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Yay Yay! First let me start by saying I hope that my discount went through accordingly because I forgot what the date was and rushed to order earlier today. lol But, those of you that love Zoya, now is your chance to stock up on 3 polishes and only pay for shipping.

Starting 1/7/14 – you can pick out 3 Zoya Nail Polishes (any color) and get them for free… you just have to pay the shipping and handling fee.  Now – shipping to Hawaii is about $12-16 depending on the order size, but that’s still an awesome deal considering each polish starts at $9.00 and goes up in price from there… so you are getting an awesome deal.  Update: I just confirmed shipping is $12.00 (yay!)

Here’s what I did – I chose my free polishes (a total of 3) and added another 3 to my cart (I couldn’t help it – I have been making my list to shop for over a month).  If you order $25.00 or more, you qualify for Free Shipping (woohoo!) so I paid $29.00 for 6 polishes (one of which is a Pixi).  A total steal!  If I averaged them out… that means each polish costs me $4.83.  Yay Me!

So jump on this opportunity while you can.  This discount will run from 1/7/14 – 1/13/14 at zoya.com.  I can’t wait to see what all of you got. I picked up a gorgeous shade from the Touch Collection – I’m so excited!  Happy Shopping my friends!

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