Those closest to me know that Gemstones, crystals and natural works of art have stolen my heart years ago.  I have quite an extensive collection of tumbled stones, crystals and gems and have even gotten my son into collecting them (his collection is even larger than mine).  I especially love to wear these pieces of Art on jewelry because they  many of them have healing powers that help with your well being.  Now – I know that not many people believe in things like that… but just think about it, these stones come from the Earth – our Earth provides for us the nutrients our body needs.  From Amethyst to Crystal and ever single other stone in between, I wear these pieces proudly.
The herkimer diamond (pictured) is a natural quartz mineral stone that was handcrafted into a pendant / jewelry piece.  While it’s hard to see in most images, the stone has a natural sparkle to it that really gives it that “diamond” look and feel.  What I love about these is that they are such a raw looking piece that you can pair it with a casual wardrobe or dress it up for a night on the town – it will go with anything.
The pendant hangs from an 18 inch 14K gold fill chain.  I tend to lean more towards those that are made in similar elements to themselves because my skin can be sensitive often and since I use this piece often, I love how with a little care, it will last me a really long time with little to no tarnishing.  I love to pair this necklace with a nice black blouse (or white), jeans and simple makeup.  I would certainly use this with a pretty little black dress as well for a date night on the town.  In this case, I’m using a gorgeous true red lipstick and eyeliner/mascara, a black scoop neck top and a pair of cargo shorts, which allows the piece to also stand as a focal point in my entire ensemble.
This pendant is not only a limited piece from FriedaSophie / Shoplately, but it is absolutely timeless.  I will find myself reaching for it in years to come and I absolutely am in love with how simple the piece is yet, definitely eye catching.Get yours today for just $45.00.  ( A steal for a piece that is made so beautifully) Each piece is handcrafted and made to order so if you would like something different, message FriedaSophie to inquire about it.

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