My love for planners has been quite obvious over the last two years and if you have seen my planner collection, there’s no denying it.  But, my love for organization, staying on tasks and functionality is what keeps my planner addiction growing.  For a few months now, I have had my eyes set on a planner that not only had a zip closure, but that I could use to function as a wallet.  I’m sure after peaking into my wallet collection, you would probably ask me “why?” but I just felt like a small planner that I could use to organize my wallet essentials would work and let me tell you, it has definitely served its purpose.  A few weeks ago I placed an order with Dokibook.com – a planner company that is overseas.  I knew I wanted to get a planner that would be small enough for me tote around as a wallet and decided this would be a great opportunity for me to compare the Dokibook / Love Doki with my Kikki K.  Boy, to say I was very impressed and quite taken with the product would be an understatement.  Today I share with you my Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a wallet and my experiences with the brand and product.

Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a Wallet

Now, if you have taken part in the Planner Community either on Facebook or YouTube, you  may have heard of the Doki Book or Love Doki book before.  It’s an affordable alternative to the Kikki K planners and have a similar look, though they do not come with such a hefty price tag.  The Dokibook could only be purchased via Spree Now at one time or through various planner enthusiasts and purchasing from Spree Now was a lengthy process as well as a hassle.  Recently Dokibook opened up their own website, offering their planners for sale, shipping Worldwide and no problems with calculating Customs fees, shipping from China and other things as the site will do it for you at transaction.  What I love is that they also accept Paypal which makes the process smooth and the check out much more secure than when doing so from Spree Now.  What I love the most is that I ordered on a Thursday and my box was delivered the following Wednesday – hello, Honey loves quick shipping especially when from over seas.

Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a Wallet

The Dokibook comes in a variety of colors available on their site and two sizes – Large and Small.  I opted for the Small Dokibook in Lilac with Zip Closure which costs $26.50.  The size equivalent would be that to a personal size Filofax or Kikki K.  With shipping ($9.99) and a discount they were offering at the time – I paid about $32.00 for the book (shipping included) and I also ordered a few credit card inserts so that I could truly turn this into a wallet.  The package arrived in a soft mailer but the Dokibook was packaged very nicely in a box and wrapped in tissue paper.  I was very impressed on how it arrived.

Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a Wallet

The little details always make a difference for me and I really liked the fact that they took the time to wrap the package so nicely.  Inside my planner – zipped up tight, were the sleeves I ordered (credit card sleeves, top loading pocket and zip pockets) as well a set of purple dividers (complimentary), a page marker and a page lifter.  No inserts are included with the planners, but Dokibook.com also sells some so you can get them there at an affordable cost.  Since I am using this more as a wallet, I figured I wouldn’t need one at this time.

Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a Wallet

The actual planner is well stitched and well made.  I was very impressed with how it feels and looks.  A little different then my Kikki K – it has gold dots on it instead of gold diamonds like my Large Kikki K Time Planner has.  It is also faux leather though I’m still impressed with how it feels and the quality in the craftsmanship is great.  I am thinking about picking up one in White and Gold as well, though I would love if they created a black & gold one because I would be all over that in a heartbeat.  I love the zip around closure which makes it ideal to use as a wallet.  The only thing that I was a bit disappointed in was that the rings are silver, not gold – but it really doesn’t bother me all that much anymore.  The rings were tight and remain tight and I have moved in to this planner as a wallet now for a few weeks and enjoy it.  Heads turn in the store at check out and I always get asked about it.

Dokibook Personal Size Planner as a Wallet

I am able to fit all of my most used credit cards and cards as well as my driver’s license in the front pockets.  Behind the front is an open area where I hold my cash and I also have credit card sheets that I use to hold my cards.  Everything is tucked into its own little place.  Be sure to watch the video here for a full breakdown and showcase of how I set my wallet up.  I took a piece of velum that I had in my craft drawer and cut it to size to use as a dashboard and created a file pocket folder out of a file folder to hold my receipts.  I do have two months of calendar inserts inside from my Punctuate Planner just to help as reference and a few note pages for jotting down any information at hand.  Since I already had a large wallet prior to moving into the Dokibook, the size is really just a little bit larger than what I already had.  It fits everything I need, even my insurance cards, a book of postage stamps and a note book and if I wanted to I could zip my Note 4 into it so that it is all in one place.  I really like it a lot.

Well – do I love it? While I still have the Kate Spade Zip Around Wellesley on my mind and wishlist, this one will definitely do until I can fill that void and pick one up.  I’m really loving the functionality of my wallet now, the fact that everything I need is right at my finger tips and knowing I won’t be forgetting a card or piece of paper at home because I have it all organized in my planner wallet.  What about you?  What kind of wallet do you use and does it keep everything you need in place for when you need it?

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Disclaimer:  The products discussed or featured in this post were purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and I was not paid to provide my thoughts or feature this product.  Affiliate links posted through out.



“I’m addicted to all things planner, paper, stationary!” There, I admitted it – so commit me to planner paper anonymous… teehee! I think planning and paper are fun things to help keep organized and even relieve stress, so I enjoy it tremendously.  While I use many different things to keep me on task and my planner pretty, I think it’s an individual choice for many. I want to share with you a starter kit or list of planner essentials and supplies to get you on your way. Whether it be for pretty planning or just to have some supplies on hand, I hope this post helps you on your journey.

Kikki K

Check out my video as I walk you through my favorite planner goodies and essentials (embedded below), or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

Like a person is an individual, so is ones taste, preference and needs. While I prefer a binder style planner, I can appreciate those who like coil bound ones or prefer electronic styles. Here is a list of planners that you can look into and possibly select from.

planner collection

  • Kikki K Time Planners or Personal Planners: These are binder style planners that allow you to customize by being able to remove, replace or add inserts to your heart’s content.
  • Filofax: A favorite of many, Filofax is a brand name most planner lovers alike are familiar with. Known for their quality and well made binders, you can expect a planner that will last for years with proper care. Similar in size to the Kikki K’s,
  • Erin Condren Life Planners: (ECLP)  A popular planner among the Planner Community.  The ECLP’s are great for those that love pretty planning but that also want to have something easy to use.  It’s a coil bound planner and while you can tear out pages or use coil clips to put things in, it is different from a binder planner when it comes to reuse and customization.  Interested in the ECLP?  Click here to get a $10 off coupon.
  • KIT – Keeping It Together Planner:  I discussed this planner in a post and video last year and it is a coil bound planner similar to that from ECLP.  I enjoy this planner though it is a bit more bulky than an Erin Condren planner and costs about the same.  These planners are made from a small company who sells on Etsy and they offer lots of writing room, quotes each day and everything a blogger or planner lover would need.
  • Punctuate Planner – Barnes & Noble:  These handy little planners come in all kinds of styles, sizes and price.  The small sized ones that I use usually cost about $5.00 and include inserts.  They are binder style and you can reuse them.  Punctuate also offers paper planners or a variety of calendars for your needs.  At an affordable cost, this would be great for students or someone starting off with planning.

Those are just a few planners you can find through out your planner search.  I have a few others like Macaron Planners which comes from China, LoveDoki Books (also from China and various sellers) as well as ones from Hello Kitty, Franklin Covey and Day Timer.  Each one can be used for various things and offer you a plethora of uses for years to come.  If you decide to opt for a binder style planner, remember – if you take care of it, you can get years of use out of it.  I have a Franklin Covey that I use that is over 10 years old.  Not huge on leather or the style and just need something basic?  See if you can find a binder that will work for you size and ring wise.  The clear binder (pictured below) is one that I love to store stickers and unused inserts, it was reasonably priced and works well as a planner too should I decide to use it as such.

Planner collection

Choosing the planner is just the beginning but making sure you have all the proper accessories, that’s the fun part.  Of course you need things like pens and other items to keep you on your planning discovery.  Here is a list of a few things I like to have on hand when planning or things I make sure to purchase if I’m out.

Pens – Of course you need some writing equipment.  I use a variety of pens in my planners but since I color code much of what I write, I’m constantly using pens that have a similar color range.  My favorites include:

  1. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens (I love the 20 pack)
  2. Paper Mate Flair Pens (these are affordable, easily found in stores and great for color coding – though they can bleed through some paper types)
  3. Japanese or Korean Style Fine Pens – 0.38mm (again, I love fine tipped pens)
  4. Expo Wet Erase Vis-a-Vis Markers (since I use a lot of laminated lists in my binders – these pens allow me to erase the writing with water)
  5. Sharpie Markers (again, since I have laminated lists, I use these and erase them with an eraser once I’m done to reuse again).

There are a number of pens available for use, it all depends on your preference, what you like and how you’ll use them.  I hear Frixon pens are great too, but I don’t yet own one.

Sticky Notes, Page Tabs – You can get a variety of sticky notes and page tabs in all sizes, colors and designs now a days.  Use your imagination with this one and look for what will work for you, your budget and your style.

Page Markers, Bookmarks, Paperclips (anything to mark your pages or your place) – This is fun in that you can create your own as well as find awesome and fun designs through out the web and in stores.  I love to make my own paperclips, page markers and paper clips, but I also find awesome Etsy shops that do great ones as well.  Search on Etsy for Page Markers or Planner paper clips and see what is available.

Planner starter kit

Journaling Cards, Stationary, Quote Cards or Project Life Cards – These are not a necessity, but if you are looking to add some inspiration or a little pretty to your planning, see if you can find these cheap and try it out.  I found a book of Phrase Cards at Walmart for under $6.00 and I also like to take scrapbook paper and write in my own quotes (or stamp them) and insert into my planner.  The options are endless, so use this opportunity to unwind your creative side.

Washi Tape & Stickers – I am addicted to Washi Tape and have a pretty large selection to choose from.  I think Washi Tape is my lazy way of decorating, because I can always add pretty to my planner with a bit of washi without going too in detail and feel like I’ve decorated it.  Washi has been my favorite go-to for pretty planning and it’s versatile in many ways.  You can find Washi in all sizes, widths and even now – shapes, since many are showing up die cut and not just regular tape shaped.  You can use them for a variety of purposes, including decorating your planner.  Find them at your local dollar store or anywhere that sells them and have fun.  Stickers, well you can get those everywhere and for everything.  Find a sticker sheet or two, or three that makes you smile and use it to decorate your planner till your heart’s content.  You can find “Planner stickers” and washi on sites like Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.  I make and print a lot of my own planner stickers, but some of my favorite Etsy shops for stickers are:

planner starter kit

There are a few extra goodies you can have on hand – but like everything I discussed here, they are certainly not required or needed. Here are a few and what I use them for:

  • Scrapbook Paper – I love to create my own dashboards and dividers as well as my own journaling cards.  Scrapbook paper is fun to allow you to customize what you want and make use of your binder in your own way.
  • Birthday, thank you or note cards – while not required in any way, these are fun to use to input sweet designs in your planner.  I also love using the envelopes.  I punch holes in them and use them to keep stickers or receipts.
  • Laminating machine and/or paper cutter – you can certainly use scissors (oops – I didn’t mention that one above) and you can find laminating sheets like those from Scotch or 1M, but I find both useful and I use them often.  Search around and see what works best for you and your budget.
  • Tape Adhesive – you can find these at any store in the scrapbook or arts and craft sections.  It’s an easy to roll out adhesive that allows you to bond or attach things inside your planner.  I love using these for everything I would tape down – they are permanent and secure.
  • Gift bags, gift wrap, etc. – You obviously don’t need these, but should you have one with a design you like, save it and turn it into a decoration in your planner.  My current dashboard (the roses) is a gift bag I got at Target that I laminated to protect.  You never know what you can find.
  • Stamps and Stamp Ink Pads – My main planner stamps come from StudioL2E and if you are a planner lover like I am, you will love their Plan-It Stamps and List It stamps as well as the rest they offer.  They are reasonably priced and pretty awesome.  You can find a variety of traditional wooden block stamps or clear stamps from a variety of stores as well as the ink pads.  Again, this is optional but the options are endless.

kikki k time planner

Remember, getting organized with a planner or even pretty planning is all about creativity and making products and tools work for you and your needs.  Everything I listed and discussed here is not in any way required or needed to get the job done.  A basic planner with basic necessities like a pen will get the job done just as well.  I love pretty planning, though I find that some days I don’t have enough time to do so.  Pretty planning allows me to get creative and it also inspires me to keep up with my planner, look at it daily and get in my groove.  If you find that  you want to get started with planning, but even with a nice planner and some fun pens – you just can’t get in the habit of looking at it everyday… try pretty planning and see if that will work.  Take a sticker or some washi tape and have a little fun.  The options are endless and the end result is something you created.

Are you a basic planner, a planner nerd or a pretty planner?  What works for you?  I hope this post and video helped you on your planning journey.  Have fun and plan away!

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Disclaimer: Through out this post there may be affiliate links or referral links.  Some of the products discussed or mentioned in this post were sent to me for feature or consideration while others were purchased by me with my own money.  While that may be the case, all opinions are 100% unbiased and honest.



2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve done any planner or organizational posts, but though I have fallen behind, my goal this year is to step up my game and get with it.  I can’t believe that 2015 is already here (I know we established this in another post) and I have finally moved into my Large Kikki K Lilac & Gold Time Planner.  Let’s be honest here for a second… we all know I had my eyes on this thing… how could I not?  It’s purple… and gold and a little bit of happiness all wrapped into one planner.  For now, this shall be labeled my unicorn!  So let’s take a look at my 2015 planner set up.

Looking for a walk-through version?  Check out my video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Okay – time to get serious!  Last year I ditched my ringed planners to venture into the coil planner craze.  I loved my Keeping It Together (KIT) planner and highly suggest it to anyone who is interested in something like the Erin Condren (which I suggest too), I wanted something with a little more room which KIT offered.  But, this old school planner girl missed her ringed planners and so I found myself moving back into one again for 2015.  If you are used to a Filofax or any of the other planner brands, this particular planner from Kikki K is a bit more on the bulkier side than those, due to the padded feel of the planner.  But, I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE it.

The inner cover of the planner has four pockets along with a zippered pocket and a secretarial pocket to store all your organizing necessities.  I find these useful for holding on to business cards, post-its or page flags, photos and other things I want to keep on hand.  The planner also came with a full set of dividers, 2015 inserts and even a note pad in the back.  I have customized mine to fit my needs so I won’t get into too much detail.  In comparison to a Filofax, Kikki K’s large Time Planner would be an A5 equivalent, though the Kikki K is a bit larger in size.  This particular planner comes with an elastic closure which I actually do like.  This Time Planner is made of all leather, which I love and when originally released, it retailed for $79.95.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Now onto the inserts and the inner workings of my planner.  Like any planner addict, I have a bunch of fun and inspiring things in the front portion of my planner, from quotes, a dashboard and even stickers and happy colorful things.  Since this planner does come with Dividers (they were a light muted pink tone), I would have used those, but opted for ones I made myself out of card stock since I could personalize it the way I wanted.  I love ringed planners for this purpose, customizing to your hearts content (which is a crafter’s dream) is what I enjoy.  I create my own dashboards, fly leafs and fun items to help add an ambiance of happiness to my “to do” which creates a kind of Zen feel.  Some people may like, others may not… but it’s fun nonetheless.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

An important part of functionality in my planners is that I can write and erase what I have for lists, etc.  This didn’t come with the planner but something I’ve adapted on my own over the years and it’s works – so why change it?  As you can see from my shopping list, I use permanent markers or Vis-aVis Wet Erase markers to allow me to keep a list and then erase them when I’m done.  I think that erasing or getting rid of a list once it is completed gives me a sense of accomplishment and I have the same type of system for my To Do’s as well.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Since the Kikki K came with Monthly and Weekly inserts that I was happy with – I stuck to using those and have been thoroughly enjoying them.  Currently my Month on 2 Pages spread consists of my Blog and YouTube tracking.  I place a dot on the days I post videos or blog posts to allow me a quick “at a glance” reference for the days I have posted.  I’m sure in the next month I’ll change this and post an appointment calendar for quick reference of the month, but since I also put appointments into my Google Calendar, at the moment (which syncs with my phone) – I didn’t think it was needed.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

My week on two page spread is where I tend to write most of my information.  Anything written in my planner is color coordinated using my Staedtler or Paper Mate Flare Pens.  I like that the pen colors are the same so color coordinating using either or for me is easy.  Anything having to do with my blog is Fuchsia, my sons – light blue, my husband – dark blue, appointments for me in purple, food and meal planning in orange, etc.  I’ve had this color system for years in each of my planners already so I remember them easily without needing a reference.  My week on two pages also includes inserts I pop in from time to time like quotes, project life cards, photos, invitations for the week, etc.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Stuck in the center of my Week on Two Pages, I also have a Weekly Planning list that includes another laminated page that I can write in my To Do List for the week, a menu plan for that week (usually dinners) and then a shopping list.  This gets erased each week and to keep track of meals, my meals are transferred into the weekly inserts so I can refer to them later.  If you feel you ever need more room to write goals, to do’s or anything else for the week and it is something you will throw out once accomplished, this is a great way to do so… laminate your page and use erasable markers to write each week.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

One important section in my planner is my Life and Inspiration section.  This is the only section that I have a quote on the divider for or any decoration.  Within this section I have a card I printed on my computer with the Minimalist Mantra (which you can Google), reminding me that less is definitely more.  I also have my 2015 Goals for the year.  These goals are on-going and don’t have a set due date for them.  Things like “write 5 blog posts a week” and “drink my green juice daily”.  I also write in quotes I find inspirational and I want to keep with me often as well as any affirmations.  Since I keep track of my weight loss journey via my week on two page spread, I may also use this section for little tips and inspiring things for my weight loss as well.  Anything that I think will inspire me, add something extra to my life or just make me smile, will go in this section.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

Of course I couldn’t have a planner without a blogging section.  I have a blog section in my planner that allows me to track upcoming or planned blog posts, ideas I may have while out and about or on a whim as well as any samples that came in from brands.  My printer died on me while I was setting this section up – but I have inserts for each that I have used the last few years, but for now – besides this blog layout you see here, the rest is all scribbled on lined paper.  Once my printer is back in the grind, I’ll post what inserts I use for my blog tracking, etc.  There are a few that I think may benefit some of my bloggy friends.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

My YouTube section is quite similar to that of my blog section and I track things kind of the same way.  Since they coincide with one another I think it is great to have a similar lay out so that I can keep my flow going.  I list my tracking here for YouTube (since sometimes videos I do are not the same as my blog posts, etc.) and I also have some lined paper that I use to jot down ideas for upcoming videos or even to write out tag questions.  This of course will be much more detailed once I get my printer going so I’ll be sure to update on that in a later post.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

My To Do section is just a bunch of papers labeled “To Do” but I also utilize a laminated sheet here as well.  This sheet can be removed and put into my week if my list is too long to fit in the “Top 3” for my Weekly Planning.  Again, I like to get rid of things once they are done, so once my list is complete, I erase what’s written on the laminated sheet.  I honestly don’t know that I’ll be keeping this section here and I may be replacing it – but for now… it is what it is.  In the future, I may decide to just put the “To Do” list in my week on two page spread and move along the calendar each week since I designed the sheet to easily come in and out of the planner.

The last section is my “Meal Planning” section in my planner.  I don’t have a picture because as I mentioned before my printer is broken so all I have are some lined sheets with a list of meal ideas or meals my family enjoys.  Once my printer is fixed or I get a new one, this section will be broken down with inserts I created on my computer.  It will include a Seasonal Meals section that will allow me to list meals that include items that can only be found seasonally here like strawberries.  There will also be a planning page that lists foods that are priced well or expensive during certain seasons, i.e. Turkey is probably the cheapest to buy during Thanksgiving holiday and more expensive other times of the year.  Of course, this is also the section that I will list my families favorite foods, grocery store prices, etc.

2015 Planner Set Up Kikki K

So that was my lengthy break down of my 2015 Planner set up.  I’ll be honest in saying that this was the shorter version of it all… but planning or organization in any form is never a quick thing to explain I guess.  Having never used anything from Kikki K before I am proud to say that I have moved in to my new Unicorn nicely and have been enjoying it the last month since I got it.  It’s weathered well with me transporting it to and from the store or out to run errands and the inserts and pages take the ink I use fairly easily.  Let’s not forget that I’m absolutely obsessed with the color of it and I hope they come out with a richer purple because I’ll be adding that to my list as well.  For an in-depth break down of my planner, be sure to watch the video where I get into some detail, talk story and so much more and I promise I’ll be keeping up with these posts – I’ve surely missed doing them.

If you are interested in picking up a planner of your own – there are many options available.  Check out the links below and see if any of them fit your fancy.  I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you “Happy Planning!” and an even happier 2015.

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Kikki K – Time Planner or Personal Planners

http://www.kikki-k.com/ (if you sign up as a member, you can get a $10 discount/credit)

Erin Condren Life Planner https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/honeykahoohanohano0114  (If you use my link you will get $10 off your order)

Keeping It Together Planner https://www.etsy.com/shop/KITLife

Disclaimer:  I have referral links through out this post for Erin Condren.  Everything discussed in this post otherwise was purchased by me.