Each and every Season holds a special place in my heart, but Spring is that time of year when I tend to do clothes shopping the most and I’m always looking forward to rocking out cool and comfortable threads.  While my style remains fairly the same each year, I like to add a few things to change it up a bit.  For me… Spring includes a few staples in my wardrobe – Maxi Dresses & Skirts, empire waist knee length dresses (or shorter), denim bermudas, tanks and a few key sandals and accessories to complete a look.

I’ve included a few of my favorite styles that you may see pretty often in my wardrobe.  Who owns over 10 maxi dresses and 8 pairs of denim bermudas?  This lady here!  Living in Hawaii means that Spring and Summer months can bring extreme heat so I like to be comfortable and dress that way specifically.  While many think that style is about the clothes you wear… I believe that Style is all about personality and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.  Being a surfer girl most my life, my Spring and Summer months growing up meant that I was found in a pair of Surf/board shorts and a bikini or rash guard – now that I’m grown up (lol), I like to add my own little flair and spin on it all.  Check out some of the selections I have here so you can get an idea of what I rock during the Spring months.

  • Of course – a Coach bag on my arm is an absolute plus and in most cases a MUST HAVE.  Coach has been a favorite designer brand of mine for years and I just can’t seem to get out of it and move on to other brands.   That goes for accessories that they offer as well.  I adore Coach sunnies (shades) as well as their cute high top sneaks… super adorable and definitely awesome for Spring or Summer.
  • Tank tops, Ribbed Tanks and Graphic tees are an absolute staple in my wardrobe any time of the year – but definitely during the Spring & Summer Season.  While you can catch me in denim shorts or a pair of jeans year round, I tend to rock out a pair of Bermuda shorts during this season more than any other.
  • Maxi dresses and skirts – yes I’m bringing it up AGAIN.  If you have been following my fashion posts the last couple of years, you’ll see that you can find these in several different colors in my wardrobe.  Being a plus sized girl – I will rock out anything that makes me feel confident and comfortable and these are my favorites.
  • Sun dresses, spring dresses… just about any type of dress belongs in my closet.  I have super thick thighs and calves and I’ve been pretty lucky to find dresses that don’t really accentuate the largeness of my calves even if they are two inches above my knee.  They add an extra girly and flirty feel and paired with a cute pair of wedges or heels, they are showstopping.
  • I wouldn’t be “Honey” if I wasn’t caught rocking out a pair of flip flops.  Any brand that is comfortable is a favorite.  Havaianas have been a favorite of mine for years, as well as Old Navy Flip Flops, Roxy and Steve Madden.  If I’m going to be using flip flops (slippas – as we call it in Hawai’i) – they need to be comfortable, otherwise, why bother.  And of course, a great pair of wedges, slip-on sandals or flats is an important addition to my wardrobe.
  • Like I mentioned above… at the end of the day – Rock out what you feel comfortable in.   Spring (and Summer) is all about soaking up the sunlight (don’t forget that SPF) and enjoying the flowers and the breeze.  What ever you decide, make sure it makes you feel confident and awesome!

    Spring Plus Size Outfit

    If you are looking for a few makeup looks – stay tuned, I’ll be sure to be posting those in the next coming weeks!

    Happy Spring Love Bugs!


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