Yes, it is public knowledge that I have a thing for purple.  Purple is my favorite color and I am super duper intrigued by purple lippies and tend to need them as soon as I see them.  Recently NYX Cosmetics rolled out their new Macaron lippies.  I caught sight of the purple shades and I absolutely know I had to have them.  NYX rolled these awesome lipsticks out in 12 shades, but I knew that I wouldn’t really make use of the others so I passed and placed my order.  Since NYX only ships to Hawaii with a $25 flat rate fee, I shipped it to a friend and then eagerly awaited its delivery.


NYX Macaron Lipsticks Violet and Lavender

Looking for fun daring shades of lipstick to add to your makeup collection at an affordable price tag?  Well, NYX recently came up with a solution for us makeup obsessed people who love experimenting with fun and exciting shades.  Newly released – the NYX Cosmetics Macaron lipsticks have already been a huge rave among those in the beauty and makeup community.  These colors – available in 12 different shades are daring, bold and not for the faint of heart, but surely show-stopping and most importantly – affordable.  Check out my video below for live “try-on” swatches or click here to watch them directly on YouTube.

For just $6.00 you can go bold this summer with shades that will surely attract attention.  Now available at ($5.99) or at your local Ulta Store and possibly at select drug stores, you can find these shades and pick one or all that suit your fancy.  I chose Violet (which NYX labels as a Royal Purple) and Lavender (NYX labels as a Lavender purple) and so far I am enjoying the formulation of each as well as the color pay-off.

NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lipsticks Violet and Lavender

Violet is a gorgeous purple shade (shown on the left in my photo above) – my absolute favorite of the two.  It applies nicely on the lips and is definitely the more wearable of the two shades, though it is still quite bold.  The color goes on evenly, has a slight gloss look to them (definitely not matte) with a cream type finish.  If worn with a fuchsia lip liner, this shade could definitely be a great one to rock out year round.  This lipstick applies very nicely and one swipe of the color on your lips can lend for an even application and full coverage.  I think it is much more wearable with just one layer, but adding a second layer on top will give the lipstick a bolder shade that you may be looking for.  This lipstick was the easiest to work with between the two.

Lavender is definitely a bold lavender shade.  It was probably the one that was most difficult for me to wear between the two.  This lipstick settles into the lines of my lips a lot, even if my lips are completely moisturized and exfoliated.  As you can see in my video, it was harder to apply.  This is definitely a shade that I would suggest you wear over a lip primer, or if you don’t use primer on your lips – then conceal or apply foundation prior to application of this lipstick.  Lipsticks with these kind of milky white look to them usually include a white based pigment to help give it its color, and I think that is why they tend to be harder to wear.  A blue or pink would lend for the same if the white pigment was used in them as well.  To create a nice even application, I definitely needed to take my time to apply the lipstick and then apply two layers to get an even and full coverage look.  The lipstick is definitely full coverage in one swipe, but it can be a bit patchy and apply unevenly.

Packaging is cute and looks very similar to that of the NYX Matte Lipsticks except instead of the black of the tube being matte (like on the matte lippies), it is shiny.  The Violet lipstick tube didn’t seem to want to stay up when I twisted the lipstick up – which sucks, but I think it is just a dud in that department and not necessarily the packaging for all in a nut shell.

These lipsticks seem like they are matte based with a cream finish, and because of this I didn’t have any issues with it drying out my lips and my lips felt moiturized for the time I had the lipsticks on.  Each lip color did move around on my lips a lot however, so I do suggest you using a lip liner to help keep it in check, or definitely prime your lips prior to application.  The pigmentation is awesome on each shade I received, but the color doesn’t last very long and reapplication is definitely a must if you are eating or drinking.  You can expect about an hour use out of these without too much movement.  Violet does stain slightly, not not enough to call it a stain… that is why I think it is a matte based pigment that was made creamy.

Overall – at $6.00 a piece and a “technically” drugstore product, I am pretty amazed with the quality of these lipsticks.  I may consider picking up Rose (the pink shade) just to have it, but I’m not quite sold on the other shades to warrant picking them up yet.  I think that they are pretty nice and good quality and since they are making waves in the bold and bright department when it comes to drug store – it shows me that it is much more promising for other drugstore companies to bring out bolder shades that highend brands offer.  If you are a makeup artist or someone that just loves bold lips, I think these would be pretty great for you to add to your stash.

Have you tried these macaron lipsticks yet?  If so – which ones do you have?  If not, are there any that you are interested in?

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  1. Interesting group of colors in the entire line. I don’t think these are for me, but I can definitely say they are bold!

  2. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I was looking at the exact same shades not too long ago over at Ulta website. I like Violet!

  3. I was looking at these last night. I love, love love how bold they are. You look awesome!

  4. Holy smokes, now those are different! I want to try some of their crazy colors, like yellow or neon green.

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