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It’s been about a year since I decided I would eliminate Foundation as a part of my makeup routine.  Since being diagnosed with Eczema last year, I have been doing my best to steer clear of products that would affect this yucky skin condition.  I do test out Foundation products from time to time, but still haven’t taken the plunge to make it a part of my daily makeup process and my skin loves me for it.  However, I recently was introduced to Victoria Jackson’s Cosmetic Line, and I’ve been pretty impressed with some of their products already.  So when Brandbacker rolled out a Victoria Jackson Makeup Campaign, I figured this would give me an opportunity to try out the products.

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I received the Foundation Duo in Tan.  What intrigued me so much about this foundation is the statements of it being “The No Makeup” Makeup.  Having tried many different foundations and really loving the skin I’m in, I really had to try this product out.  Packaging for Victoria Jackson products is great.  Sleek, Black – very chic.  I have a few items from the line in my Makeup arsenal like the Makeup Survival Kit, Pressed Foundation Powder and even a Foundation duo, but I haven’t tried any of them, so this was exciting for me to have a reason to test drive them.  The Foundation Duo in Tan was my choice to try out for this review.  It retails for $29.95 which is an average cost for high end foundation brands on the market today.   Available in 4 shades:  Light, Medium, Tan and Dark.  The concept basically is to use either shade or take both shades of the foundation (cream) and blend together for an effortless, light weight look.  The formulation is completely buid-able so you can easily conceal blemishes, scarring, etc for perfect coverage.


I used the Victoria Jackson Foundation Duo in Tan and first applied each color of the foundation separately to see if either or would work.  I did however need to combine both colors for better color matching, but once the colors were combined, the colors matched perfectly for my skin tone and complexion.  I decided I would test this out on it’s own and then added the Pressed Powder (which I had in my makeup kit previously to the Foundation Duo) to try and set the cream foundation.

The cream foundation duo did have pretty good lasting power.  I kept it on my face for the day and didn’t have to touch up at all.  I did notice however that I needed to set it with a powder because I did find that my pores decided they wanted to be unruly and began to peak their way out of the foundation.  I then took the Victoria Jackson Pressed Powder and used that to set the foundation with my next application and the wear was much longer than with the cream on its own.


All and all I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the foundation duo.  Because of my warmer skin tones, it is pretty difficult for me to match perfectly to a foundation, especially if I’m ordering it online.  I found that it matched my skin perfectly with little to no effort.  The foundation itself is very light weight and you need very little when applying.  For my first application I actually added too much to my brush, but found it was very easy to blend the product without issue.  While it does have a cream consistency – it reminds me more of a liquid foundation.  I was pretty impressed with it’s staying power, having lasted most of the day with no touch ups.  I do however suggest that you set the cream foundation duo with a powder to keep it in place and long lasting.  I did get a tad bit of creasing under my eyes – I do not use concealer and applied the foundation like normal, but after an hour or so – I did have light creasing.  My suggestion to that would be to maybe apply a little less.


To see the entire line of makeup available from Victoria Jackson – check out vmakeup.com

Also – to all of my readers… want to try out Victoria Jackson makeup for yourself?  VMakeup.com is offering a discount to my readers.  Use code: BLOG2013 to receive 20% off your order from now till December 31,2013.  The perfect way to treat yourself or the makeup lover in your life.  Find everything from Foundation to lip products and eye shadows all on the site – vmakeup.com

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  1. Where can I purchase the No-Make-up by Victoria Jackson ? I have tried but unable to locate any. I want tan duo and medium duo. Thank you.

    • Hello. I wrote this post over 5 years ago, so I am just now trying to click on the link they provided. It is not opening on my end as well and I am unable to find anything about the company any longer. I’m sad to hear that they have discontinued. I will update my post accordingly – thank you so much for letting me know. I’m not sure if the company just closed down or what it may be. I’ll see if I can find anything about it and update you if I do find any info.

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