Steam Cream Precious

Winter is the most brutal time for my skin – especially since I have really severe eczema.  After years of battling issues, I have finally found natural ways to keep my crazy skin at bay – but I am always looking for new treatments that can pamper my skin.  I have used MANY different moisturizers in the past and I am very happy to add Steam Cream to my skin care products that I like.

Steam cream - precious

Steam cream is a light weight moisturizer that can be used universally to add moisture to your face, hands and body.  It is suitable for all skin types and is handmade using quality natural ingredients that are fused together with a shot of steam.  By doing this unique method you are left with a light weight moisturizer that provides long lasting hydration for your body, face and hands.

STEAMCREAM is handmade in the UK and Japan with fresh, traceable ingredients. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down instantly and revives your skin straight away. It makes your skin simply the best it can be, naturally.

Our beautiful, eco-friendly limited edition tins are designed by us but we do also enjoy working with other inspiring designers to spice things up. Grab your favourites before they sell out!

When you’ve used your STEAMCREAM, keep your tin for storing things and come back to see what’s new.

STEAMCREAM is an award winner. We won the CEW (UK) Award for Best Everyday New Skincare and Pure Beauty Award for Best Design & Packaging. Once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why!

Steam Cream - Precious

Some of the ingredients included in this product include:  Oatmeal, Orange Flower Water, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter – to name a few.  The scent smells of a light lavender and I was amazed that it was not too overbearing for me (I’m pretty sensitive to smell).  The cream is not as thick as I thought it would be – it almost has more of a lotion or cold cream texture.  The cream is not only All Natural but also Vegan.  The product is made in kitchens (yes, totally handmade) in the UK and Japan.

Steam Cream Precious

The cream offers a nice hydration for my skin and I didn’t have any reaction to it – which is a great plus considering I always have issues with new skincare products.  While my hands and body enjoyed the moisture, I could not use the product on my face due to my face being too sensitive.  The cream is slightly oily (slippery) and while it soaked in nicely on my body and hands, it left my face feeling very greasy.  I love it for use on the body – but I can’t use it on my face.  I do love how it feels on my body and it soaked in to my hands nicely enough that my hands were not slippery when I tried to drive (my biggest pet peeve).

Steam Cream Swatch

Each cream comes in a very cool tin.  There are many Limited Edition designs available on the site and they come in so many cool looks for any one you have in mind.  I have precious (the pink/white tin pictured) and Shu (gold/red pictured).  The designs are definitely what catch my eye.  The tin itself seems quite tiny – especially for their $20 price tag, but there is 2.5 oz worth of product in each tin which means you will get a lot of use out of this little container.  I love that the tin twists on tight so I have been able to carry it in my purse for safe keeping without worrying that it will damage the contents of my bag or my bag itself.  I also love that the tins are reusable once the cream is gone.  This is totally a plus because these tins are so cool.

Steam Cream - Shu

Overall I’m very pleased with this moisturizing cream – especially for use all over my body.  The tins they have available have me completely mesmerized because of their awesome designs, about 50 total.  While the creams texture is a little odd for me (being a body butter user), it didn’t stop me from using it consistently.  The moisture the product gives lasts for most of the day and the light scent is not overpowering – it doesn’t battle against my daily perfume or body spray.

Sparkle rating… 4.0 – it offers awesome hydration for my body and hands, but I cannot use it on my face.

Check out more information, to look at all the tin designs available and to order.


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    • same with me. My holygrail moisturizer is just pure Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. I’m gonna do a post on it this week hopefully – because I haven’t done an updated one since I started using it 2 years ago. 😉

  1. Nidia Doherty Reply

    I got to try this cream, and it was just okay for the $20. I was hoping that it would smell like orange blossom water, and it doesn’t. And, even though it’s silly, my tin is kinda ugly (it’s a denim pattern) and I’m jealous of all the cute tins everyone else got! lol

    • I was hoping it wouldn’t smell like Lavender… but oh well. Awe, I’m sorry you got an ugly tin. I really liked the pink flower one – gave my mommy the red/gold – didn’t think that one was nice. lol

  2. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    If there’s one thing I can change w/ SteamCream, that would be the strong herbal scent. But other than that, it does a good job of moisturizing my hands and feet,

    • You know – the scent was not a fav (I’m a vanilla girl) but I didn’t think it was too strong. My husband on the other hand… he doesn’t like it much.

  3. the tins are definitely nice… I seen one that FabKath had and it had purple roses, I was in love. lol I would like to find some cool way to re-purpose them.

  4. I have super badly dry skin with severe eczema. What I use on my skin all the time is Pure Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil in it’s pure form. I’m gonna be doing a complete update on it again because I last posted about it last year I believe… but it has been a savior. 😉

  5. My husband doesn’t like it either. After I had my tumor removed from my nasal cavity in 2008 – I can’t really get the complete just of the smells now. He doesn’t like it – but I think it’s okay. I just wish it wasn’t Lavender. :/

  6. I’ve heard awesome things about SteamCream. Bummer about the scent but I love the packaging!

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