Got a tub of sour cream in your fridge that you want to put to use? Beyond chilies and nachos, there are many ways to use sour cream in dishes. In fact, it can often make the perfect replacement for cream cheese or mayonnaise. Below are just a few unique ways to use up that sour cream.

Mashed potato

Sour cream is a secret ingredient favored by many chefs when preparing the perfect mashed potato. What makes sour cream so good? Firstly, it can result in a creamy texture. Secondly, it can add a subtle tang that can help to balance out the rich starchy taste of the potato. You can replace milk and butter with sour cream, or you can use them in equal parts together. Adding chives along with sour cream can further enhance the tangy flavor (use freshly cut chives for a sharper taste).


Most cheesecakes are prepared using cream cheese or mascarpone. However, sour cream is also a popular ingredient (in fact, many New York cheesecakes use sour cream instead of cream cheese). Sour cream can add extra moisture and an extra tangy flavor. This tang goes really well with cheesecakes that incorporate lemons or tart fruits like raspberries. You can read more here about using sour cream in a cheesecake. Make sure that the sour cream is suitably sweetened so that it doesn’t come across too savory. 

Blueberry muffins

Trying to bake blueberry muffins, but struggling to maintain the right amount of moisture? You should try these absolutely delicious blueberry muffins with sour cream. Using sour cream results in a fluffy texture and can provide a subtle tang to compliment the blueberries. This is a secret ingredient used by many bakeries. You can add an extra bakery finish by topping off your muffins with a crumb mixture.

Potato salad

Adding sour cream instead of mayo to potato salad is a game-changer. Mayonnaise can be very heavy and can risk overpowering the potatoes if you add too much. Sour cream makes for a much lighter option that is less filling, while also adding a tangy flavor that can pair well with the potatoes. Next time you’re at a summer cookout and you’re preparing potato salad, try using sour cream to see the difference. As with sour cream mash, try adding chives into the mix to add an extra kick of herby flavor. Onions and garlic can also go well with sour cream in potato salad. 

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs that are typically topped with mayo and mustard (plus sometimes a sprinkle of paprika or tabasco). These traditional canapes taste great in their original form, but it’s possible to add a tasty spin to them by replacing mayonnaise with sour cream. This results in a lighter and tangier taste. Sour cream on deviled eggs works particularly well topped with bacon and chives. Next time you’re throwing a dinner party and you want to serve a few appetizers, give these deviled eggs a go. 

Beef Stroganoff

While beef stroganoff may seem like such an easy recipe, it’s one of those that truly require sour cream to create not only the depth of flavor but the actual gravy itself. Utilizing a combination of spices, stew meat, or cut-up pieces of beef, mushrooms, egg noodles, and sour cream creates a flavorful, hearty, and comfort food dish. It’s a quick 30-minute meal but it’s perfect for family night or a warm meal on a cold evening. I have an awesomely easy recipe that you can follow for my “best beef stroganoff” that would make dinner a breeze.

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Sour cream is such an underappreciated ingredient – but it’s one that you’ll find in my fridge daily. We use it in our dishes consistently and my hope is that this post will help give you some ideas on how to do so too. What kinds of dishes do you use sour cream in?

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