Happy New Year fam! It seems like I haven’t written here in like forever and I still can’t get over the fact that it’s 2019. I’m excited about the new year and the changes I know are to come and the path I’m hoping to take this year. I used to share these types of posts with my readers pretty often over the years, but in the last few years I’ve slacked. So, I figured a new year, means I can try again, right? I started the new year pretty nicely, simple and effortless. As I finally find the time to log into my blog, I am also starting the new year with a new post on my birthday. Can you believe it, I’m 39 today. Anyway, I wanted to share my word of the year for 2019 and without further adieu, my word of the year for 2019 is…

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Yup – you read that correctly. My word of the year for 2019 is balance. Last year, Inspire was my word and I thought I did a pretty good job at incorporating it into the year. But, I realized that I really needed to improve how I balance my life. Now, let me elaborate on this a bit. I struggled with finding the perfect balance between home life, workouts and getting healthier and my Blog, YouTube and Podcast, spending enough time outdoors enjoying life and just everything in general. I’m sure everyone has those times when you just can’t balance the fine line between your various life occurrences, right? But for me… I struggled with being able to do more than one at the same time, or focusing on just one thing. While I never really had that problem before, but it seemed like last year literally took the cherry on the pie and left me with the crust. I knew I needed to become a healthier me, so I took that time to focus on that and many things fell through the cracks. Once I started improving on my health, I focused on my family and having adventures and forgot about everything else. It seemed as if I couldn’t find the proper balance to tackle each task and part of life seamlessly.


There’s so much for me to look forward to in 2019 and while I don’t do the whole “resolutions” thing, I definitely create a vision board to keep me on track with goals I’d like to accomplish for the year. I need to take the time to not only work on myself and my family life, but also create a life I continue to love. Here are a few things I’d like to focus on for this year to help create balance in my life:

  • Finding Balance in being healthy. Continuing to improve my health is very important to me. I’ve tried to make it a lifestyle change and my goal is to continue to work towards improvement while incorporating the tools I need to be successful.
  • Finding Balance in making time for myself and the things I enjoy and love to do. Whether that means finding time for a manicure or going for a walk – I must find time to spend on myself. Self-love is not just a hashtag, it’s an important part of what we need to do for ourselves.
  • Working on balance in work life – creating equal amounts of content for my blog, YouTube, Podcast and social media. Create the best content for engagement and really incorporate ideas from my viewers and readers. I want to be able to have a schedule that will allow me to post a minimum of once a week and create content that everyone will enjoy. Most importantly, content that I’m proud of.
  • Balance in my marriage. Important – plan for date nights with Kev and I. This may seem like such a small task, but I feel like we truly need to get out more together – just he and I. Date nights are definitely essential for any couple. After having children, it seems like we have been very focused on the boys and I must be able to have balance in life to spend time with Kev and really build our relationship again.
  • Balance in a schedule. This one – heck it’s not gonna be easy. I push so many tasks on the side to work a schedule that I think it essential. But I’m struggling to really get everything done. I need to be able to really use my calendar and various planners to keep organized with a good schedule so I can accomplish everything I need to and want to do.
  • Balance in food. I realized a lot about my eating habits in the last year. I am totally addicted to sugar. But if I can work through some of that as I have been doing and still be able to satisfy my cravings, I think I will be successful this year.
  • Balance in adventures. This may seem like an odd one, but I feel like I go through bouts of adventures and then a dry spell for a really long time. If I incorporate at least one type of adventure a week or a few each month, I’m not feeling like I missed out on so much or spent too much time playing instead of accomplishing important tasks.

There is obviously so much more I want to be able to focus my balance and time on. I have a lot of things I’d love to be able to accomplish this year and I’m optimistic that I will get it done.

word of the year 2019, word, 2019, new year, balance, lifestyle blogger, love, word of the year, 2019

New Year – Same Honey, Just Improved

I really started 2019 off on a good note (even if I’m just writing my first post for the year and it’s already 14 days in lol. I’m excited for all the adventures and the memories I’ll be making and creating this year. But, I truly want to make 2019 a year of balancing all of my tasks and daily life, while creating memories and working on myself. I look forward to looking back at this year and all the changes and accomplishments I’ve been able to make.

Do you have a Word of the Year?

So, tell me… do you have a word of the year? Any resolutions or goals you want to accomplish for 2019. I’d love to know all about it, so be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know.

I have always started a new year with positive thoughts and goals and this year is definitely no different.  I shared with all of you my 2017 Goals last week and wanted to take the time to really elaborate a bit on a personal level while sharing with you my thoughts and direction for Honeygirl’s World.  You know, when I started this blog 10 years ago, I started it as my creative outlet, sharing a piece of me while documenting my life as a busy mom maneuvering my way through the Corporate America world and now, 10 years later, I have made so many changes to my personal and professional life, that the outlook of this site has changed gears over the years as well.

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Here’s the deal – Honeygirl’s World is going back to what I love… documenting my life’s journey.  I love reviewing products whether purchased with my own hard-earned money from my own pocket or sent from PR companies for consideration, but I miss what this site used to be.  Does that mean that I’ll be providing a lot less reviews in the future?  Well, I’m not sure… but my goal is to develop the range of posts you see here and incorporate more of what this site originally was aimed towards – My Life!  Whether you are a company reading this post to decide if I am the right fit for your product or brand or someone who stumbled upon my site looking for a mother’s or wife’s perspective… let me break it down for you and share with you what you can expect here.

Let’s talk product reviews… I love love doing them.  Over the last 10 years I have been given the opportunity to try a plethora of products I probably wouldn’t have tried to begin with.  My family – husband, sons and fur baby – have also been given great opportunity to try products for themselves.  I don’t think I’ll be eliminating those types of posts here, but I do have a strong opinion on those types of write-ups and want to be honest here so you know what to expect.  Whether the post is sponsored or the products are sent for consideration know that my view point will never change here.  I am 100% unbiased and truthful in my thoughts for any product you read about here… if I don’t like it, you’ll know about that, if I do – well, you’ll know about that too.  No sponsored post will be biased in anyway – that has been my thought process for this site since the beginning and it will continue to be.  If I do not like a product and cannot say so in my post – I will not take on the task of writing about it.  Yes, my blog pays my bills or forks out spending money for me… but that will NEVER change my opinion and I will never obscure my integrity, my word and reputation for a product that I feel is not up to my personal standard.  This can be a downfall in who I may work with, but that will never change who I am.  I grew up being taught that your word is golden in life and I teach my children the same thing so I would never go against that for a quick monetary pay.  Know that when you read a review here, it is truly my own word and that will not change.  Not all products will receive a 100% pass from me and some may work for me while not for others.

I just turned 37 a few days ago and I’m reminded with each waking moment that blogging and YouTube are so much more different than when I started posting videos and write-ups 10 years ago.  When I started YouTube, many of us filmed in a closet or at our desks, using a webcam or rickety point and shoot camera and just going with the flow.  You know, while I do have my favorites that I still watch – I find myself back to basics, watching and enjoying YouTubers that offer simplistic videos.  Call me cheesy, but I find myself watching YouTubers that provide videos like I do… chit chat and talk story type diaries that are laid back and personable.  YouTube has turned into a cookie cutter type of platform and I’ve lost interest in so many I’ve watched over the years.  Same with blogging…  at 37 years old I find that I do not fit in the stereotypical blogger, that 18 – 25 year old range.  Hey, nothing wrong with that, right; but because of this, I find that the beauty industry I have loved for so long is no longer where I want to be and I want out.  Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE beauty, makeup, nails, skin care… but I’m not going to sacrifice my own identity to please those around me.  I realized in 2016 that I miss the type of videos and posts I used to do when I was in my late 20s and I want to go back to that place again.

Ugh… I’m so tired of the stigma of “Oh – she does YouTube videos and does it for free shit” or “Oh, she’s a blogger so she can get free stuff.”  Um, no and no!  I never started my blog or YouTube channel that way – but it’s been so nice that these companies have been so gracious to share their products with me and my family.  It’s wonderful to be able to be paid for something I enjoy doing too.  But rest assured, all of that – the free stuff and money, it has NEVER changed me… so you can continue to expect the same type of content whether organic or evergreen or whatever term you would like to use, all while I share a little piece of me.  Honeygirl’s World is my indeed – my World, wrapped up into all the pieces that I am proud of.

What can you expect here?  Well – more lifestyle posts, of course.  Back in the day I used to write a series on my site called:  Dear Diary or Sunday Letters, all of which were popular and fun and documented my life in a different aspect than what you see online.  Documentation of my weight loss and “back to healthy” journey which will allow me to hold myself accountable for success.  I want to share my Thirsty Thursday episodes and elaborate more on the subjects here on the blog then I do on YouTube and plan to have more Q&A and FAQ posts for those who are always asking me questions.  Since I have an “Ask Honey” segment on my channel, I would like to definitely incorporate that here as well and my overall goal is to post more on my outfits (I’m not your typical fashion lover) and of course share my recipes, food choices and ideas here.  There is so much more I have to list… but this post would be much longer than it should be.

Changing up my role in the blogging and YouTube community is never a bad thing.  I think that while I’m making changes in my presence in the online world, I’m actually enhancing who I really am and what I’m about.  Hey, let’s be real here for a second… does that mean I will no longer talk about Beauty here or on my channel??? Um, have you been listening?  Of course I am, but it will not define what Honeygirl’s World is all about.  If you are looking for product reviews, yes – you shall still see them here and find them here, but you will certainly see much more of who I truly am moving forward.  Those that have followed my blogging and YouTube journey since the beginning – you will see a lot more of the “old Honey” that you were probably accustomed to.  I’ll still continue to put the same amount of time and effort into any of my posts and I’ll still offer you the variety of content you have been seeing over the years – but now, it will include so much more.  I plan to up my game with more lifestyle posts and share a little peek into my world.  So – if you’re willing to stick around for this ride, then hang on tight and have some fun with me.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017 and years beyond.  It’s going to be a great year and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

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Check out my 2017 Goals if you haven’t already read it.

If you follow me on Snapchat – then you know that avenue has pretty much taken the place of my daily vlogs that I used to do on YouTube.  I do miss posting daily vlogs of my life and my family, but editing and craziness can sometimes take its toll and I just haven’t found the time.  If you are on Snapchat – definitely stop on by and check out my daily life as I post several times a day and share my wackiness with you.

My Month on Snapchat - August 2015

I have combined all or most of my snaps from the month of August on my YouTube channel to share with you.  (click here to watch directly on YouTube or embedded below)  Since snaps are deleted daily I have been downloading them to upload to YouTube in place of my vlogs.  Are you on Snapchat?  Add me by scanning the photo (taking a picture) of the thumbnail above as there is a special code in the photo that will allow you to add me directly.

Follow me on snapchat – @honeygirlk1 and share my daily life with me.  I post daily and will also be uploading a few times a month on YouTube so my future snap posts like this one will not be as long.  Have a wonderful weekend loves! xo

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Disclaimer:  I am not being paid to feature or discuss Snapchat – this is just a fun post to share with all of you!


Thirsty Thursday - Chit Chat, Weight Loss and Gain

Click here to watch this week’s Thirsty Thursday episode on YouTube.

I can’t believe how fast this week went by and thankfully the boys are all off of school tomorrow due to a Statehood Day.  Today I share with you my Thirsty Thursday episode and there is a lot to talk about.  Lately I’ve been experiencing an increase in weight gain and I’m not sure what is going on.  Considering that I have changed my diet and exercise – I’m hoping that everything is okay with my body and overall health.  I’ve been in the reminiscing mood lately so I pulled up some old vlogs from the last few years and it just reminds me how important it is to document life.  I can’t believe how fast the boys have grown and I’m thankful to have those memories to fall back on.  Basically, it’s just me in my relaxed state hanging out and chit chatting so come say hi.  Video below.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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