This review is long over due… especially since I first received the product for review in April and even purchased a new bottle to keep up with my youth regimen.  I have tried quite a few products from the brand Perlier in the past and recently and while I do enjoy the brand and their products – some products do have some cons for me… whether it be scent, sensitivity, or other.  When I first received this product, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love with this product – especially since it puts a pretty hefty dent in my pocket book – lol.


Perlier Honey Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum


“An innovative, anti-aging serum that incorporates fresh Royal Jelly from African bees known to stimulate collagen production and provide vital nutrients and anti-oxidative properties to the skin.  Additionally, all the water has been replaced by extremely pure rose distillate that has moisturizing toning properties.  A cutting edge product that envelopes nature at its prime.”

Perlier Honey Miel Royal Elixir Face Youth Serum retails for $200 on the Perlier website, but you can find special deals for this product on HSN.  For about $99.00 (1.6 fl oz) – you can find great deals and pairings, like the Royal Elixir Youth Serum and Eye cream.  I think that is a great deal and I purchased my second bottle from HSN.

Perlier Honey Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum


I am in love with this serum and I feel like my face actually craves it when I skip a day.  Like all things from Perlier, the packaging for this serum is gorgeous… everyone knows – Honey loves Gold. lol  It is easy to dispense and easy to use.  I do have to say however, that the little pump on the bottle can fall off easily – so you want to make sure to make note of that when dispensing the product.  A little goes a long way – I use approximately 3 small pumps on my face and decollete, when dispensing the product, I love that each pump is the same size of product released, so you know exactly how much you are going to be getting and using each time.  This is great since the product is costly – you know exactly how much you are going to use and how long it is going to last.


Perlier Honey Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum


The consistency of the product is nice.  It is a little thicker than a lotion but applies smoothly and nicely and soaks into the skin really quickly.  I especially love this because I put on several different serums before my moisturizer and this allows me to have a quick skin care regimen… no waiting for the product to soak in before applying another on top.  The serum has micro shimmer in it and while you may not see it when applied, I can see that it is there when I look closely.  I love this because it reflects a soft glow and highlight on my face, giving my face the illusion that I look a tad bit dewy (not shiny) and have a soft glow.  It’s  a gorgeous look.

Perlier Honey Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum


This product is by far one of the best serums I have used in a long time.  Those that know me know I’m a serum junkie and since I’m about to turn 35 in a few short months, anything I can do to keep my skin and face looking youthful – I’m gonna try it.  I didn’t have any reactions or sensitivities to the products which is a plus since my skin is so sensitive and most product cause me major issues.  My skin felt hydrated, soft and even some of my worrysome parts like my fine lines seemed like they diminished.  My skin looks youthful, feels great and I love that it even looks brighter.  I wouldn’t have convinced the hubby to buy me another bottle if I didn’t like it and it will surely be a product I will continue to use because my skin loves it so.

Perlier Honey Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum


Signature Honey


This product was provided to me via the iFabbo Shop.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest.



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  1. Honey likes Honey! lol. Sounds like a great serum! I love a good serum, but I’m not fond of the honey smell in my facial products.

  2. I love the smell of this honey line from Perlier! Your skin is always amazing!

  3. Girl, hush your speech. You are NOT about to turn 35. I’m going to have to add this to my list b/c I too am a serum junkie!

  4. Your skin looks positively radiant! And honestly, if the product works, it’s worth buying as long as it doesn’t make you go bankrupt. Fabulous review!

  5. cindyprimebeauty Reply

    I love serums, just wish I had started using them when I was your age!

    • I wish I had started in my 20s. I have come along way though… at 24 I quit smoking cigarettes and noticed such an improvement in my skin and body. I’m super proud 🙂

  6. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I like this serum too. Sometimes I mix it w/ foundation to make it my “tinted moisturizer”

  7. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    This product loves you back because of your name, Honey! All joking aside, it must be great if you repurchased it. I love the sound of this product. Now, I just need a cash infusion, lol

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