I have been a long time fan of NYX Cosmetics, having used their single eye shadows and lipsticks for quite a few years, but over the last year I have really loved the new products NYX has released.  Last year NYX rolled out their Infinite Shadow Sticks in nine different shades and I have three of them that I’m going to share with you today.  While these may seem similar to the Jumbo Eye shadow Pencils (JESP), these NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks are very different and offer something their jumbo eye shadow pencils do not.

NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks

The Infinite Shadow Sticks come in nine gorgeous shades that are geared more towards the wearable / neutral eye looks.  Each pencil (net wt. 0.19oz/5.27g) retails for $9.00 on the NYX website and about the same at Target and Ulta as well as other drugstore locations that carry the new NYX products.  These pencils are creamy, but don’t get it twisted, it’s very different from the creamy jumbo eye shadow pencils we are used to.  The shadow sticks set quickly and I love using them as a colored base or even on my eye lids without primer, because once they set, they don’t move on me.  If you are someone with watery eyes – try using these on your lower lash line to help smoke out your look, you will notice it will stay there all day as it has for me many many times.  While I’m a huge fan of JESP, I could not use them alone as they are so creamy, they move if they are not set or applied over primer… whereas these new pencils are meant to last – no movement, no budging until you take it off.

NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks

While creamy – the formula on these pencils is much drier than the jumbo eye shadow pencils, so you must blend it quickly or it will set and not move.  These really are smudge-proof (in my opinion) as the NYX claims and the shades available make for a great day or night look.  The color payoff and pigmentation on these – awesome!  I have my eyes on a few other shades I want to add to my collection as well.

NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks
Left to Right: Almond, Sweet Pink, Chocolate

While the packaging is a different material from the original jumbo eye shadow pencils, you can still easily sharpen these using a jumbo pencil sharpener.  I was pretty amazed at how easily they sharpened.  Using this product is as easy as any eye shadow pencil, simply apply the pencil directly to your eye lids and blend.  You can use this product alone or use as an eye shadow base.  Since my eye lids tend to be a bit dry, I like to apply a primer first then apply the infinite shadow stick over so that I can blend the pencil easier – but overall, using this product is simple.

I happen to like these a lot and I know I’ll continue to buy them in the future – hopefully collect a lot of my favorite shades as I have with the original NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils.  But, just a note – if you are looking for a similar type pencil from the drugstore but at a cheaper price point – I definitely suggest the Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eye shadow pencils.  I don’t have a review on those yet (coming soon – promise), but at $2.99 – even if the colors are not the same, it surely is a cheaper alternative and it will stay all day as well.  Either way – if I had to suggest a shade to pick up from the NYX Infinite Shadow sticks – I would suggest Almond which is such a gorgeous metallic shade perfect for every day or smoky looks.

In the look above, I have used NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Chocolate as a base for part of my look.  You can view the details of this look as well as a tutorial for it here.  Have you tried the NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks before?  I like them a lot and think they will continue to be a favorite in my makeup arsenal.

Signature Honey


Disclaimer:  Some of the products discussed in this post were sent to me for review / consideration while some were purchased with my own money.  While I did receive products for review, all opinions or views mentioned are 100% honest and my own.  Please note that affiliate links are also through out this post.


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    • I love the Jordana one… and use Jordana’s almond I use on my waterline sometimes… it is awesome! You will definitely love those or these 😀

  1. I need to check these out. I’m not nuts about the Jumbo Pencils. I have one in Milk to use as a base under brights but it’s… These look good.

    • I use my jumbo pencils for base under my bold and bright shades, but they move a lot on me… and smear so I can’t use them on their own. These are good. 🙂

  2. Tina Bowling Reply

    I haven’t tried these but I’m not that great at blending so it sounds like I better stick with my Jumbo Pencils!

  3. Lola Seicento Reply

    These are just gorgeous, Honey! I’m going to thane to track these down! Thanks for the excellent review, as always! <3

  4. cosmetopiadigest Reply

    I’m loving shadow-crayons ever since I tried NudeStix. Almond is such a pretty shade!

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Oh wow, I didn’t notice these on the NYX display. I have some CVS Extrabucks coming my way. I love that pink shade and I need to see what other shades they have. shadow sticks are so handy!

  6. cindyprimebeauty Reply

    /i tried these awhile ago and didn’t care for them, but maybe they have improved.

  7. Color Me So Crazy Reply

    These colors look like something I would love! They look easy to use, too

  8. I have a few of NYX pencils and I do love them. However, you are correct that Jordana is a more budget-friendly substitute. I can find them easier too.

  9. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    I haven’t tried these, but I love the fact that they set. Great shades!

  10. I like the Almond shade and would get a lot of use out of that one. But now I need to search for the Jordana. Can’t wait to read that review.

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