Are you a morning person? I am totally a morning person! But, whether you answer yes or no to that oft-divisive question does not have to mean that you are destined to have bad mornings, just because you prefer a certain time of day over another. Instead, follow these tips to get your day started the right way – with calm and happy intentions.

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Give yourself time.

If you wake up late and rush to get ready before leaving the house, you are not starting your day well. Set an alarm the evening before to wake up at a reasonable time. Ensure this time will allow you to achieve your optimal amount of sleep while still being able to get up feeling refreshed.

It is important to feel good in the morning instead of allowing guilt because you have woken up late yet again. Set yourself up for success by preparing your clothing, bags, and lunch the night before. You will be ready to go and have fewer tasks at the beginning of your day.

Create a morning routine for getting ready.

Waking up in a groggy state can leave you feeling like you do not know what to do next. If you experience that, you will benefit from an established routine. It may look different from someone else’s as it should be tailored to what you need and do each morning to get ready.

Try starting with oral hygiene. There is nothing like brushing your teeth to invigorate your senses. It is the one thing I swear by each day – if I brush my teeth, my day has started. Next, step into a steamy shower. Give yourself enough time to indulge and enjoy the warmth. Wash, shampoo, and condition your hair with high-quality products that smell wonderful and are good for your hair. If you have time, apply a hair masque for extra care.

Once you are out of the shower, attend to your getting-ready routine. These things should include a skincare regimen, and applying a moisturizer and SPF on your face and body. Putting on makeup, if you wear it, and styling your hair come next. Do what feels good for you, no one else.


When you wake up in the morning, you may be thirsty from spending many hours without drinking fluids. Or, on the opposite side of the coin, you may not even think about hydration. Give it a try, regardless. A cool and refreshing glass of water early in the day may surprise you. 

There are many things you can do to enhance the taste of water. Some ideas include:

  • Keep filtered water in a pitcher in the fridge
  • Add cucumber slices
  • Infuse water with fresh berries or melon
  • Add fresh mint leaves or cinnamon sticks
  • Add orange or lemon slices to water the night before

If you prefer the taste or ritual of coffee or tea in the morning, that is ok. Just remember, they act as diuretics, and drinking water will help maintain balance.

Eat Well

The importance of consuming a good breakfast is a mantra you may know well, but leave little time to act on. If that is the case, it is time to take action. Breakfast food does not need to be elaborate. Make it easy by doing meal prep at the beginning of the week. Bake a batch of wholesome and healthy breakfast muffins, or store mixed eggs and shredded cheese in glass jars for ready-to-make omelets.

The important thing is to eat and be mindful of it. Make sure you have enough time to eat your food and enjoy it.

Journal your thoughts and ideas.

Whether you are the creative type or not, it is important to know the value of putting your thoughts down onto paper. Ideas can be fleeting, and cementing them with ink means you can free up space for others until you can circle back and ponder them all. Furthermore, getting those thoughts out of your head helps to create a positive space for the start of a great day.

Writing down your feelings affords you a sort of catharsis or a way to let go. You can use your journal to create lists of things floating around in your head, too. Starting your day with the goal of journaling can provide peace and relaxation in the few moments you spend writing. Put on some peaceful music and see where your pen takes you.

Watch this video for tips on writing in your journal every morning in a practice called Morning Pages.

Vision Books & Gratitude Journals

If the traditional form of journaling intimates you or doesn’t quite mesh well with your particular need or routine, try using a vision book journaling system.

These books have a particular goal in mind and like a vision board, it allows you to work towards accomplishing your dreams & vision. Have a look at this link to see a vision book that you can use in place of a traditional journal.

Likewise, Gratitude Journals also work just as well and are a great way to start your day.

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Create a ritual of morning routines. Find what works best for you and your lifestyle. Allow yourself some grace if you do wake up late and are unable to journal or meditate. Keep working towards your goal of having quiet, intentional, and productive mornings that bring you peace and happiness. Even if it’s writing down how kind the person at the jewelry store was to you when you popped in, it will all help you to realize how nice the world really is. 

Remember that a great start to any day happens with an awesome morning. A few small steps to take each day will help to make your morning a successful launch to a productive day. Remember – You Deserve It!

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