I know, I know… new year means, “new me” right?  Wrong!  I’ve realized that I’ve been looking at getting healthy incorrectly all of these years.  I didn’t start putting on my weight till after I had kids, so I guess, you could say that my mentality was a tad bit construed, or maybe I was just lazy.  But, this year (I actually started in December 2017), I’m making a change in not only my thoughts and how I view things, but what I’m doing to get to my healthy me.  Today I share with you my 2018 Personal Fitness Goals.  I whole-heartily agree that a person’s fitness and health goals should be tapered and adjusted, customized and unique to that particular person.  We aren’t cookies, so, therefore, we shouldn’t have cookie-cutter goals and routines.  Don’t you agree?

Try New Things:  I really want to be able to embrace new workouts by trying new things and including a variety of different stuff.  By doing so you will encourage your body to continue burning fat for energy and increasing your metabolism.  While I know it, I often get stuck in the same rut.  My schedule is never my own, so I workout and exercise around everyone else’s time.  Because of this, I find myself doing what I know works and that fits within that given time frame.  The problem is that my body eventually gets to a standstill and as I plateau, I get discouraged.  I have somewhat figured out a way around this.  By creating a schedule block of different exercises throughout the week, changing between interval training, cardio and stretching as well as a good walk/jog each week, my body will still be active while still burning fat and building leaner muscle.  Adding in additional dance and hip-hop fitness into the mix is a great way to jumpstart the routines as I’m changing them around throughout the month.  I’ll test my theory and I’ll get back with all of you on how it has worked for me.

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Get Running:  I also look at my current fitness and exercise regimen and compare it to what I used to do before.  I bet most people didn’t know that I was a runner.  I ran cross country and track in middle school and high school.  I used to be pretty fast too.  After a few ankle injuries in the last 20-25 years and a bad knee, I stopped running or even jogging and it’s been a struggle for me to get back on track.  By the end of this year, I want to be able to at least jog without being in so much pain.  I have been slowly increasing my walks to a light jog lately and I noticed that it’s a challenge for my aches and pains.  But with proper support and effort, I think I can include low impact running into my workout routine before the end of the year.


Planks, Pull ups and Push ups – oh my:  Before planks were a popular thing, my Daddy had me doing them along with pull ups and push ups each day.  It’s how I kept my core strong and strengthened my arms so that I could paddle my surfboard out to the wave breaks and stand up on the board, balance and catch a wave.  It’s been years since I’ve been able to really do any of those things.  However, I’ve been slowly incorporating all three into my exercise regimen the last month.  I’d love to be able to do planks, push ups and pull ups easily, without having to stop to take a break between each set.  I’d also like to be able to do it the challenging way instead of easy.  I think by incorporating a little of it in each workout, by the end of the year, I’ll be to able to do it without struggling.

2018 fitness goals, fitness goals, goals, 2018 goals, exercise, fitness, get healthy, healthy, healthier living, vegan,

Positive affirmation and goals:  You see the photo above?  Well, that photo was taken in 1998, back when I was smaller than a size 8 and 125 lbs wet.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  Obviously, I have had three children (2 pregnancies) and I weigh more than 150 lbs above that weight that I am in that photo.  I’m realistic that I can do well and I can lose my weight, tone my muscles and build lean muscle, but, honestly, I will never look the same again.  I will have saggy skin once I lose my weight and that’s something I have to deal with, but I will be healthy and happy because I accomplished it all.  My biggest fitness goal this year is to use my past body as inspiration, determination and drive to be a healthier person, not using it as a way to bring me down.  Our lives are filled with enough negativity and lack of drive, that I want to make sure that I’m not soaking all the bad energy in.  I’m doing all of this for a healthier me so that I can be there for my husband and sons.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says or the looks they give because it doesn’t feed my drive to be a better me.  My goal this year is to keep positivity around me as much as possible so that I can be much more successful in this healthier lifestyle.

2018 fitness goals, fitness goals, goals, 2018 goals, exercise, fitness, get healthy, healthy, healthier living, vegan,
Just me on one of my daily walks.

My 2018 Fitness goals are minimal but I believe they will make a huge impact on me.  Besides, when we try out new things or focus on things to drive us, sometimes starting off small is the key.  What about you?  Do you have any fitness goals for this year?  Is there anything in particular that you would like to try or incorporate into the year to get you on track?

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When it comes to snack food, I am always on the hunt for something I know my family will enjoy but that offers healthy alternatives to the sweets that we see plastered all over the market.  Over the last few months, my family and I were given the opportunity to try some Crispy Fruit Snacks from Crispy Green and we loved them so much – I figured I would share them with all of you.

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Crispy Green believes in a simple philosophy – keep it pure, keep it tasty and keep it wholesome.  My sons were immediately excited to see these delivered and crossed their fingers in hopes that it didn’t taste like the traditional freeze-dried fruit you get in the store that tastes like it’s 40 years old.  We were able to try out 7 delectable and delicious types of dried fruit, packaged individually – making them great snacks for on the go.  The seven flavors available are:  Cataloupe, Apple, Asian Pear (our favorite), Tangerine, Pineapple, Mango (second favorite) and Banana.  All of them taste delicious, but the boys and I do have our favorites.  Each package includes 100% pure fruit, nothing else!  The Crispy Fruit snacks are 100% freeze-dried fruit slices that are made up of real fruit and the taste of Crispy Fruit comes from the fresh fruit itself.  There is no sugar, sweeteners or other additives used to enhance the taste or appearance.  Crispy Fruit is perfect for indulging in a guilt-free snack without the worry.  The Crispy Fruit snacks are an all-natural snack choice for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle without compromising on great taste.

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Crispy Fruit by Crispy Green offers yummy snacks that are:
  • Light and flavorful
  • Retain nearly all the nutrients of fresh fruit
  • Long shelf-life
  • Convenient – having natural fruit at your finger tips all the time!
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No fat, no cholesterol
  • Low in calories

snack food, Crispy Green, snacks, delicious, freeze dried fruit, fruit snacks, dried snacks, dried fruit, food, delicious, healthy snacks, healthy food, review, kid friendly snacks,

Crispy Green was founded in August 2004 with a vision to be the leading provider of high quality, natural food products desired by everyone who wants to live a healthy and better life.  Since that time, the team at Crispy Green has been consistently providing high quality freeze-dried fruit snacks and adding new flavors to the Crispy Fruit line.  They are a hard-working, diverse group of individuals who believe that educated customers are the best customers and they strive to empower all who enjoy their products.

snack food, Crispy Green, snacks, delicious, freeze dried fruit, fruit snacks, dried snacks, dried fruit, food, delicious, healthy snacks, healthy food, review, kid friendly snacks,

As I mentioned before, the Asian Pear is one of our favorites and the Mango definitely a close second, though my family and I enjoy all of them.  Each piece of fruit you bite into has the flavor that you would expect them to have and the snack is light but fulfilling.  We love how travel friendly and portable each pouch is.  We absolutely loved the taste of each fruit snack that they didn’t last very long in our household and we picked up a bunch of them to give to the twins’ classmates for Halloween.

snack food, Crispy Green, snacks, delicious, freeze dried fruit, fruit snacks, dried snacks, dried fruit, food, delicious, healthy snacks, healthy food, review, kid friendly snacks,

What we love about Crispy Fruit the most is the quality that goes into each bag.  Sometimes fresh fruit may not be available or may not be the most convenient option.  But, Crispy Green has perfected the “fruit to go” alternative by freeze-drying fresh fruit and transforming it into a delectable, incredible, light and crispy texture that is so satisfying, it reminds me of a chip.  With the freeze-dried process – the nutrients from the fresh fruit is retained without adding anything.  As a mom – I am always looking for the healthy alternative to snacks and I’m loving the fact that my children enjoy these just as much as I do.

snack food, Crispy Green, snacks, delicious, freeze dried fruit, fruit snacks, dried snacks, dried fruit, food, delicious, healthy snacks, healthy food, review, kid friendly snacks,
Crispy Fruit has easily become one of my family’s favorite snack foods.  My boys love fruit, but it can be so messy to eat when on the go.  Crispy Fruit allows us to take our treats with us, enjoy and not have the mess.
We stock up on Crispy Green at our local WholeFoods or Safeway stores (I’m so glad it is available locally).  You can see a list of locations to purchase Crispy Fruit here.  Do you love fruit but wish it were more portable?  Are you a fan of snacks like this for on the go?  If so, my family and I definitely suggest checking out Crispy Fruit by Crispy Green and see how delicious they for yourself.
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I bet you didn’t know, just by looking at me, that I walk or run a mile to two miles five days a week!  Or that I exercise, workout or I spend lots of time on the elliptical at least 3x a week.  Running or walking is my way of clearing my mind and keeping me motivated, active and allows me to really bring out my creative side and working out, well – it keeps me healthy and helps with my asthma.  A few weeks ago I was in a grocery market when a lady snickered at the fact that I had picked up a pint of ice cream… basically saying… “Are you sure you need to be buying that?”  I let it go, but I then realized that there is such a common misconception that if  you are plus sized, or larger than most that you are obese or overweight.  The fact of the matter is, yes – I could stand to lose about 100 pounds to make myself healthier for my children, my husband and me – but that doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily unhealthy as so many will assume that I am.  Prior to having children, I was a size 8, petite in body with a large bust and behind and after having children certain medical ailments have assisted with my weight gain.  I’m not an over eater, but because of my physique – I often get pegged as “the fat girl”.  I realized a few years ago that while I’m on my journey to get healthy and stay healthy (regardless of my size), many will not see it as such.  So – now I am categorized as a plus sized lady and hey, at this moment in time… it’s who I am and I’m okay with it.  The important thing is that I continue to live a healthy life to the best of my ability – regardless of what the social standards may outline.  Yes, I do have extra baggage on me, but – I do live a reasonably healthy lifestyle.  Today – after giving this topic some thought, I figured it would be a great way to not only share my story but also a few tips that can help you make small changes to your life for a healthy lifestyle.  5 easy, healthy lifestyle changes anyone can make and anyone can do.  Feeling a little frumpy or just feel like you need a boost of endorphins or happy thoughts or need a little pick me up?  These tips are simple, easy and you can do them too.

healthy changes, lifestyle, exercise, walking, 5 healthy lifestyle changes,

Drink more water

This particular tip may seem like a no-brainer, but the fact of the matter is… most people do not consume or drink the recommended 8 glasses of water each day.  I love water and I love that I can add a little bit of lemon to my water and I am hydrated for longer periods.  I’m really good at drinking the recommended amount but if I don’t I make sure I have a trusty timer go off every so often so I do not forget.  Having a bottle with you at all times helps A LOT.  I fill up my Hydroflask with ice and water and take it with me whenever I’m on the go so I always have water available that is cold and refreshing whenever I need it.  Just adding the 8 glasses of water to your daily intake each day will make a huge difference in a healthier lifestyle.

Get up and move, walk your way to healthy

It may seem like it’s no big deal, but walking increases not only your oxygen but also helps in you regulating your breathing.  But, I get it – life can get busy and sometimes you can’t find the time… as a busy mother, I know this all too well.  There are still so many ways to get your walking in.  Park further away from the store, at the back of the parking lot (be careful to watch your surroundings if you are by yourself) and get a little extra walking time in that way.  I hate battling for parking stalls – especially when I’m at places like Costco or Walmart, so I’ll just park far and walk – exercise and a little extra steps are worth it.  You can also park your car at the end of the drive way instead of right near the house.  Since my mailbox is at the bottom of the drive way and we have another house in front of us, I like to walk back and forth to the mailbox a few times if I know I can’t devote any time to walking that day.  And, sometimes walking by yourself is boring… so head to your local big box store like Target, Walmart, etc. and just walk around the store window shopping (if you can avoid the need to make a purchase) and get some walking done there.  Last week while walking around target I clocked over 1200 steps just browsing the store and it didn’t feel like exercise to me.

Got a sweet tooth?  Don’t let it get the best of you

Let’s face it – we all have it… that dreaded sweet tooth that makes us crave those favorite goodies that satisfy our souls.  For me, it can be ice cream, gummy bears or the occasional chocolate.  Thankfully – I am not the type of person that feels the “need” to have them, but I do have my moments.  Instead of letting these things get the best of me, I just don’t keep them around me but I also don’t deprive myself if I have a craving.  The key is moderation and control.  Since I know I like ice cream – I will either replace my ice cream with a frozen smoothie with frozen fruit or make a sorbet and if that really doesn’t work, I will eat some ice cream, but make sure to choose the smallest bowl in the house to serve me in.  Sometimes all we need is the taste on our tongue to satisfy that craving and a little of it will go a long way.  Also – stock your house with fruits, when you want that snack – have a small bowl of fruit and you will be amazed at how fast it will curb that craving.

Stop drinking soda or try to eliminate it the best you can

I never drank soda growing up and once I was really introduced to the taste of it in my early 20s, it was hard to ignore.  I’m a Pepsi girl and my husband and I both enjoy Pepsi soda as well (who do you think introduced it to me? haha).  It was a hard one to battle and while we don’t stock soda in our house, we still treat ourselves from time to time.  I NEED soda with Pizza.  I know, I know – no one needs soda… but it’s something I look forward to when I have a piece of pie to eat.  So if we really find the need, my husband and I will share a can of it together.  That way – we get the flavor, the satisfaction and we are not stuck with a huge case of it in our house and feel the need to drink it all.  We can go a whole year without it and then one day, we find the need to taste the yummy, sugary carbonated flavor we enjoy and we’ll treat ourselves.  If you can quit cold turkey – do it… if not, just try eliminating it to the best of your ability until you don’t find the need for it any longer.

Get up – stand up, stand up for your life!

As someone who works from home, I can find myself on the computer for hours at a time trying to work on campaigns, type out posts, answering emails… etc.  Like with any job, the time can get away with you when you have a deadline or are busy working.  But, you should always remember that it’s important to get up once in a while, stand and stretch – walk away from your desk.  This will not only allow you to take a breather, maybe have a second to gather your thoughts, but also stretch those muscles and move.  Standing up is so important to help in the blood flow of your body and it also helps to give you a little boost of energy that you may be needing after sitting a while.

While this is just a starter list, there are so many more things you can do to make a healthy lifestyle change.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to do and it shouldn’t make you feel like you are dreading it each day.  Living a healthy lifestyle could mean that you are getting an extra 10 minutes of walking in, each day or you cut out your favorite junk food.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and things take time.  These steps and tips are there to help you be more confident in your choices.  If I can do them, well – you certainly can too.  Remember, a little at a time and you’ll see a change.  Also – if you are in the same boat as I am, know that no one can make you feel terrible – but yourself.  Have faith, think positive and know that I’m cheering you on.  A healthy lifestyle isn’t about killing yourself at the gym or starving yourself… it’s about being healthy so you can live life.  Good luck!

Like posts like these?  It’s been a while since I have done these types but I promise there will be a lot more coming soon.  😉


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Disclaimer:  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts and this post is not sponsored.

I’m all about exercise and staying active, cardio and weight resistance, but I also love using resistance bands to help strengthen my ankles.  About 6 years ago I sustained a bad injury to my left ankle, resulting in a class 3 sprain.  Now, I would have rather my ankle break completely so that it would heal properly, but due to the fact that it did not, my injury is a burden constantly.  Having had several physical therapy appointments over the years, resistance bands has become a part of my lifestyle.  I have tried several different types and brands and found that the PhantomFit Resistance Loop Bands have become a favorite of mine to use.

phantom fit resistance loop bands

The PhantomFit Resistance Loop Bands ($12.99) is an affordable way to get in your exercises without all the strain of weights.  The sets include a total of four bands and one nylon carrying bag.  The bands included are:

  • 1 Blue “Light” Band
  • 1 Red “Medium” Band
  • 1 Green “Heavy” Band
  • 1 Black “X-Heavy” Band

After injuring my ankle, I have been using resistance bands to strengthen my ankle.  While most bands do work well, I like the fact that the PhantomFit bands come in four different strengths, allowing me to start my exercises with a light band and when I’m comfortable, work my way up to the X-Heavy band (black).  I also like that my husband and sons can use the bands as well.  My husband, who can easily use the Black band, enjoys using the bands to strengthen his shoulder (which he had surgery on about 6 years ago).  As a family, we also love using the bands as a form of exercise in place of our weights.  Using the bands work well form arm, leg and ankle work outs and I love that they are durable, light weight and portable.  If we are traveling, this can easily be tucked into our luggage or overnight bag without taking up any room.


PhantomFit also offers a 100% lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee.  If it breaks, they will replace it.  Overall, I am impressed with these bands and my family and I have enjoyed them over the last month.  We incorporate them in our daily work out routines as well as use them to strengthen the parts of our body that need Physical Therapy.  This will definitely become a brand we will use moving forward in the future.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I will be the first person to admit, and the last… that I’m addicted to pasta.  Since I was a young girl, I have been addicted to Italian cooking and along with that came my obsession with pasta.  But, as much as it is a comfort food for me I know that too much of it is just not good for my body (or my weight), so I try to substitute my pasta with different choices.  I use a variety of ingredients to create my pasta dishes and here’s one that I would like to share with you.

zucchini pasta


I LOVE Veggie Pasta… and I’m not talking about the pasta being flavored with vegetables but still using traditional “pasta” ingredients.  When I say veggie pasta, I mean actually using vegetables (like zucchini) to create pasta like (like spaghetti shaped) veggies that you lightly saute.  Now, if you are not a veggie eater… this way of eating may actually convert you.  It’s simple and I use vegetables like Butternut Squash, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, carrots, cucumbers and so much more… but my absolute favorites are Zucchini, Yellow Squash/Yellow Zucchini and Butternut Squash.  Sauteed quickly in garlic salt, pepper and a little coconut oil and you have a treat that will even trick the kids into eating their veggies.  The veggie pasta is slightly crunchy and satisfies texture you want in food but it also tastes great, has awesome health benefits and easy to make.  So keep on reading for an easy zucchini pasta recipe.

Dual Julienne vegetable peeler


I have several types of utensils and tools to create my julienne style veggie pasta.  When using an item to create your yummy pasta, you want to make sure that it is sharp and easy to use.  Priority Chef offers a great Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler and I use both sides to create my pasta from my favorite squash type veggies.  They julienne side is used to create skinny spaghetti like pasta with your vegetables while the peeler side makes larger cuts of vegetables which I like to use to create vegetarian lasagna.  Because the peeler side will peel your vegetables a little wider, it makes the perfect sized peels that are similar in width to that of lasagna noodles and is perfect for creating just that.

Dual Julienne vegetable peeler


Since I’m a busy mom, I’m all about getting things done and accomplished quickly and efficiently so for me, a dual ended anything that allows me to use the item in more than one way without searching through countless utensil drawers for another one is a great idea.  The Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler retails for $19.95 which is a pretty darn good deal considering you are getting a product that works and works well.

Dual Julienne vegetable peeler


I love that this tool has two sides and while I mostly use it on my vegetables to make veggie pasta, I love how easy the vegetable peeler side glides through cheese blocks, making it a much more affordable alternative to buying already shredded cheese in the store.  I save a bit of money by buying block cheese and shredding it myself.  I can easily use either side to create the size of cheese shreds I want to use.  The options are endless, honestly.

Dual Julienne vegetable peeler


Like with any tool or utensil used in the kitchen, there definitely is a learning curve to using this product.  But after just a few tries, I got it instantly and it is a breeze.  Like with any peeler or julienne cutter, you can expect the clean up to be a challenge, but I found it to be a breeze when I used my scrub brush… just a little swipe of the brush and it was clean and ready to use again.

zucchini pasta


So, like I said previously – creating your zucchini or veggie pasta is simple.  I preferred to use the julienne side this time around and just ran it down the length of the vegetable.  As you can see if easily sliced through the vegetable creating nice spaghetti sized strips of zucchini that are ready to be cooked for your meal.

Dual Julienne vegetable peeler


Take a skillet or wok, frying pan or whatever works for you and turn it on medium.  Add a little coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil if you have that on hand and when the oil has been heated, add your zucchini shreds.  Season your pasta with salt, pepper and what ever other ingredients you would like (fresh herbs or dried herbs are always a favorite in our house).  Serve alone, with your favorite protein or meats or pour (or toss) some homemade (or jarred) tomato sauce / pasta sauce and you’re ready to go.  This simple little add on is a favorite of my children and mine and we do enjoy it in our house so I know that as simple as it is – you’ll enjoy it too.  No more waiting for your water to boil, this is actually faster than you think.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


I was super duper excited to find out I qualified for another Voxbox from Influenster.  This is my third box that I have received over the last 3 years or so – because up until recently, they didn’t ship to Hawaii.  I always look forward to testing out new products and this is a fun way to try new things out, share with the brands your thoughts on the items and take part in future VoxBox campaigns.

GoVoxBox Influenster

The GoVoxBox is a box that is geared towards those who enjoy the outdoors, exercise and staying active.  Being a busy mom who is consistently running around after my littles and one who is consistently on a path and journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss – this box includes some fun goodies that I am putting some good use to.  Check out my open box reveal embedded in the video below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

I apologize that the order I list and talk about each product is different from that in the video :/

PROFOOT Triad Orthotic: $10.49

“This original, three zone everyday orthotic is clinically proven to relieve knee, leg and back pain when worn in your favorite shoes.”  

I go walking with my sons daily, if not running… and I have been enjoying these orthotics in my shoes.  Having worked for a Podiatrist before, I know that the proper cushioning of your feet helps to align your feet, knees and back for good back posture and better walking.  I am loving these and they do really nicely considering they are a small percentage of the cost of my custom fit Orthotics I got from the doctor.

PROFOOT Triad Orthotic

PROFOOT Pedi-Rock: $8.99

“The PROFOOT Pedi-Rock is the first soft foot file ergonomically designed delivering the ultimate foot file experience.  The silicon carbide crystals gently remove even the toughest calluses in the shortest amount of time.  Can be used wet or dry.”

I don’t think I will ever use anything else after using this product.  I will have a complete review posted on my blog here later, but if you have the chance to get your hands on this product – get it, because it definitely “rocks”.  I love that even if my feet are super sensitive, it leaves them smooth and feeling and looking great.  I use a lot of flip flops – daily basically, and these are just awesome to help with my feet when they are dry and need a little TLC.  I have been using it daily since getting it in my box.

PRO-FOOT Pedi-Rock

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance – $3.99-$4.99

“Introducing NEW Playtex Sport Fresh Balance with Odor Shield technology.  Designed to neutralize odors for ultimate freshness on and off the field.  Combined with a 360 degree design for Sport Level Protection you can go the distance and play on.”

Now – honestly, it is not that time of the month for me so I haven’t had the chance to try these out yet… but I have used the brand before and it definitely is comfortable.  I think finding the right feminine products to use while staying active, whether it be to work out or other, is definitely important to be comfortable and to avoid accidents.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds:  $3.19 for a 4oz bag

“Loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E, our Fruit-Flavored Almonds combine the delicious crunch of almonds with the subtly sweet flavors of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.”

I am a huge fan of Blue Diamond Almonds… but never tried the fruit flavored ones until now.  I’m completely hooked and can’t wait to try the other flavors.  If you are one that likes to stay healthy and is looking for a great snack for on the go – these would be a great choice.  If you want a little sweet with your plain almonds, simply take a packet of these and mix them in with your plain ones to help keep your plain almonds from being boring.

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds


Muller Greek Corner and Corner yogurts:  $1.29 / Muller FruitUp: $0.99

“Muller Yogurt is known for its delicious, silky smooth texture and playful mix-ins, and it comes in three unique varieties.  Muller Greek Corner is a thick and creamy Greek-style lowfat yogurt that comes with fruit or crunchy mix-ins.”

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make use of my coupon for this goodie yet because I haven’t been able to find them in my local stores, but I’m surely excited to try it.

Muller Greek Corner Yogurts

The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Shaker Cup:  $7.99

“Unique Jaxx mixer thoroughly blends smooth shakes.  Patented mixing technology completely mixes all types of powders.  BPA Free”

Yay – I was sold at purple, seriously, lol.  I have quite a few shaker bottles at home because I do drink protein shakes or mix them in with my green juice.  I love them a lot but love that this one is perfect because it is the right serving for my needs.  Did I mention it had purple on it – hello, love it.

the Vitamin Shoppe shaker


The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit and Full Shakes – Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla, Fresh Berries: $24.99 for a box of 14 packs (I received a sample of each flavor)

“A quick healthy meal that supports reduction of body fat, reduces hunger and cravings (as a part of a healthy diet and exercise program), clinically studied ingredient.  Use as a meal replacement, add a packet to a 8fl oz of cold water and mix well.  Does not contain: Yeast, Citrus, Fish, Animal Derivatives, Artificial colors.”

I tried the French Vanilla and Fresh Berries packets out and I did enjoy them. I am very picky about my shake mixes, so what I did is add it with my Silk Coconut Milk (French Vanilla) because mixing it with water is never something I enjoy.  It tasted great and definitely curbed my appetite.  I then took the Fresh Berries and added it to my Green Juice – which was delicious as well.


Next Step Weight Management System Shakes


Aqua Spa Relax Collection – Lavender+Chamomile Bath Soak: $9.99

“Aqua Spa Relax Collection gives you a hydrating beauty boost when you need it most so you can skip the spa and bliss out at home, leaving your skin and mood all a-glow. “

I have used this in my bath once and I enjoyed it.  I’m not huge on Lavender scents that are over powering or too strong – but this was not as strong as I had thought it would be.  The chamomile helped to calm me after a long day and I felt rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to hit the hay for a busy day the next morning.


Aqua Spa Relax Collection Lavender+Chamomile Bath Soak


Overall this box averaged about $50 worth of products and I’m enjoying all of them.  I’ll be having a full review on some of the products listed on my blog here so you can see what the hype is all about.  If you are someone like me that stays active with your children or just loves the outdoors, many of these products will be an awesome fit into your busy lifestyle.

Thank you Influenster for considering me again for another VoxBox – I’m surely enjoying it.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Since I was a little girl, water was a huge part of my life – as it should be for anyone.  It quite honestly is my favorite drink and let me tell you – the ways of drinking it has surely evolved since I was younger.  As a kid I would drink my water directly from the water pipe or hose outside our house to keep hydrated in the Hawaii heat and as I got older, it became more evident that it was not the best way to drink water so filtered or water bottles became a part of our daily lives.  Since the gold ol’ H2O is essential in keeping our bottles cool, healthy and hydrated, it is important that we are constantly drinking for the well being of our body and lives.  With new scientific research we have learned so many ways to drink our water to help us consume it more – like infused waters, water with essential oils and more but we also need to look at issues like BPA, recycling and other environmental and health risks when it comes to consuming water from plastic bottles.


Glasstic Glass Water Bottle

Now if you have been following me on Instagram – you will see that I am huge on fruit infused waters and green juice as well as just every day delicious plain old water and recently I have been doing everything I can to switch our household from the plastic that we are used to and got us drinking from glass.  There are so many benefits to drinking out of glass versus plastic or metal and here are a few of them:

Glass is 100% recyclable.  You never have to worry about toxins like BPA or harmful chemicals that can leak into liquids from plastic bottles or heavy metals like aluminum, chromium and nickel which can come from metal bottles.  Glass gives you a better tasting liquid or water that will not leave your drink tasting or smelling like plastic or metal.  And, since Hawaii is slowly converting to a “no plastic bag” state, it is nice to know that glass bottles will also benefit the environment, eliminating a huge amount of waste.  You save money  and our planet’s resources since the bottle is reusable.

Shatterproof?  What makes GLASStic bottles better than regular glass water bottles with protective silicone rubber sleeves?  Silicon does not contain the shattering glass if the bottle breaks.  The GLASStic bottle is not only “very” break resistant, but it is very shatterproof.  If you drop it and the glass breaks on the inside, the glass will be contained in its shell which keeps you from getting cut or having to pick up glass around you.  The outer shell is made from a highly durable BPA free plastic which helps with the longevity of the bottle.  What’s also awesome is the cap and base are BPA free as well and fully recyclable.

GLASStic Shatterproof bottle

The GLASStic bottles come in 6 cool colors ($19.99 each).  Each bottle holds 16oz of fluid and what I love about it so much is that it seals with a great lid and you can lock the lid in place.  Turning the bottle upside down and to its side freaked me out a bit, but it never leaked or spilled and made it perfect for travel, going to the park or storing in a cooler on its side.  What is awesome is that if your bottle does break – you can contact the company directly and pay a small fee (about $8.00) to replace the glass insert on the inside.  The outside layer and top/bottom should survive through most of the damage should your glass on the inside shatter.

While this bottle is super cool, it was not tested to see if it can handle high temperatures like those for tea or coffee, so please be sure to use cold or cool drinks in your bottle only.  And, most importantly – do not freeze the bottle.  Many don’t realize that when water freezes, it expands and because of this, it can cause the glass in the bottle to shatter.  Besides these little notations, this bottle provides a great item for those who love to drink water, or any cold drink for that matter.  I especially love the colors and the fact that I can see through the bottle itself.  I think infused water is not only about the healthy parts of it all – but also the fact that it’s super pretty to look at.  The bottle is dishwasher safe, however it is suggested you wash it by hand to preserve the bottle itself for longevity.

I have had this bottle now for a month and considering we are pretty active and my sons drop everything at this age, I am very amazed at how well it has held up to numerous washing (by hand) and some dropping as well.  The company states that the bottle can take up to about 6 heavy duty drops before the inside cracks and of course, it depends on what it is dropped on and how high.  If you are someone who enjoys water infused with essential oils, this would be an awesome bottle for you.

Check out the video demo below that shows how the GLASStic bottles are different from Glass bottles covered by silicone.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the product.  It is a little costly, but at the end of the day you are saving quite a bit of money since the bottle can be reused.  If you are interested in the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle – you can check out their site and see the colors and designs available for purchase: https://www.glassticwaterbottle.com/water-bottle/

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.