I have to admit, this post is long over due but I thought that it would be a great time to share this product with all of you – especially if you deal with winter aches and pains like my family and I do.  We live in Hawaii, so anywhere on this planet that has a colder climate, could appreciate these.  The Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches with Lidocaine and Menthol also made a huge difference in sports injuries and my husband’s aches and pains from work.  Let’s explore this product a bit more and I’ll share some information with all of you.

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Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches are for temporary relief of your pain.  They are individually wrapped and feature a new formula with lidocaine and menthol to help deliver more pain relieving power where you need it.  These patches come with six per package and are best used for smaller areas like the arms and neck and when you  need broader coverage like the knees and elbows, you have the option to use the large patches which come four per package.  Extra-large patches are idea for large areas as the back and comes with three patches for your convenience.

Using Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches is easy.  You simply remove the film of the individually wrapped patch and place the adhesive over the affected area.  The patches are long-lasting and we absolutely enjoy the fact that they stay in place once you adhere them.  You can change them out twice a day for continued pain relief and they are so easy to use and take with you on the go.  My family and I found that these made great additions to put into a gym bag and have on hand in my purse whenever we needed it.

Of course, Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches are not meant to treat or diagnose any issues you are having or pain and I’m certainly not here to do so myself, but it’s something I thought I would share with my readers in the case they are experiencing some aches and pens in their muscles, etc. and could use some relief.  These patches offer a cooling sensation when you put them on but I didn’t think they burned the skin at all.  If you have tried any type of topical cream of sorts with lidocaine or menthol in them, you can expect that these have the same affect without the mess.  I absolutely love that these are so easy to use, no mess and no fuss.  You don’t have to worry about a messy liquid or cream and waiting for it to dry before putting clothes on or leaving the house.  It’s easy and mess free which means it’s a winner in our house.

Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches retail for $10.99 (any size) and can be purchased at:

Have you tried Zim’s Max-Freeze products before?  What about the patches, is this something you think you could use for your winter aches and pains?

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