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Yay!  I have been seeing the original Perfect Palette Tag going around YouTube now for about two years (more or less) and I have always wanted to do the tag but never got around to it.  Recently (a few months ago) Melissa & Kate (the original creators of this tag) came up with and released the Perfect Palette Tag 2 and I just couldn’t resist taking part in it.  If you are interested in doing this tag too – definitely join in on the fun.  You don’t need a YouTube Channel or need to film a video – take a picture of your favorites and post it on your blog.

Here are my questions and answers as well as a Show & Tell of the Perfect Palette Tag 2.  I had a ton of fun doing this and it also reminds me that I have a lot of makeup I really need to make use out of.  Click here to watch directly on YouTube or see the embedded video below.

If you take part in this tag whether on YouTube or via your blog, come let me know so I can check your tag out too.

1. Eyeliner, brush or nothing
2. A palette you have hit pan on
3. Favorite “naked” palette
4. Favorite holiday or limited edition palette
5. A palette you would repurchase or wish you had a backup (if it is no longer available)
6. A shade you wish was sold individually
7. Wild card (pick a question from the original Perfect Palette Tag to answer again)
8. The palette you would recommend to a friend

Check out Melissa & Kate’s Perfect Palette Tag 2 Video here.  Melissa & Kate’s Original Perfect Palette Tag here.

Happy Palette finding!


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Disclaimer:  Nothing to disclose.  All palettes discussed in this tag were purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and affiliate links may be posted through out.



It’s been quite a few years since I last used anything from Borghese, so I was quite excited to check out their new Elissare Collection and give it a test drive.  This collection of goodies is a wonderful roll out for the new year, providing a new sleek look with gorgeous shades for anyone one and any skin tone.  Check out my thoughts on these products below as well my video review which you can find here.

Borghese Elissare Color Eclipse Shadow & Light Luminous Eye Palette

The Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette (0.75 oz / 21.3g) is the first of the goodies I tried out and enjoyed.  It includes 12 gorgeous neutral and wearable shades in one chic palette along with a dual ended eye shadow brush.  This palette retails for $55.00 on the Borghese website and is perfect for those who travel or just anyone looking for an every day or glam look. Each color is labeled on the palette (which I love) so there is no guessing the name and there are a variety of textures.

Bask – a light, warm-toned creamy-beige with a satin-matte finish.

Afterglow – a warm-toned medium-beige with a highly metallized.

Pulse – a warm-toned, soft-peach, highly metallized.

Veil – a cool neutral soft-brown with a satin-matte finish.

Borghese Eclissare

Muse – a burnished gold with brown undertones, highly metallized.

Ascend – a light, soft-tan with yellow undertones, satin-matte finish.

Wane – a rich medium brown with warm undertones, satin-matte finish.

Impact – a medium rose-copper, highly metallized.

Borghese Eclissare

Downfall – a dark brown with depth, matte finish.

Out There – a medium pewter, highly metalized.

Shroud – a deep charcoal-grey with blue undertones, highly metallized.

Immortal – a deep charcoal-black with subtle silver glitter

Borghese Eclissare

Out of all the shades, Immortal is probably the one shade that is not my favorite.  Though I would not call this shade a dud, due to its texture, the deep black may require you to build up the color.  Still pigmented and pretty, this would be a great outer v or crease shade.

Borghese Elissare Color Eclipse Shadow & Light Luminous Eye Palette

This palette may intrigue some in that it does look a bit similar to the Urban Decay Naked Original.  While the shades are similar, the textures are a bit different and therefore I think they are very different altogether.  I am however impressed with the color range and similarities… both palettes offer buttery, silky shades and the Borghese Shadow & Light Luminous Eye Palette definitely offers great quality.

Borghese vs Urban Decay

Overall, if you are looking for a palette that offers a luxury look and feel as well as something you can use daily if you are into neutrals or smoky eye looks… I think this would be a nice buy.  The eye shadow brush is nice, offering you one side to pack on your shades and the other side to blend.  This palette is a little up there with regard to cost, but anyone familiar with the Borghese brand knows of their quality and the palette itself is sturdy, well made and really offers great protection with travel.

Borghese Makeup look

Next up on the list of goodies are the Borghese mini palettes from the same collection.  Five Shades of Sultry Eye Shadow is a gorgeous palette offering five smoky shades to create a stunning and show stopping look.  Retailing for $29.00 – this little palette is travel friendly, compact and comes in similar packaging to its larger sister palette the Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette (that I discussed previously).

Borghese Five Shades of Sultry Eye Shadow

Each shade is labeled with it’s name (like the larger palette) and offers you a gorgeous array of textures to create that show stopping smoky look.

Lit- a light white-silver metallic pearl.

Vapor- a medium grey, blue overtones, metallic pearl.

Smolder- a dark smoky charcoal, high frost finish.

Fume- true black, matte finish.

Scorch- medium, glitter-laden graphite-grey.

Borghese Five Shades of Sultry Eye Shadow

All of the shades within this palette are absolutely show stopping, with the same buttery and silky feel as the larger palette.  However, Scorch (which is the last shade in the palette) has chunkier reflex than that of a normal metallic shade, so it can have some fall out if not applied carefully and Fume which is the matte black in the palette can apply patchy at times.  I have noticed that I need to build up the shade to get the maximum color payoff.  Ultimately, I think all of the shades are gorgeous and offer such great pigmentation, but those were the shades I did have to work with a little bit.  It happens sometimes and I know that matte blacks can certainly apply patchy with any brand.

Next in the collection is Borghese’s Eclissare Color Eclipse Five Shades of Torrid Eye Shadow Palette.  This palette comes with 0.30 oz / 8.5 g worth of product just as the Five Shades of Sultry Palette.  Same sleek and chic packaging that is also great for travel and compact.  This palette is probably my favorite out of the three and I have been using it to create wearable and smoky eye looks (as seen above).

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse Five Shades of Torrid Eye Shadow Palette

At first glance this palette looks simple and like any other neutral palette, but I’m quite impressed with some of the shades.  Kindle is such a gorgeous color that I can’t even capture it on camera… offering you a white-taupe like color.  I can’t even explain it… but it’s gorgeous.

Wisp – a light, matte-finish ivory.

Kindle- a soft champagne taupe, satin-pearl finish.

Stoke- a medium brown, warm undertones, matte-finish.

Sear- a deep brown, matte-finish.

Torch- a medium champagne, pink overtones, highly metallized.

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse Five Shades of Torrid Eye Shadow Palette

While this palette is my favorite out of the three, I did have to put in some work to get the palette to work for me.  It happens sometimes, I have palettes from other brands that have shadows where there is a film or overlay on the shadow that makes it difficult for you to pick up the color at its true pigmentation.  By taking a paper towel and wiping the top of the shades that were not picking up color, I was able to get gorgeous color pay off on shades like Kindle and Torch (the two shades I had difficulty with) and man are they gorgeous.  This palette is one that I think would work for warm and cool skin tones offering a gorgeous neutral makeup look or smoky eye that is an absolute stunner.

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss

Next up are the lip glosses from the line.  Borghese’s Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Glosses come in nine different shades – I have 8 of them.  All of them equally gorgeous and in an array of shades for any skin tone or complexion.  Each lip gloss retails for $21.50 and have 0.10 oz worth of product.  The glosses have nice pigmentation though some can be sheer against my skin.  This doesn’t bother me much because they make great toppers for my favorite lip sticks.  Each gloss is a little more sticky than I would like it to be… but because of the sticky feeling, I noticed the longevity on my lips was pretty good for a gloss – it lasted about 2-3 hours without touch up if I didn’t each or drink anything.  Most glosses don’t last me 40 minutes.


The above swatches came directly from Borghese’s website.  I have tried swatching these against my skin tone and lips for quite a while and because of my skintone, I had a hard time picking up the shades on camera.  I thought Borghese’s swatches were right on the money so I’m sharing them with you.  Simmer is one of my favorite glosses in the bunch – offering a gold shift to my lips when topped over my favorite lipsticks.  A few of the glosses can leave behind shimmer on the lips after wiping off, so that is something you’ll want to keep in mind – but overall, they are each gorgeous.

As you can see – this collection from Borghese offers products for anyone whether you are a lippy lover or someone who loves eyeshadows… or both.  I am glad I was able to dive into these new products since I haven’t had the chance to use anything from Borghese for a few years and these definitely got me excited to try other products from the brand again.  I’m quite impressed with the products themselves and I look forward to trying out more from the line.  Have you tried anything from Borghese or the Eclissare line?  Thanks to Borghese, I have a little giveaway of goodies and there will be six lucky winners.  Check out all the details and what you have to do to enter, listed below in the widget.  To purchase these products or to learn more about them, visit: www.borghese.com

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Disclaimer:  I was sent these products as a gift from Borghese.  There was no obligation for review but I took the time to thoroughly try out and test these products and decided I would discuss them here on my blog and YouTube channel.  Any reviews, comments, etc. by me with regard to these products are my own, unbiased and honest.  I reserve all right to have editorial freedom on my site when reviewing products.  In no way was I paid or swayed to provide a review for my readers/viewers.