total. This planner is perfect for anyone looking to tote around something while on the go or for intentional planning. I’ll also be utilizing the Everything Simple Planner, One Month Planner with 5 Weeks. This has been featured on other videos and is a popular seller. I’ll also be working on a few others, including The Original Everything Planner which I released last year.


To watch the setup video and get a glimpse into my planner world – click here or watch the embedded video below.

Stay up to date on my channel and here on the blog to get a glimpse into a few other planners that I’ll be utilizing. The goal for me this year (well, every year – but definitely this upcoming 2022) is to be planning with intention. As the year begins, I want to keep up with my schedule so I can stay on top of my game. Stay tuned for more.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Click on the links to check out some of these planners available through Amazon.

Happy Planning! xo Honey

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