Liquid lipsticks are definitely all the rage lately.  I remember a few years back when I had tried some 12 hour lippies and hates how they felt on the lips, so trying out anything new was not on my list of priorities.  Last year I had gotten my hands on some Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks and LOVED them and I really enjoy some from Stila as well, but I didn’t think that I would find any others that I would covet until now.  If you google, search or even do a hashtag search for #lasplash you will see that these liquid lipsticks are taking the World by a storm.  I picked up eight of LA Splash Liquid Lipsticks and decided I would share them with you.

LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipstick

LA Splash is a brand that is sold online and at a few retailers (which I do not have near me).  While it is a makeup brand with a varied product line from pigments to lipsticks and glitters – they also offer a very wide range of liquid lipsticks.  A few of these liquid lipsticks I’ll be sharing with you today come from the Lip Couture, Smitten LipTint Mousse and StudioShine Waterproof Lip Lustre lines.  The range in price between $11.98 and $13.98 and come in a wide variety of not only fun and funky shades, but cool names.

LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipstick

Charmed, Love Good and Nymph-Adora are from the Smitten LipTint Mousse collection.  These shades retails for $11.98  and the names of this collection are fun.  I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so I enjoyed seeing this collection from the get-go.  If you are into dark or vampy shades, fun, bright hues or even blues or greens, you will definitely enjoy the color range in this particular collection.

Belle, Alice and Tiana are from the StudioShine Waterproof Lip Lustre Collection.  This collection retails for $13.98 each and the shades in this collection are fabulous.  Some of the colors have a metallic look with micro shimmer so while the liquid lipstick dries matte, it has almost a sheen to it giving it a really cool metallic finish.  This particular collection includes nudes and neutrals, bold pinks and plums and gorgeous vampy reds and burgundy shades – it’s gorgeous.  As you can tell from this particular line, it is named after Disney princesses or ladies from Disney which I love.

Ghoulish and Rose Garden are from the Lip Couture line that retails for $11.98 each.  This line also has a broad color range from purples and nudes, pinks and even a fun gray-ish blue and a black.  That I know of – each color in this line leaves a matte finish as do all of the other collections.

LA Splash Lip Couture liquid lipstick

These colors are fabulous and offer a wide range for anyone to use and any skintone which I absolutely love.  The price point is reasonable considering that there are so many other brands that offer similar for over $20 and drugstore brands that are coming out are starting to really increase their price point.  If you are someone that really wants a lippy that will last – I definitely suggest checking these out.  They are simply made with a lip gloss like tube and doe foot applicator – but application of these products are really simple.  I do suggest apply from the middle of your lip and work outwards to best coverage.

There are many pros and a few cons to this product that I want to share with you.  After testing out the shades, I noticed the ones I have from the Lip Couture and Smitten LipTint Mousse collections last the longest on the lips.  They have great staying power and if you are not going to be eating much that is oily you can expect these to last a really long time.  The StudioShine Waterproof Lip Lustre Collection does last on the lips, but I find that it does come off faster than the others, though I think it may have some to do with that metallic sheen I mentioned earlier.  These liquid lipstick do have a chemical like scent to them – but I didn’t find it as overpowering as some have said – which is interesting since I have fragrance sensitivities and I found that once I applied it to my lips, the scent dissipated almost immediately.  These lip products dry quickly so I do suggest you work fast – but not quick enough that if you make a mistake you can’t try and fix it.

Wisteria Purple Eye Makeup
On my lips – Love Good Smitten LipTint Mousse

Love Good is my absolute favorite of the eight liquid lipsticks that I own and I find that it lasts fairly long on my lips.  With eating and drinking (nothing really oily) I have gotten 10+ hours of wear and in some cases, longer using these products.  They definitely are kiss proof and it has been nice because I can kiss my hubby without him freaking out.  Details for that makeup look can be found here.

Removal – if you order from their website 5 or more you will receive their lip butter that will help to remove the lipstick and leave your lips soft… supposedly.  This product didn’t work for me so I didn’t even photograph it.  The easiest thing to take off these liquid lipsticks is some good ol coconut oil.  I take a little and dab on my lips and then light rub my fingers on my lips and it comes right off.  Makeup removers and makeup wipes didn’t even budge any of this stuff for me and I found that coconut oil worked the best at dissolving and breaking down the product with little effort.  Best thing is that after using the coconut oil, my lips were perfectly fine, no dryness or issues after.

Details, Details – When applying these liquid lipsticks, they will be pretty much full opacity at first application.  Try not to apply too heavily – one layer is more than sufficient.  The more layers you pack on will cause the lipstick to start to flake and come off.  I find that one layer of this lipstick is more than enough with a full punch of color.  If you have any fading on the inner part of your lips, you can apply a light layer in those areas just to touch up – but I find that these fade fairly well, depending on the boldness of the color.

LA Splash Lip Couture

One question I have gotten a few times is “are these drying when on the lips?”  They dry matte and can feel dry on the lips, but found that they did not leave my lips feeling dry – if that makes any sense.  The texture of the product on my lips is dry – but my lips do not feel dry like they are screaming for moisture.  I was pretty amazed by that honestly and that is why I have enjoyed using these.

Overall – I’m impressed with these lippies, especially for the cost.  The definitely are long lasting.  I swatched them on my hands the first day I got them and through washing dishes and everything else in between, it took almost three days to get it off my hand completely.  However, if you are looking for a lipstick that you know will last all day or longer – through eating, drinking and a whole lotta kissing (teehee), then I definitely suggest you try these out.  I’m quite impressed and looking forward to picking up a few more shades to play with.  Should I do so – I’ll definitely will post swatches for all to see.

Purchase these and  more at LASplash’s Online Site.

Have you been seeing these around the net?  What are your thoughts on liquid lipsticks?  Do you have a favorite or have you tried any of these yet?

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Disclaimer:  All products discussed and mentioned were purchased with my own money.  All opinions stated are 100% honest and unbiased.  There are affiliate links listed through out this post which I do make money from.




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  1. These look so pretty, I have turned into quiet the lipstick/lip product junkie this year heheh I feel like I “need” it all 🙂

  2. Cindy Ingalls Reply

    I love me some lip products. I haven’t tried any liquid lippies yet, but I might have to check these out.

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Love that fierce look, Honey! Those are so pretty. Wish we had them here. But I’m wearing my LA Splash lip crayon from ipsy today

  4. You are as cute as ever, Girlie!!! I wish I could get a hold of LASplash products easier. I love those last two on the right. They are super bold.

  5. Those are so pretty but I worry about the drying aspect. I don’t know if my lips could handle it. Maybe I’ll pick one up and give it a test drive.

    • start with a neutral shade, like charmed or rose garden and only do one light layer and see how it works. I find with a light layer it works well… it gets a little drier when I add more than one layer. 🙂

  6. BeautyJudy Reply

    I love the color selection LA Splash has in their liquid lipstick line!!!

  7. I love liquid lipsticks but they are hard to wear at times because they can be drying. I’ve read a lot of opinions that the LA Splash is a great line to try though.

  8. I wish I could see these in person, especially Ghoulish. Such an interesting color, I wonder if it would look cool, or make me look dead…

  9. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    Good to know you liked this. I have no luck with liquid lipsticks so far…

  10. Color Me So Crazy Reply

    I love liquid lips but I feel like I really have to prep to wear them. Like moisturize, prime and balm my lips so it stays and wears just so. These colors are super nice and I love the names.

  11. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    The shades you picked are perfect- I want them all, but I especially like Ghoulish.

  12. Lola Seicento Reply

    Whoa, these swatches are gorgeous! The colors are just amazing! I need Charmed, Good Love and Rose Garden!

  13. TinaBowling Reply

    Well I’m convinced I need to pick up a few of these! Love Good looks so pretty on you.

  14. AllLacqueredUp Reply

    I’ve only tried their nail products, not the lips, so thanks for the review.

  15. Cosmetic Sanctuary Reply

    I’ve been trying to decide if I need these or not. I saw one other post on them and they looked SO dry and almost peeling – but your photo makes them look like normal mattes and it may have been her lips peeling, not the lipsticks.

  16. They look so pretty, espcecially belle and rose garden 😀 I enjoyed your review. Thanks for tips on application and removal. Good to know if I get some. 😀 tfs!!

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