I’ll be the first to admit that weight loss or losing weight in general is not the easiest road traveled.  In 1998 I was 125 lbs (that’s when I graduated from high school) and in 2001 I was 160 lbs (that’s when I got married to the love of my life).  While my weight slowly increased over the years, having children definitely added to the weight increase and while I’m working my butt off (literally – lol) to drop the weight, it’s a journey that doesn’t come easy and a goal that is ever changing in my life.  It’s not just a “diet” as they say but a way of living and it’s a constant thing that I know I have to work on.

So let’s talk about my weight issue… I’m a busy lady who runs a full time business, blogs and is a team mom as well as homemaker and wife.  How difficult can it be for me to eat healthy and exercise or stay active?  Well, here’s where the issue lays… I don’t necessarily eat very unhealthy – portions seem to be okay, I don’t snack profusely and I have a green juice every single day.  While I do have my naughty days when it comes to food, it’s quite balance with regards to veggie intake, etc. and we are not scarfing down prime-rib every 3 days.  lol  My issue is more about finding the time to eat and keep my metabolism going.  Starving myself is not my intention but it often is what happens when you live a crazy and hectic lifestyle.  I keep fairly active, chasing after my 3 kids keeps me on my toes, I do daily walks and I also incorporate work outs into my regimen to keep my cardio up.  Again – it’s all about fitting time into my schedule to take time to do for me and that includes eating.  Read a little more on my story about my weight loss here.

weight loss update

I have a little more information and explanation behind the photos above in this post here so you can get caught up if you are not sure what I’m talking about.  But regardless… keep on reading because I got more to talk about. lol

So – while my journey has been long and it continues on I have had some really awesome support along the way and that is why I want to bring you all a little Weight loss Motivation.  This week’s tip…

Surround yourself with those that will love and encourage you – regardless of how long your journey may take.  This may be a long road for you and you may experience a plethora of negativity, but as long as you have someone who believes in you – supports you and encourages you, it makes it much easier to accomplish your goals.

It may seem like something easy to do – it may seem like that is already happening, but I’ll be the first to say that the Beauty Community whether on YouTube or other can be filled with a bunch of Negative Nancys that don’t give a you know what about you.  If that wasn’t bad enough – the World in general is filled with negativity.  Now – don’t get me wrong, I have a strong support system in many of my Blogger buddies and YouTube besties, but I’m talking about those that just seek to destroy.  Earlier on when I first started YouTube, I got pregnant with my twins and let me just say the hurtful comments started and they didn’t stop.  I am so lucky that I have a husband that supports me regardless of my choice so long as I am happy with who I am.  It may seem like this is a small thing in comparison to everything else you should focus on – but it is all about support and encouragement that gets you to where you want to be.

I’ll touch base more on this subject a few times a month with little tips I learned along the way as well as things that help to keep me on track and focused.  I have been promising to make this a weekly thing and I am just working on getting my blogging schedule and life on a system that works.  But I have a ton of green juice recipes (which you can find on my old YT channel) and so much more that I use to keep me on top of my goals.

Lastly, I was interviewed by Fitness Motivation Podcast recently after they found my story through my blog and if you have some time – listen to my interview… I do things very differently than the norm and I’ll be sharing these tips with you soon as well.

You can also listen to my interview by clicking below.

Wishing you lots of love and happiness always!

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Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. Mother of 3 and proud Wife. I love Food, whether it be eating it or cooking it and love to learn about new types of food from different cultures. I love making YouTube videos and meeting new friends and I have had a passion and love for photography since I was a little girl.


  1. GlitteryGlossy Reply

    Yes having people by your side to support you is very important!

  2. myCosmeticBag Reply

    People can be extremely negative – my family included. I used to be 99lbs as a highschool gymnast, and I really gained a lot of weight in my early 20’s while working at a very high-pressure job situated right next door to Wendy’s. I got up to almost 140 lbs which is a lot for my height and frame (though 99lbs was definitely not ENOUGH weight). My family added a lot of pressure for me to lose the weight, and what people don’t realize is that this is not the type of motivation people need to get healthy – it’s actually counter-productive and adds stress to an already stressful situation. I did lose a lot of weight due to being sick for almost 3 months straight, not being able to keep food down and then not being able to eat solid food because my wisdom tooth came in right when I recovered from being sick. But keeping the weight down (and rebuilding strength because a lot of that weight I lost was muscle mass) has been a lot easier because I’m in a happier place in life, and I’m more focused on myself rather than what everyone else wants. Don’t let other peoples negativity steer your decisions in life – if you want to lose weight, do it for yourself and no one else!

    • I agree with you 100%. Sometimes it is those close to us that really makes it even harder… because it is those that we love. Thank you so much for sharing this with me <3 Thank you so much for your kind works. xo

  3. thank you Ashley 😉 There really are negative people and we gotta focus on us 😉 Darn metabolism is a pain in the buttocks

  4. First of all… you seriously don’t look like you are much older than me… you’re hot! thank you so much for your kind words 😉

  5. I need to lose a 100 lbs… not nearly there… but trying. 😉 You can do it girl… but I think your gorgeous!

  6. We are brave and those people behind the computer are horrendous. I had a friend once tell me that its fine, just ignore it… and she didn’t understand that as much as we try to – sometimes it gets to us. It’s hurtful to deal with whether you have thick skin or not. Thank you for reading 🙂

  7. Thank you Brooke. 😉 Yes, it is a challenge to say the least. I am working on doing my motivation posts once a week, trying to find a good balance. lol

  8. Amber, thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me. I have an awesome hubby and I’m lucky to have him because I’m crazy otherwise and he keeps me grounded. 😉

  9. Thank you 🙂 Exercise can be a pain in the butt, luckily my boys keep me so busy and active that it helps. My asthma is the biggest pain in the butt to overcome – but I work through it slowly. Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes.

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