What is Gal-Entine’s Day? Celebrating Your Girlfriends on Gal-entine’s Day

Celebrating any holiday is much more fun with our Gal Pals.  So what is Gal-entine’s Day?  Well, it’s basically a time when we as besties gather together with our gals and have a great celebration of friendship.  There’s no need to compare our love trials and tribulations… we all just get together to chit chat and have fun before Valentine’s Day and celebrate the bond we have between friends.  Traditionally celebrated on February 13th (the day before Valentine’s Day), this special day is meant to be fun and a way to not only reconnect with our besties, but to have a little fun.  So – get on the phone, social media and start texting your girlfriends for a day or evening of laughs, fun and excitement to celebrate your friendships.  Wondering what you can do on this Gal-entine’s Day?  Well, read on to get a little inspiration!

Gifts?  Presents?  What do you get for your bestie on Galentine’s Day?

Well, giving your gal pals a little token of your friendship is sweet and perfect for a day like this.  I tend to like to create a little DIY or have something made specifically for my girlfriends.  You can opt to create a friendship bracelet (yes, those are still cool and not only for pre-teens) or even bake something sweet.  Get the gals something that can be personalized like a locket or something that will remind you of your childhood.

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DIY – Fun Projects for the Girls

DIY products can be fun to do when you’re with a bunch of friends.  I tend to have a ton of supplies for all kinds of goodies laying around my house in my craft bins, so anything can make for a great product.  Something my sister and I used to do a lot is create candles or soap to give as gifts or to display in our bathrooms and we had so much fun making and using these products.  Bath bombs are fun too or a really easy sugar scrub in cute decorated jars make wonderful creations.  Have fun and let your ideas soar.  It’s not only something to do with your friends, but it’s memento they can take with them when the night is done.

Netflix Anyone?

Am I the only person that enjoys shows like Criminal Minds, Empire or Orange Is The New Black?  Well, why not gather around the tube (television since most people now have flat screens) and binge watch some of your favorite shows with your gal pals.  Order pizza or make a quick Pull Apart Pizza (recipe here) and indulge in some gorgeous chocolate berries from Shari’s Berries.  Not into my flick choices?  Well, choose some of your faves or rock out to Pitch Perfect and have a mini Aca-session with your gals.

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If you know me, then you know this is not something I take part in often.  I’m the only person in my family that is tone deaf and because of it, no one wants to hear me sing… lol.  But, Karaoke evenings are fun and I have enjoyed taking part in them.  Either pull out your Karaoke machine you have stored away or head over to your local Karaoke Bar and have some fun.  Sing to your favorite tunes and enjoy the night with some appetizers or finger foods (pizza works – can you tell that’s my favorite food) or delightful desserts.  Belt your heart out to your favorite tunes and have a party.

Paint ’N Wine Event

There are a few locally owned places on island where I live that offer a paint event (sometimes a little wine) that you can take part in.  These cool events allow you and your friends to go and get a very awesome painting instructional class from an artist/teacher and allow you to create the masterpiece yourself.  While there you have the chance to have a little wine and talk story all while having a great time.  Note that if you take part in these, make sure you have a designated driver accompany you or pick you up from the venue as it can be a lot of fun.  You can take the painting home after and remember your night with your girls.  If painting and wine are not your thing, see what kind of “tasting” events are available.  A local restaurant here offers a Tea Time event once a week where you drink tea and have a light brunch under the trees in a beautiful courtyard.  It’s gorgeous and so much fun .

Makeover Madness

Ah, as a beauty and makeup lover, I knew I had to include this.  A day of pampering is always fun.  Gather your gal pals and pull out your favorite makeup, skin care items and mani pedi favorites and do a little pampering.  If you have a local Mary Kay representative or an Avon rep, contact them to see if they would like to do makeovers while sharing their products with your gals.  Since I have a makeup artist kit, I tend to pull those out and just make it a fun activity for everyone.  I may do smoky eyes on all the girls (something they are not used to) or do a full pedicure and manicure on each.  All of this fun while eating and drinking and dancing to your favorite songs.  It’s like a sleepover without sleeping – just old school fun.  I also like to up together little bags of treats for each friend – including a nail file, some chocolates of course, and anything beauty related.  ELF offers some good makeup for a $1.00 and you can stuff a bunch of treat bags with things that you love and know they will love too.  Looking for fun ideas on makeup looks to create?  Head on over to my Valentine’s Day Playlist on YouTube and get a little inspired.

Don’t leave out your Far Away Besties

I don’t know about you, but I have friends all over the World and many of them live hours away from me let alone a whole continent.  While they live so far away, I still want to let them know that I’m always thinking of them.  A sweet card that comes with something special or a handmade sentiment is always a great thing.  It will be great if it gets to her on February 13th so she checks her mail box and is surprised.  Also, with technology now a days, there are many ways to communicate face to face without being there in person so Skype and have a chat to catch up.  This is the perfect opportunity to talk about your Valentine’s Day plans and to share that new outfit you bought for the special occasion.

Who’s Up For A Girl’s Trip?

Living on an island really doesn’t help much for road trips here, but what is so great is that Hawaii is filled with so many awesome destinations that it’s easy to find sanctuary anywhere.  If you and your friends are riding the single train for now, hey – what better time than to plan a girl’s weekend trip.  Head to your favorite resort and spend the weekend at the pool or at the spa and just rejuvenate your body for the following Monday.  Not single?  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t do this too… take a drive to wine country (here on Maui, we can head up to Tedeschi Vineyards) and have a wine tasting and then breakfast at Kula Lodge.  The options are endless whether you live on Maui or are anywhere in the World.  Sometimes a weekend getaway with your gal pals are the perfect way to really relax and rejuvenate the soul.  And, what better way to have some relaxation than with your besties.

Day Trip to Buy Makeup

This may sound like an odd one… but since our local Sephora is a two hour drive away, my sisters and I have a tradition where we drive together (all three of us) and take a trip to the other side of the island to go shopping at our local Sephora.  This gives us about 4 – 6 hours of time with one another (sometimes longer) and we get to chit chat makeup, have brunch and just relax and enjoy each others company.  Most the time we don’t even buy makeup but spend an hour walking around Sephora chatting about our favorite products and testing out new ones we have yet to try.  It’s our time together and we enjoy it.

While Galentine’s Day is February 13th, I think that any time of the year you are feeling like you need a little Gal love is appropriate to do something like this for your girls.  Your besties are the ones that see you through every single trial and tribulation, every event and exciting moment.  Celebrating with one another and sharing the love you have with each other is a great thing to do all the time, but especially on Galentine’s Day.  What are you doing for your gal pals this year?  Comment below and share some ideas that you may have!

Did you know there was such thing as a Gal-entine’s Day?  If not, how do you plan to make use of this new day each year.


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A few weeks ago my sons and I went out to a dinner date with a family member visiting from afar.  As we sat at the table, my Aunt asked… “Hmm… do your children not have those iApple things?”  I giggled, but explained to her that while they each have their own tablets they are limited on time of use, where they use them and how often.  As much as we love technology in our household, family time and hands on things are much more important and I’m glad my husband and I are able to instill that in our children.  After dinner, I thought back to some memories from years ago.  As a child my parents always made science things so interesting and I remember going on little adventures at the local park with my dad with a magnifying glass and clear dishes to hold our specimens in after finding them.  As we got older and my parents could afford it, my siblings and I would get really cool kits that allowed us to dig up dinosaur-like bones, bugs and mineral rocks and we enjoyed those as well.

Real Bug Dig Kit

Because of these memories it always excites me to be able to offer these similar things to my children.  My sons and I spend a lot of time together and because of this, much of what we do is explore and learn about History, Science and all the wonders our beautiful Earth has to offer.  But, with the rainy season upon us – our explorations have been dwindled quite a bit.  That’s why I am so excited that there are cool Kits like the one I’m about to talk to you about.  Discover With Dr. Cool Real Insect Excavation Kit has been a fun choice for rainy days and I am excited to place another order for other kits also available.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The Discover With Dr. Cool’s Kit retails for about $12 on their website and comes with everything you need to dig up some really cool bugs.  Included in the kit is your Digging Block (which is disguised as a bright green beetle), Excavation Tools, and Adventure Guide, an Activity Booklet and 3 Real Specimens.  Please note that some of the items in the kit are considered choking hazards and not recommended for children under 3.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The kit is completely hands-on and my three boys each took turns scraping away at the beetle till they revealed what was encased inside.  Just like archaeologists, they took their time to clean away the dust and debris till they found what they were on the search for.  I was a bit worried that with their little excavation they may mutilate the specimens while looking but each one is secure in a glass shell.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The boys took about an hour to get through the entire beetle to reveal their finds.  Though I know they thoroughly enjoyed it and they took their time because this was truly an adventure to discover.  My ten year old (Kevin) loved taking part in this with his little bros (Luke & Isaiah) who are just five years old and together they made this an afternoon of fun and discovery.


After making their way to through the exterior of the beetle, they slowly started to find the glass encased bugs through out the body of the beetle.  What I enjoyed about this kit is there were no sharp edges to any of the digging tools.  It was as simple as laying down some newspaper and clean up was just as easy as throwing it all away.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The boys didn’t have to dig too deep as most of the bug specimens were found through out the top part of the beetle.  I do suggest that if you have asthma or if you have sensitivity to dust to use a mask as it seemed like this was a clay like brick and there was quite a bit of dust.  We made sure to open our windows so the boys air and breathing was not compromised.


What I think is probably the coolest part is the end result.  Each bug is encased in a cool glass marble and they are REAL Genuine bugs.  The kit includes a guide with information on each bug included in the kit and it was so cool to see the different colors these bugs had on their bodies.  The activity booklets also include challenge puzzles and games that the boys enjoyed taking part in.

https://www.discoverwithdrcool.com/science-kits/real-insect-excavation-kit-dig-out-3-real-bugsAt such an affordable price tag – this Discover Dr. Cool Real Bug Dig Kit includes all the makings for hours of fun and education for any little person (or even adult, since I truly enjoyed myself as well) and offers such great hands on experience for children.  The box does state that the products itself are non-toxic, but I do suggest like I said before to take caution with the dust from excavation.

Real Bug Dig Kit

The boys and I are excited to try out other kits available all for about the same price range.  With technology taking our World by storm, sometimes we forget all about the wonders that our Earth offers.  While the internet opens up our eyes to things we can’t see or touch immediately, I’m so glad that there are still great things like this to keep our children wondering about science and more.

Real Bug Dig Kit

Have you heard of Discover Dr. Cool before?  What are some interesting things you may remember about exploring from your childhood?  Do you have children and is this something you think they’ll be interested in.  Thanks for reading 😉

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It’s absolutely too cold to be going out for a run or dressing up to go to the gym… or at least that is my opinion, lol.  But, while it’s too chilly we shouldn’t neglect our exercise, or family time for that matter.  Since the boys and I tend to be on our own while my husband is at work we find ourselves exploring or often times going on walks, but the colder months make it a little more difficult.  Well, luckily we have a little fun and easy way to get our exercise in as well as family time.  One of our favorite workouts comes from moving along with the Just Dance 2015 Game for Wii.  Since my family loves music and loves to dance, this is fun in a case and we love it.

Just Dance 2015

Just Dance 2015 is the perfect game to get the whole family up and moving. With a fresh tracklist of more than 40 of the hottest hits and throwback tunes, there’s something for everyone! Players can dance along to hit songs like “Problem” by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, or classic favorites like “Walk This Way” by Run DMC & Aerosmith.

As a family we have really enjoyed the Just Dance games over the years and were super excited to get our groove on to the 2015 game.  In our opinion, while each song is definitely a hit and gets our heart pumping and our bodies moving, a few of our favorites include:

  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Rount (Like a Record) *A Personal Favorite since that is from my “Dancing Queen” era. lol
  • Maroon 5 – Maps
  • Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora – Black Widow

Just Dance 2015

Since all three of my children love to dance, just like their parents – when the disc gets put into the game console, everyone eagerly awaits their turn and then goes for it when it’s their time.  My ten year old loves the music selection since many of the songs are popular with he and his friends and the twins, they just love to rock out – dancing the night away while we all get some extra exercise in and our body moving for some extra cardio.  Just Dance 2015 is a great way to get the entire family on their feet for some exercise in disguise—have fun while burning calories!

Just Dance 2015

The Just Dance 2015 release includes new songs and fun wacky choreography to keep you moving and dancing to the beat of your own drum… but most importantly, it’s fun and keeps us active during this time of year when going out to play is not as feasible.

To bring awareness to National Bullying Prevention Month, Just Dance 2015 and Stomp Out Bullying have partnered to show people everywhere that “it’s okay to dance to your own beat!”

Purchase Just Dance 2015 available now on Amazon for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.  Depending on your system and console, pricing can and will vary.

Get your fun and dance on with your family and friends and dance to the beat of your own drum with Just Dance 2015.

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Happy Easter Love Bugs.  I hope you all had a great and fun filled day.  I was quite excited today because my husband was able to get the day off, so we got to spend the day together as a family… Yay Us!  I figured I would share with you the makeup I rocked out today as well as a few photos from our day.  Read more to find out my Easter FOTD.

Easter FOTD

My choice of makeup today was super simple because I wanted a soft sweet look for Easter.  I only had my phone on me so all my photos were taken using my Note 2.  I am truly terrible at taking pictures of my makeup looks on a consistent basis, so I’m working on making it a point to take photos of my looks – even if only with my phone to post.  I used the following products:

Easter FOTD Products

I like to be festive for the Holidays so I pulled out my trusty bunny ears (had these for about 5 years now) and earlier in the day I dressed in a bright yellow dress.  I figured my eye makeup was perfect for the day since it was wearable but still offered a statement.

Easter 2014 FOTD

Of course, no Easter look is complete without a flower crown on your head.  I thought it was very “spring” and I got a lot of compliments on it.  Easter was a lot of fun and I enjoyed dressing up.

Easter Sunday 2014

My parents came up to spend time with the boys and I was able to get a quick camera opp with my sissy – who came up to spend a little time with us too.  The boys got to find eggs two times today, since we spend the day with both my side of the family and then later in the day with my hubby’s.  I am so lucky to be able to have these opportunities with my family – because we know that moments like this are never guaranteed and we need to really enjoy them and take advantage of them when we have them.  I’m truly blessed and had a great day.

I hope you all had a fabulous and wonderful day.  Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it and those who do not – I wish you a fabulous Sunday!

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Halloween comes but once a year and this year the twins are just a little older to truly understand what is going on.  Last year, the twins were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and while they enjoyed themselves, they were still learning how to say “Trick or Treat” and getting the concept down.  This year they had an absolute blast.  We took the boys to my Sister In Law’s neighborhood where tons of people come from all over the Island since it is always a nice neighborhood filled with Candy giving houses.  It was lots of fun and even more so that my husband had the night off and could join us.


My eldest was not in the “dress up mood”.  I think he is at that stage where he is now “too cool” to wear a costume.  He did want me to do some zombie makeup on him and since I only had a couple of minutes, I through together what I could so we could be out the door quickly.  He really liked how it came out and I was happy that he enjoyed it.  I thought he looked super cool and so did other people we came across through the course of the night.


The twins went through my eldest’s past Halloween costumes and found some they really liked.  Luke loved the Dragon costume, but it never came with a mask – so he was just going to wear it like that.  However, since Isaiah would be using a costume that would have a mask (one that we lost and couldn’t find), Luke wanted one too.  Since I did the face paint for Isaiah, I decided I would do one on Luke too.  This was my interpretation of a dragon face.  I wish I took a better pic of what it looked like without his costume covering it – but you can see the video of it here.  I took a print screen capture of part of the video so you could see some of the detail.

dragon luke

Luke really loved how it came out and honestly, I thought it was super cool as well.


As I mentioned above, Isaiah found one of Kaeo’s Spiderman costumes but we couldn’t find the mask for it anywhere.  So I promised Isaiah I would paint his spiderman face on.  He was so excited and absolutely loved how it came out.  Here is the Instagram video for that one, here.  I actually filmed a little before I completed the mask and this video obviously was taken before he decided to play and smear it (the picture above was after playing, so I had to redo it a bit. lol)

We had a lot of fun that night and I’m always looking forward to hanging out with my boys and husband.  These times are rare and it’s important to make each and every moment count.  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  The boys got a lot of candy and was sad to bid the day adieu but at the same time, they also know that “Ho! Ho! Ho!” which is what they call Christmas, is going to be here soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and an awesome upcoming week!

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