Prom Season is quickly approaching and in some areas across the U.S., it’s already in full swing.  Having been out of High School for almost 16 years (yeah – I know, don’t laugh. lol) I can still remember my Prom and Senior Ball like it was yesterday.  While it is such an exciting time and everyone gets so eager to plan for it – I wanted to share a few tips about dress selection and the overall night.

Honey's Senior Ball 1997
My Senior Ball – 1997

Buying the “Cinderella” dress is not as difficult as people think.  Honestly, I think you have two choices – the formal but timeless gown, or the trendy but almost bridal gown.  At the end of the day, you want to make sure it is something that makes you feel great about yourself, shows off some of your favorite curves and of course, is easy to dance the night away in.  JenJenHouse, an online prom dress retailer, ships online and offers a variety of dresses for your special evening.  You can visit them online at: and check out their wide selection of gowns in different colors, shapes and designs.  What I love about JenJenHouse is that they offer plus sizes and they ship Worldwide.  Check out their recommended dresses for Prom as well as their discounts available to you.

JenJenHouse Prom Dress
Image from JenJenHouse

The gorgeous Empire Waisted Sweetheart dress is a floor length gown with beading detail.  It is a universally flattering color and the style can be used by many body shapes.  This dress is gorgeous and provides a fashion statement without taking away from the beautiful girl wearing it.  Since Prom season usually occurs during the Spring Season, this color is such a great shade to wear and pairing it with a gorgeous bouquet will provide for a showstopping entrance.

Image and Copyright by HoneyXO - HoonaniPhotography
Image and Copyright by HoneyXO – HoonaniPhotography

I think the Bouquet selected (or corsage) should compliment the dress selected, not over power it.  But I have talked to many who have said that they have dreamed about their bouquet design and use that as the centerpiece of their entire ensemble.  If that is the case, you definitely want to select a gown that compliments your bouquet.  A dress that is more neutral in tone like black (or white) and even a cream would work well with a wide variety of bouquet colors.  For those of you that love purple, like me – this is the perfect opportunity to rock out that perfect purple bouquet (like my photo above) without looking like a walking Barney in a purple dress. lol

Add a subtle pop of color by making the statement your footwear.  I love Leopard and if I had my way – I would have rocked out a cool leopard print sandal or pumps to compliment my attire.  It’s a great way to show-off your personal style without going overboard.  Whatever the print or style you decide on, try to make sure you get a pair that will allow you to be comfortable.  There are so many different styles, but nothing is worst than having to remove your footwear an hour into the night because your feet are throbbing.  If you simply can’t give up the shoes of your dreams, compromise by bringing a pair of flip flops that you can throw on your feet when they start to ache.  You definitely don’t want to walk around barefoot through the night.

Prom Dress
Photo/Image by HoneyXO – HoonaniPhotography

The accessories are all about complimenting your dress as well.  Go big and bold or tone it down with a simple look.  Accessories include everything from your necklace and earrings, rings, bracelets and clutch or purse.  I honestly think simple is best – but at the end of the day, use what makes you feel great.  It’s your Cinderella day – you’re going to the ball, utilize your personal fashion sense and just go with it.  As you can see from the Image above – I styled the couple very simply so that the dress would shine and the bouquet would compliment it all.  The accessories were just the added touch.

Most importantly make sure that you HAVE FUN.  Prom is about memories and you want to make sure the memories you make will be those you’ll want to remember in the future.  Everyone wishes to take the perfect date, buy the perfect dress, get the best flowers and in some cases, even be chosen as Prom Queen or King… but whatever your desires, make sure you plan for a fun (and safe) time so you’ll have moments to cherish for a lifetime.   Have fun & Enjoy your time and most importantly, no drinking and driving!

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