As most know who spend some time here on my blog, my family and I enjoy cooking together and creating delicious grinds to satisfy our taste cravings.  But, did you know we also love to grill and enjoy the taste of a flame cooked meal?  During the summer months my husband will cook dinner on the grill at least once a week and we love the taste of flavor of the delectables we get to feast on.  However, keeping up with your grill and keeping it clean for the next use is not that easy so we are always on the hunt for tools that make this task uneventful.  Today I share with you Alpha Grillers Grill Brush.

Summer Barbecue with Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

If you have ever had to purchase grill tools, you know that they can be a bit expensive.  The Alpha Grillers Grill Brush retails for $29.99 (currently on sale for $8) and that’s a reasonably good price considering the size of the brush and quality.  This is a heavy duty BBQ Tool.  Stiff, thick stainless steel bristles combined with a long rigid handle makes cleaning your grill easy.  No one likes to get burned and I like that the reach on this tool due to the long handle makes cleaning easy.  What is great is that this product is made for all grill types – porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, infrared, ceramic, electric, gas, charcoal, Char Broil, Big Green Egg or Weber Genesis.  You can scrub away the grit from grilling safely without marking or dinging your grates.

Before cleaning the grates
Before cleaning the grates

The handle is 18 inches which makes it the perfect length so that you don’t get burnt, but it is not too heavy in that you lose control over the brush.  You can still retain good leverage which makes it easy to use for those like me who have weak wrists or carpal tunnel.  The brush itself is not heavy at all so cleaning my grill really is simple to do.  What I enjoy the most about this brush is that you can scrub at any angle.  Since the bristles have a spiral design, you can hold the brush at any angle and get the job done.

After cleaning the grates with Alpha Grillers gril brush
After cleaning the grates with Alpha Grillers gril brush

If I had to discuss one con to the product – I do notice that the bristles do bend, so after several uses, the bristles did not keep the form that they had originally.  It did not hinder my use of the product thereafter and I’m still able to use the brush – but I did want to make that notation.  We clean our grill prior to our next barbecue, which is convenient for myself and my husband.  We heat up the grill and clean just before throwing our goods on the grates.  If you enjoy cleaning up after grilling – this will work as well.

Overall we enjoy the grill brush and I would suggest it to anyone looking for something affordable but made of good quality.  You can check out this brush and other products from Alpha Grillers here.

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