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I had the opportunity to try out my first Benefit Blush – Hervana.  I have been using this blush over the course of the last couple of months and find myself grabbing for it pretty often.  At first glance of this blush I honestly did not think that it would work very well with my skin tone but I was very amazed at how natural the color looked on my skin and how nicely it highlighted and added that perfect touch of glow to my cheeks.

Benefits hervana blush and brush

Benefit always captures my eye with their awesome packaging.  I have had my eyes on Coralista for a long time but opted out of buying it after swatching it in Sephora last year.  When this blush was released, I had already been drooling over the cuteness of the packaging and all the purple.  “Rockateur is my next crush! lol” I love the little brush included in the blush package and while it is not ideal for me in applying blush, it is great in a pinch and will do it’s job when required.

swatch Benefit Hervana blush

As you can see from the swatch on my hand, it is not a very bold, hot pink blush which is why I love it so much.  By blending the different colors in the blush together it gives me such great color on my cheeks for such a pretty rosy glow.  Of course, if you want you can take a small brush and “try” to pick out each individual color to place on your face (hey, I rhymed. lol) but swirl all the colors together with a blush brush or your choice in applicator and it will just give off the prettiest pink for your cheeks.  Honestly – this gorgeous hue is perfect for any skin tone.  Because of the blend of colors from peach and rose, berry and “shell” it blends together effortlessly for the perfect color combo.

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This “Good Karma” Face Powder / Blush is available for purchase at (or Sephora stores) and for $28.00 USD.  There is 8.0g / 0.28oz. worth of product in each which means that this will definitely last a while even with daily use.  hervana blush brush

The box of blush also includes a built-in mirror for on the go applications, as well as the blush brush (previously mentioned/pictured).  There is a little insert in the blush box that sits nicely above the blush to fit the little brush.  The brush itself is super soft and very little shedding occurred after washing.  It is a great companion for travel whether used along with the blush or with other products.

056 copy

By the time I took the photo above I had lost some of the color in my cheeks – but I’m using Hervana blush in this look.  It was a soft flush a color and that’s why I enjoy it so much, perfect for me to use daily without looking overdone or like I have Clown cheeks.  It’s a great blush for an every day flush of color. I LOVE IT!

benefits hervana blush 3

Here’s why I decided to actually review this awesome blush… seeing as I have been contemplating it for a while.  Since 2014’s Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid, I just couldn’t resist adding this to a favorite I’ll be rocking and swooning over for the year.  First off – come on now, Purple is my favorite color… and blended together… Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose and Berry Delight (the four colors in this blush) make up a gorgeous Orchid Blossom Blush with a satin finish.  This blush is easily blend-able, feels great on my skin and of course… it’s super pretty to stare at. lol

good karma benefit hervana

Oh and a little hint to my “Snow White” skinned beauties.  This blush is absolutely perfect for your skin tone (especially during this time of year when it is cold and you tend to have rosy red cheeks).  Due to the purple hues in this blush it will really bring out a gorgeous flush of color with pink tones instead of reds that some other blushes may do.  Swirl the colors in the blush together, sweep onto your cheeks and you’ll have gorgeous pink flushed cheeks without the red cheeks you can get from other colors.

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