Love Is


Love is…

Watching a movie on Netflix over and over and over again so many times that you can quote each line, sing each song and play out the scenes in your mind without watching a minute of it – because it’s your children’s favorite movie.

Stuffing your bag with chocolate snacks – even if you know that it will melt, because it is your child’s favorite goodie and you want to be able to treat them.

Missing out on Grey’s Anatomy week after week and having to catch up on old episodes after the season ends so that your family can watch their favorite shows.

Stepping on Legos to get to the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere in the house (if you have children with legos, you will feel for me on this), because they have them all spread out to build their giant creation and you can’t mess up a thing because they are all separated to ensure easy building. lol

Standing at the bathroom door while one of your twins uses the restroom during the night because he is afraid of walking in the hallway at night.

Asking the restaurant to remove the pickles and onions from a sandwich because your husband and sons are not fond of them.

Picking up Tin Roof Sundae Ice Cream in bulk when it is on sale because it is my husband’s favorite and it is not always in stock.

Knowing someone so well that you are empty when they are not around and you can finish each others sentences without hesitation.

Giving up your bed and husband to your children because they want to cuddle with daddy.

Running to the store to pick up supplies for your homemade mac and cheese – even when you know nothing is on sale and you will spend 10x as much on it now then if you waited a week.  But hey – it’s the kids favorite.

Family Portrait

Love Is…

Smiles, Giggles, Snuggles and Holding Hands!  It’s about compassion, support and compromise.  Love is about Family, commitment and honesty.  Give and Take, pain and healing, sadness and happiness.  Love is what keeps me going and makes me strong.  My life revolves around love and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know I haven’t done a post like this in quite a while and I really miss incorporating them into my site.  You may see more of these… but if you made it this far – then thank you so much for sticking around.  Wishing you all a blessed and Wonderful day and weekend.

What is Love to you?

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