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My husband and I suffer from a variety of aches and pains on a daily basis, but it gets increasingly worst when the winter weather graces us with its presence.  We have invested in so many different massagers over the years but found that while they do help, they just don’t offer exactly what we need.  That is until… MyoBuddy.  I was recently sent a MyoBuddy for review consideration and let me tell you… we haven’t been able to put it down.  Let’s dig in and get more info on it, shall we?

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MyoBuddy Massager Pro comes with a pretty hefty price tag at a whopping $399.99 but let me tell you, I have not experienced an at-home massager like this, EVER until now.  The MyoBuddy Pro is a percussive massager that basically takes a professional-grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point and cutting edge vibrational massage technology and puts it into the palm of your hands.  After just one use, I can honestly say – you will notice a huge difference.  The MyoBuddy provides instant relief to sore muscles and myofascial pain.

The moment I saw this product, I was amazed at how much it looked like a Car Buffer – the type you use to polish your car.  That is exactly what my husband said when he laid his eyes on it.  It works just like a car buffer in that the motions seem very similar.

The MyoBuddy helps to soothe sore muscles and ease myofascial pain.  It treats trigger points and everyday pain and aches.  My son loved that it is perfect for his pre-workout and helps with a quicker recovery after his workout is finished.  And, I noticed that it has definitely helped relax me by reducing my stress and anxiety as well as my insomnia.

What is fascia?  Fascia is connective tissue made up of mostly collagen and water.  It joins everything in your body together, from muscle fibers to your veins and bones.  This connective tissue was long thought to have no value in our bodies, but the world is quickly discovering the opposite of such.

The MyoBuddy Massager Pro is an efficient way to help provide quick and easy treatment of our fascia and muscle.  Basically what happens is that the various movements of the MyoBuddy dilate blood vessels and warm soft tissue while delivering thousands of soft, rapid percussive strokes.  The percussive actions and vibration are what ultimately help your muscles by bringing them more fluids.  Because of this, it releases the tension that is held in our connective tissue and brings the person using it quick relief.

The MyoBuddy includes the following in your box:

  • 1 White Plush Bonnet
  • 1 Blue Lotion Bonnet (perfect for coconut oil “massage oil” or lotions to help with your massage)
  • 1 MyoBuddy unit

We have had the MyoBuddy for about a month now and it literally has been used every single day.  Since I suffer from knee and ankle pain due to old injuries and a stiff neck due to lack of sleep and tossing and turning, this product has made a huge difference in how relaxed I am after a massage.  I find that my constant pain is not as bad and many times I have increased mobility and are now much more active.

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My husband has a perforated and compressed disc in his lower spine and the gentle but the effectiveness of this massager has helped him tolerate the pain because it soothes the body and relaxes him.  He has slept so much better over the last month because of this machine.

My eldest son loves using this after coming home from a long afternoon at Football practice.  He’s able to wind down after a long day and relax for a good nights rest.  Because it warms the muscles with friction from your own skin, it doesn’t heat up like a traditional unit, so it doesn’t burn like others can.

I use our MyoBuddy on my twin boys who are 8 years old because there is no deep tissue pain like you would experience from an ordinary massager or shiatsu unit.  It’s soft and relaxes them.  This unit is now a must-have for us all and I don’t even know how we would travel without it.  It’s a little on the heavy side, but it still allows me to massage myself on different parts of my body.  Since I have short arms, I ask my husband for help with my back, but I’m able to easily use this massager without any problems.  You can wash the bonnets so cleaning is simple and while it is corded, the cord is very long, so it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone using it on a table, etc.

Of course, if you have any particular ailments, injuries or specific medications, I definitely suggest checking with your doctor prior to using MyoBuddy.  But, considering the price point, I can honestly say it’s something my family and I will not be able to live without.  A good massage here on the island will run me about $150 or more for less than an hour.  With the cost of MyoBuddy, I will always have that massage but from the comfort of my own home.  It honestly pays for itself.

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So, tell me… have you heard of the MyoBuddy before?  I embedded a few videos so that you could see how some of the celebrities have enjoyed MyoBuddy and how to use the device.  When I first received this product in the mail, I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I have.  It’s a must-have in our household now and has been an absolute lifesaver.

Get more info or purchase a MyoBuddy here.

Disclaimer:  The product featured in this post was sent for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.  Affiliate links may be posted through out.



I have to admit, my husband and I have been using this unit from iTens for quite a few months, maybe 6 months or so… and I’m finally devoting some time to sit down and write about it.  You see, pain is never something I enjoy writing about (who does, anyway?) so putting the effort into writing about something that makes me miserable (PAIN) is not a thing I enjoy doing.  But, I really wanted to share this with you and my thoughts on the iTENS wearable electrotherapy tens unit device.

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The iTENS unit retails for $99.00 and you can select between the Large Wings (pictured above) or the Small Wings.  My husband and I opted for the Large Wings because it gives the maximum coverage for your pain sites and are designed to provide bigger coverage area of pain relief for the back, shoulder and other large treatment areas… all of which are locations that my husband and I experience tremendous and continuous pain.

The iTENS unit will give you up to 24 hours of use per charge for continuous pain relief and the gel pads that come with it are good for 10-12 applications.  Each unit includes the following items:

  • iTENS Device with rechargeable lithium-ion battery (installed)
  • Large Wings with Laser printed silver conductive surface
  • Charging dock with USB charging cable
  • One set of reusable Gel Pads
  • Large Wing Span of 2.5″ x 6.5″

What makes the iTENS so unique is that it brings together wearable technology that meets digital health.  This thin, lightweight and compact unit can be worn discreetly under your clothing and there are no wires to get in the way or get tangled with like a traditional tens unit.  The fun part, is that the device can be easily controlled from the convenience of an app on your smart phone.

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The state of the art APP and an energy efficient lithium-ion battery provide you with exceptional battery life for on the go and daily use while incorporating the advanced technology of TENS electronics.  And, what we enjoy is that the tool and app actually help with managing your pain allowing you to have documentation at your finger tips for how long you used the unit, a way to track your pain results and where your pain is as well as where you applied your iTENS to your body.  The settings for this device is so easy and you can easily apply different types of settings to your device based on your specific pain condition and location.

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The iTENS is an FDA cleared, drug-free alternative for treatment of a variety of pain conditions.  It’s shape is unique in that it allows for flexible and contoured fit around most joints and body parts.  My husband and I especially enjoy that it fits perfectly on our back and in the curves where we need the pain relief.  Like I mentioned previously, it’s very lightweight, thin and comfortable and you get medical grade strength without the prescription.

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Now, I’m not sure if I mentioned before, but my husband and I own several tens unit devices as prescribed by our doctors.  Between the two of us, we probably have 6 total (not included the iTENS) so we have definitely tried many on the market, both medical grade and over the counter.  I love that the accessories to keep up with the iTENS and replacement is affordable.  If you’ve ever had to buy replacement pads for a tens unit, you know that they can get costly and many times only last 2-3 times before the sticky is gone.  The Peel-n-stick Gel pads for iTENS are available in all sizes for the iTENS device wings.  The reusable gel pads are good for 10 applications (as I stated above) and each package contains 3 sets of these gel pads for just $6.99 – which is a good bargain considering you are getting 30+ uses in one gel pad refill box.

The iTENS offers muscle massage and muscle rehabilitation modes so you get the maximum in pain relief for joints and muscles as well as recovery after you have really stressed your muscles from sports, working out, etc.  You also get a variety of accessories for your device so you can decide to get teh Long Strip Accessory which is designed for sciatic nerve, IT band, tendons and other long treatment areas or the small wing, all of which are interchangeable with the original device you have purchased.

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iTENS.com also offers a placement gallery to assist with areas to place your wings.

I realize I have given you an overwhelming amount of information, but I honestly don’t know where to begin or where to start.  I’m absolutely enjoy my iTENS device and my husband and I love the convenience of all the options available to us.  I especially enjoy that the Bluetooth app enables me to use this product without being stopped up by wires or a bulky base that can keep me from really relaxing and enjoying the massage it offers.  Replacement pads and accessories are reasonably priced and offer my husband and I a range of products at our finger tips and most importantly, it works.  After using different tens units over the years, I know that they work well and I enjoy the fact that this one may look discreet and small but it surely packs a punch.  If my husband can get a good massage and pain relief from a device that’s so small and tiny, through his muscles and all – I know anyone could benefit from the iTENS.

Now, yes – I was sent this product for review consideration and yes, I realize that it could seem that my opinion is biased… but let’s be honest here, if you’ve been on my site for a while, you know I have no problem talking about whether or not a product worked for me, whether it was sent for review or not.  I can honestly say I am enjoying this product and so is my husband and we have bought replacement pads twice already.  It’s worth looking into if you experience chronic pain like we do.  And, if you’re over those bulky tens units you have been prescribed, I highly suggest checking this out.  The investment is reasonable and actually quite affordable considering the relief you’ll get in the long run.

You can get more information or purchase an iTENS unit at: http://itens.com/

Thanks iTENS for sending this over to my husband and I.  We love it and look forward to picking up all of the accessories and more.  You have customers for life here.

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Disclaimer:  As stated in the post, I was sent this unit for review consideration and feature.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted through out.