NYX Butter lipsticks 2Can you say buttery goodness?  Well, I have been waiting for over a month to get my hands on a few of NYX’s new release… Butter Lipsticks, after seeing their Product Preview on their Facebook Page in November.  (I posted about that here.) I have always been a huge fan of NYX Cosmetics and their lipsticks are some of my favorites, so when I seen that they were about to release Butter Lipsticks (especially after not getting the chance to try their Butter glosses), I have been on the hunt.  Our NYX product displays in our local Drug Stores here do not update to new or limited edition products, so I have to order all of my NYX online.  Their butter lip balms are available online (my next NYX purchase. lol) and the butter lipsticks are not online at this time (not sure when it will be available at NYXcosmetics.com, but many have been finding them at some of their local retailers).
NYX Butter lipsticks

While I only own four of the Butter Lipsticks, they come in 22 shades in an array of colors from bright pinks and violet (Hunk – I must get that purple), nudes and reds.  With an MSRP of $6.00 US they are not only affordable but give you many options for stocking your makeup collection.  As mentioned previously, I have always been a huge NYX lippy fan and these are no exception!  They melt on your lips like butter and are so lightweight and moisturizing that many times I forgot I have them on my lips.  Each lipstick has a satin like finish and offers full coverage in just one swipe.  Because of the lipstick’s formula, I did however notice that re-applying was a must through the day as it was not kiss proof and would slide off with drinking or eating.  But honestly, my lips felt so nice with them on – it was something I was willing to overlook.

NYX Butter lipsticks swatches

The four shades I received was Razzle (a bright fuchsia pink), Hot Tamale (an orange), Pops (a gorgeous mauve toned nude) and Big Cherry (a beautiful true red).  Each swatch was on my bare skin and done in one swipe.  As you can see – the pigmentation and colors are bold and vibrant.  For those that are looking for lipsticks with great color pay off but that are non-drying on the lips, these are definitely a great buy.

razzle nyx butter lipstick swatch

Razzle is a gorgeous Fuchsia Pink.  It is not a color I normally use this time of year, but it is the perfect bold pink that tends to be popular during the Spring season.  Nonetheless, this color is a showstopper, offering not only awesome pigmentation but a great feel on the lips.  One swipe of color for great color payoff.  This shade would be awesome on fair, medium and dark skin tones due to its blue based hue.  It is the perfect addition to any look to really stop traffic.

hot tamale nyx butter lipstick swatchHot Tamale is a very bold and bright orange.  This lipstick packs a lot of punch and Hot Tamale definitely fits its name.  What I love so much about these is that they are not drying on the lips at all.  A lip color this daring could easily leave your lips chapped and sometimes settle into the cracks of your lips (even when moisturized) and this color didn’t do so at all.  I would love to see this orange on a fair/snow white skin toned beauty, because this would be absolutely fabulous.

pops nyx butter lipstick swatch

Pops is probably one of my favorites out of the four colors I got.  It’s so similar to my natural lip color that I was amazed at how easy it was to wear because I had assumed it wouldn’t show up as anything different.  The tone is a great nude for many different looks and will fit with most skin tones.  A mauve undertone, this is a nude that you can take from day to night or year round.

big cherry nyx butter lipstick swatch

Big Cherry – if you are a lover of red lips, then this would be an awesome red lippy for you.  I love red lips and red lipsticks in a wide variety of shades and since I have so many already, I wasn’t sure this would be any different.  Boy, was I wrong – a gorgeous true red that feels so smooth when applying and keeps my lips feeling moisturized… this is definitely a great addition.   This shade would be very complimenting to many if not most skin tones due to that Cherry Red hue.

NYX Butter lipsticks 3

Now as I mentioned earlier, with the four shades that I have tried out so far… I did notice that the staying power of these lipsticks is not long lasting.  Will that deter me from buying more… oh hell no, because the texture, shade, pigmentation and how they feel on my lips makes up for all of those.  Many have heard me rave about other brands lipsticks and NYX Round lipsticks and Mattes are no exception, but I am adding the Butter lipsticks to my latest rave.  If you are looking for a little more lasting power, I suggest priming your lips with a lip primer or even lining your lips and filling them in prior to application of the lipsticks.  This will not only help with the longevity of color on your lips, but it will also add an extra punch of color.  After some trial and error, I did notice that it lasted much longer that way.  Regardless though, I kept my tube of lipstick with me in my purse in case I needed to do any touch ups.  Trust me when I say, even with having to touch up your lipstick, the feel on your lips from these butter lippies is well worth it.

Sparkle Scale…. 4.9

I simply could not rank this lipstick low because of it’s staying power.  Even if it did not stay as long as I would have liked, it didn’t really bother me enough to consider it a huge con.

Positives…  Pigmentation, Texture, Moisturizing – everything you want in a good lipstick – these have it.  Cost is not bad as well, retailing at about $6 – that’s a steal considering you are getting a “high-end comparable product” at the drug store and at a steal.

Now I know you are going to ask me if these compare to my beloved Milani Color Statement lipsticks – and I will have to admit, it would be like comparing Apples & Oranges. lol  While they are priced about the same, these feel like butter on the lips, Milani Color Statement lipsticks (while they feel great on the lips), have a different texture.

NYX Butter lipsticks

Have you tried the NYX Butter Lipsticks yet?  Are they available at your local Drug store?  Have you tried the NYX Butter Lip Balms or Butter Glosses?  I can’t wait to get my hands on some butter glosses (check out a review from my dear friend Beth, here) or Butter Balms, but will have to order them online since I haven’t found them here yet.  I’m interested to hear your thoughts on these lippies, so if you have tried them – holla!

Check out my review last year on the NYX Color Balms.

Note – while they have been seen in drug stores, NYX states that it will be available January 2014 so keep your eyes locked on NYXCOSMETICS.COM to get yours soon!

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  1. I’m in love! I haven’t tried mine yet, I can’t wait to wear them! I’m such a fan of their lipsticks!

  2. I’ve been waiting for a review of these! It is a shame that they’re not super long lasting but I think they get enough raves that I might purchase one to try.

    • 🙂 It is a shame – but they are so creamy – that they just don’t last long. They have a slight stain, but not the kind that leaves a nice punch of color. They are totally worth it though – even if you only get one 😉

  3. MyNewestAddiction Reply

    So gorgeous. I have been looking for them for about a week now!

    • they are. 🙂 I am still on the hunt, no where here has them so I will have to wait till its online at Ulta or NYX to get them. I really want that purple one.

  4. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    Razzle and Hot Tamale for the win! Yeah, it’s frustrating not to have the latest collection here in HI. Same old same old at Longs, sigh!

    • omg girl… aren’t the awesome! I just ordered online at the site and they want $25 for shipping so I had to ship to my friend in vegas and she ship to me. Fail on that end. And same with Longs… our longs near my house never gets any new stuff and the one in town… their displays are always tampered with :/

    • you are very right… when I looked at it in the tube… it really didn’t say “ooh la la red” to me… then I swatched first and thought, hmmm… once it touched my lips, I loved the color it provided. 😉

  5. I love the look of Pops but I worry about fragrance with NYX lips.

    • thank you for bringing it up – I normally talk about that but for some reason I left it out. I expected a strong scent, but was pretty relieved that there really wasn’t any for these lippies. It may be because of the Winter season that my nose is not on its game, but still – I didn’t notice it as bad as I had with others from nyx. And, pop is a great color. 😉

  6. Faidah Mimbantas Reply

    i think POP will be the popular one. but I think I don’t want that as for the moment because summer is on going in our area.

    • POP is a great color for everyday – but if you are one that loves bright bold shades for summer… I think you’ll love razzle. I have a few other shades that I swatched so I will get those up too 😉

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