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It’s absolutely no secret that I have a crush on Flakey top coats and glitters and if there is one thing I love about flakies, it’s that I can use different base coats to create various looks.  Today I decided I would go with a black base and use different flake toppers to create a “fall leaves” inspired nail look.  Here is the result for my nails of the day.

Autumn inspired nails


To create this nail look I used Sinful Color’s Black on Black as the base shade.  Then I took turns topping each nail with the three flakey polishes I had… starting with Zoya’s Opal, then ELF’s Fairy and lastly Maybelline Color Show’s Diamond in the Rough.  To complete the look I topped my nails off with Ciate’s Speed Dry Top Coat.

autumn nail polish

Autumn Inspired Nails

What are your favorite flakey polishes?  Are there any brands or specific colors that you like and are interested in?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to check them out.

Signature Honey


I haven’t done much nail art in what seems like forever… and even if I did do nail art before, what I can do is pretty limited to a small amount of creativity. lol  Watercolor nails are fun to do and a technique I have always loved.  Yesterday while getting ready to paint my nails, I was stumped as to what nail polish I wanted to choose… so I ended up choosing them all.  Now – I’m not “nail art” designer… and I’m constantly learning new techniques if I have the chance, but I always love how these turn out and since it’s summer – I know I’ll be having some fun with my nail polish utilizing this technique.water color nails

To create this nail look I started off with Rainbow Honey’s All Your Base as my base coat and then topped Zoya’s Adel over that – using two coats so that it was a bit more opaque then one coat would offer.  I then took Zoya’s Perrie and dropped a few drops of polish on each nail.  To create the marbleized / water color look, I dipped my nail brush into my nail polish remover and painted over Perrie (the purple shade) so that it kind of mixed in and blended in till I wanted it to be.  Then I dropped on Wet n Wild’s I need a Refresh-mint over the purple, doing the same technique with the nail brush and nail polish remover.  Once I finished with that – I then did the same technique with Cameo from Rainbow Honey.  Once I got it to the look I wanted, I topped my nails with Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro fast dry top coat and let my nails dry.

I will be having a nail polish tutorial coming up with this design on my YouTube channel  It is much easier than people think it is and faster too.

Nail polish

Left to Right:  Rainbow Honey All My Base – Base Coat, Zoya Adel (white), Zoya Perrie (purple), Wet n Wild Megalast polish I Need a Refresh-Mint (turquoise), Rainbow Honey Cameo (neon pink), Ciate Speed Coat Pro (top coat).

If you are looking for ways to add a little color to your nails but certain colors may not mesh well with your skin tone or your liking, this is also a great way to be able to use those colors.

Watercolor nails


Hope you enjoyed this nail look for the week!


Signature Honey

Spring time is one of my favorite times of year… not only for the beautiful weather and the gorgeous flora that grace us but also because I am a huge Sakura lover and look forward to Cherry Blossoms that bloom during that time.  You don’t find Cherry Blossoms in Hawaii, not the original ones that you would find in Japan or in Washington D.C. – so I always look forward to reading about the annual Sakura Matsuri Festival or Hanami which takes place in Japan.

Recently, I had the opportunity to place an order with Rainbow Honey and immediately fell in love with the Sakura Matsuri Collection that is available for sale.  After getting my hands on it – I knew that I wanted to use the Sakura Matsuri Namesake Glitter Polish in my look this week.

Nails of the Day - Cherry Blossom Love feat. Rainbow Honey


I used the following products to create my nail look that I’ll be rocking out this week:

Base – All Your Base from Rainbow Honey (part of the April Mystery Bag)

Main nail polish shade – Shay from Zoya

Accent Nail – Sakura Matsuri from Rainbow Honey

Top Coat – Sakura Matsuri Scented Top Coat

I have had this nail polish mani for a few days before I had the opportunity to take the photos, so that is why I have that little crack in my index finger.  I thought this was a very cute combination and I think it will be one I will enjoy rocking out year long, but especially during this time when the Sakura are in bloom.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring.

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I am a purple addict!  Yes – commit me if you must… but it is true and if you have been following my blog at all – you already know this. lol  I have loved purple most of my life, though my mom said my favorite color when I was a little girl was brown – oi… brown.  She said I colored everything in color books brown so she assumed it was my favorite.  Nonetheless, I digress and moved on to bigger and better things. lol  In this weeks mani I wanted to rock out a super simple nail look that was both show stopping but wearable and I needed it to dry swiftly because I was impatient to wait for it set.  So read on for what I used to create my nails of the week.Paradise - Nails of the Week featuring Nubar, China Glaze & Maybelline Color Show

The two purple shades I chose are probably two of my favorites in my entire nail polish collection.  I picked up my first bottle of Paradise (by Nubar) before I even had my twins (over 4 years ago) and the bottle I’m holding in my photo is my third of this shade.  This Duo chrome is absolutely gorgeous and I found that topping it with Maybelline Color Show’s Diamond in the Rough made a great combination.  Of course, anyone that is close to me knows that China Glaze’s IDK is a Holy Grail for me.  I haven’t been seeing it in my local beauty supply stores and I’m a bit worried that it may be only available on Amazon – but I have back ups just in case… because it is my FAVORITE Purple EVER.

Base for nails – Nubar Paradise

Accent Nail – China Glaze IDK

Flakey Topper – Maybelline Color Show Diamond in the Rough

Base Coat – Julep Nail Therapy

Top Coat – Ciate London Speed Coat Pro Fast Dry top coat

I know I’m a purple addict – but purple and gold seriously has stolen my heart.  I can’t help it – I know I’ll be rocking out these nails all spring and summer as I do all year round. lol  What colors will be your favorites for the season?

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The last few days had me rummaging through my nail polish stash looking for a nice Orange shade that I knew I wanted to wear – especially now that it is spring.  Considering I have a reasonably large collection of polishes, I assumed I would find a shade that fit my fancy – but I guess that wasn’t the case.  Luckily – I came across the shade Pretty In Peach by Maybelline Color Show Collection at my local CVS and since the polish was under $4.00 – it was my first choice over other brands like Essie and Sally Hansen which was a good $5.00 more in price.

Pretty in Peach


I have been pretty impressed with the Maybelline Color Show Nail polishes lately.  I now have 4 of them, 3 of which are toppers – but still… I’m pretty happy with their color payoff as well as their price point.  I’m excited to pick up a few more shades and test them out.

To achieve this nail look I used Pretty in Peach (Maybelline Color Show – 115) as my base polish – 2 coats total and topped it off with Ciate London’s Speed Coat Pro fast dry top coat.  Of course, I used my Ciate London Flower Mani kit to add the little flowers as my accent nail.  The Pretty in Peach shade was pretty opaque with two coats – which is awesome.

Have you tried any polishes from Maybelline Color Show?  Are any of them going to be a favorite for Spring?

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I haven’t posted any nail looks this whole month because I cut my nails really short and wanted to wait for them to grow out a little before I went plastering them all over my blog. lol  Now that they have a little length – I figure I would grace my site with its presence once again. lol  This month I have been loving my new Zoya nail polishes that I hauled.  They are super gorgeous and definitely polish shades that I know I’ll gravitate to pretty often.

Diamond Sparkle Nails of the Week feat. Zoya

On my nails I am using the following polishes:

Zoya Rue (main nail color) – can be purchased on Zoya.com

Zoya Tomoko Pixie Dust Textured polish (accent nail) – can be purchased at Zoya.com

I do have my eyes on another Zoya Pixie – their new Magical Pixie in Cosmo, I’m adding that to my list to get it next.  If you know anything about me, it is that I love glitter and sparkle and let me just say… woohoo – I’m loving it!

Zoya Tomoko and Rue NOTW

So I’ll chit chat a little about the colors I have on my nails – a mini review so to say.

Rue is a nude pink toned nail polish that is opaque.  While I did do two coats for this look (I normally do regardless), it still has near full coverage after the first coat.  It is a cool toned cream and has a slight pearl sheen to it.  I love it and if you are a nude pink polish lover, I think you’ll love this shade.  The wear on this shade is really nice.  I have been  using it all month and it will take me a full week with washing dishes several times a day before I get any chipping.  Of course, I’m using it over a base and have a top coat – but I enjoy the wear and drying is fairly quick as well.

Tomoko is one of the Pixie Dust textured polishes.  It is a silver tone that looks almost like crushed diamonds because it does lend for a nice sparkle in certain lighting.  It is just about full coverage in one coat but I apply two coats over a base.  Wear for this polish and other textures from Zoya is fairly long for me and it can be a bit tricky to remove.  I tend to use the “soaked cotton ball” method to remove otherwise it can be a pain.  I haven’t had any trouble with chipping.  If you love silver polishes but are looking to switch it up a bit – I would surely give this a try, it’s gorgeous.

Zoya Tomoko and Rue

So, have you tried Zoya polishes before?  What are your favorites?

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