Happy Monday Fam and Welcome to the start of a new month. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. My family and I had a pretty chill night at home, roasting marshmallows and making smores on our fire pit, just hanging out with one another. Today I have a new Podcast Episode for ya and it may ruffle a few feathers. I promise, it was not my goal to do so… but I felt like I needed to get my thoughts out so that is how it came about. Today I’m going to be sharing with you a recent experience as well as my thoughts on Pro-Choice and what it means or doesn’t mean to me. This is not meant to be biased or an opinion to cause issues, but just a little share on my thoughts.

I’ve embedded the episode above, or you can listen to it directly on Spotify here. The Honeygirl’s World Podcast is available on most streaming services, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Breaker, etc.

Regardless of what your thoughts are or your opinion, we should be able to state them without worrying that we’ll be crucified because of it. Don’t you think? I absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whole-heartily agree with such. But, that should be a compromise that goes both ways. What do you think?

Thanks a bunch for joining me today fam! Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and a great start to the holiday season. xo Honey

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Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

The summer months are officially here and after a few months of distance learning, we are extremely excited. During lockdown and quarantine, we were blessed to work with Razor. Today, we are sharing with you our thoughts on the Razor E-Punk Electric Bike.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

E-Punk Electric Scooter

The Razor E-Punk has been one of our favorite things to take on our daily walks. The boys love riding them alongside my husband and I. Our daily walks are usually about a mile and a half to two miles long and with 40-minutes of battery life, it’s perfect. Make sure to follow the charging instructions to ensure great battery longevity and you’re good to go. Max speed is 9 mph depending on the type of road/path you take and the E-Punk bike does well on flat ground. It took on our neighborhood with ease.

Perfect for Cruising Around

The Razor E-Punk electric-powered mini bike is compact and portable. It’s made and constructed well with a rigid steel frame and comfy cushioned seat. The E-Punk features a BMX-style, pneumatic front tire to absorb the shock of riding, while decreasing vibration and stress to your hands. These features make For a small little electric bike, it has great speed and power.

  • MSRP: $159.99
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Battery life up to 40 mins
  • Max weight for rider 120 lbs

E-Punk sports folding metal foot pegs to allow for foot clearance and a kick stand all for easy storage. This tiny little bike is built quite tough and works well with larger riders too.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

Assembly Required, sort of

Assembly of the mini bike is required, but it’s easy and very minimal. To put the E-Punk electric bike together, simply put the handlebars and the seat in and that’s it. It comes with all the necessary tools (like Allen wrenches) to tighten the parts and adjust for height. The one thing that took the longest before being able to ride the bike, was charging it. Charging requires a minimum of 12 hours, so we assembled the bike in the afternoon and let it sit and charge overnight.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

We enjoy the E-Punk Electric Bike

While it’s easy to transport, keep in mind that the E-Punk bike is heavy to lift, especially if the battery dies. Speaking of battery, Razor states you will get about 40 minutes of ride time, but we were able to get up to just under 2 hours a few times. It’s not like a traditional bike that you can pedal (which would be ideal if the battery died while out and about or far from starting location) Because of the weight, it is not easy to push or carry if the battery should not last. To turn on and power the bike, you basically flip a switch and press a button. I would have really liked for the bike to have a rotating handle to power the bike so it would be more like a traditional motorized bike. The boys agreed that they would have enjoyed something like that, but they enjoy the bike nonetheless.

Come ride with us!

The twins are 10 years old and haven’t really had the chance to ride two-wheel bicycles as often over the years. They jumped right on the E-Punk and had no trouble getting it going. They both commented on how easy it was to use and how much fun they have on it.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

While this electric bike has its limitations, overall, it is a great addition to our outdoor arsenal. The twins loved it and continue to ride it daily since getting it a few months ago. This little mini bike has provided my sons with hours and hours of fun. It has been essential during our lockdown/quarantine time and we cannot recommend this mini bike enough.

Interested in checking out the Razor E-Punk Electric Bike for yourself? Head on over to: and get the deets.

Stay tuned for a review on the Razor Power Core 90 Electric Scooter in the next post.

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It’s Monday and time to start week 6 of our Distance Learning for the boys. Week 5 has ended, thank goodness – because it was a doozy. It seems like the days are flying by, which is unusual – considering that it also seems so long in comparison. Maybe it’s just me – maybe it’s the world. Some parts of the state are starting to reopen again but distance learning is still a new norm and will take till the end of the school year. Now that it’s May – that means there is about 3 weeks left (for the most part), till the boys are able to truly enjoy some time off.

What’s New – Any Challenges?

I think the boys are starting to get cabin fever. A few days ago they followed my Father In Law to take in the recyclables. There truly is no people interaction there, but they kept their masks on while unloading. It was the first time they actually left the house (other than walking in our neighborhood) and you could tell the twins enjoyed it. My eldest followed me to the store (of course, social distancing and protected) and it seemed to help him a bit.

The boys have been in the house for over 5 weeks and I could tell that they were going stir crazy. While we’ve given them all the tools to keep them busy while staying home, I know that they miss being outdoors and my little fish certainly miss the water. If the ocean or ponds are calling my name, I can only imagine how much it is affecting them.

Luke’s Homework assignment – a card to the frontliners for Covid-19

We’re Thankful

While the boys are struggling with what seems to be their new norm and it shows… they are making the best of the situation. Who said distance learning was easy, right? But, I know that while the boys are having a difficult time, they are truly thankful to all of the people on the frontline – tackling Covid-19. They know that by staying home, we are keeping us safe, as well as the frontliners that are working so hard and diligently for all of us. It’s difficult to teach a little person the importance of social distancing, especially when we try to teach them to limit television and screen time. But, we’ve been able to do our best and I’m thankful for this opportunity that I have more time with these little bugs.

They Can’t Get Away From School

If there is one thing I’m starting to notice as we wrapped up Week 5 – it’s that the kiddos are getting frustrated with doing school work from home. I am realizing that they are having to give up their love of home life because it’s now their place of school as well. Homework is no longer an assignment or two like a normal school day, it now feels like an all-day affair. What was once a place they could use to escape from school is no longer. Their sanctuary from reading, writing, and math – is now the all in one.

I don’t think that it would be so bad if they were able to leave the house, go to the park, take part in sports or even go to the beach. But, since we are on lockdown – they spend all day and all night at home. If I’m struggling with it myself – I can only imagine how difficult it is for them. I try to set a schedule for them each day – so that we are done with school work and they have time to relax and play. But, if I’m honest – it’s that it is not really working and they are not only frustrated but definitely not happy with me.

Favorite Things from last week

We take solice each week in some new found things or something to help pass the time. Here are a few favorites that did just that:

  • Operation – the board game – Yes, that is still a fun and exciting thing in 2020. We pulled the game out and had a blast. My 10-year-old twins thought the concept was hilarious. The game also helped to make the day go by faster a few times this past week. Who says childhood board games are lame? Certainly not me!
  • Frozen Pizza – Cooking dinner each night is a normal thing usually in our house. But cooking diner along with breakfast and lunch every day of the week – WOWZERS! It’s a challenge to constantly think of what to make – with or without meal planning. I picked up a bunch of frozen pizza to throw in the freezer. Let’s just say – LIFESAVER! It works when our day is fruitful and no one wants to cook. Add some of your favorite toppings and you have a winner of a pizza dinner.
  • Razor Electric Scooter and E-Punk Bikes – Walking is great exercise, but electric scooters and bikes are fun. The boys were blessed with an E-Punk Electric Bike from Razor (review coming soon). But, they also received an Electric Scooter gift from their Aunt. It has helped to make our outdoor time a little different and fun. The boys have been enjoying it and we can’t wait to tell you all about it later this week.

Off to the next Adventure

Well, that’s it for last week’s recap. We’re doing what we can to keep busy, keep inspired, and keep going. It’s been a struggle – but we make it work to the best of our ability. This past week has reminded me that sometimes we just need to regroup. Reminder: know that we are not in this alone. The boys are doing the best they can and I will continue to encourage them as much as possible. We can only look forward to our next adventure.

If you’re reading this – we hope that your Week 6 is off to a great start. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!

We are almost done with Week 3 of this Stay-at-home order in Hawaii, due to the Covid-19 Global pandemic outbreak. Schools have been closed and homeschooling has become the new norm. To keep up with my “Confessions” posts here on the blog, I figured I would share a series detailing my confessions of homeschooling during the covid-19 stay at home order. For those of you parents that are teaching your children from home, I’m here for you and I’m with you.

Teachers – We do not give you enough credit!

I’d be lying if I said that this was easy. I have always been so proud and thankful of teachers who have not only taught me but my children, but my gosh – am I so grateful for them, more so now. Distance learning has been a challenge for everyone and I feel like I’m not only going back to school (because I have to relearn this stuff all over again) but also teaching it and it’s a struggle. Teachers truly do deserve so much more credit than we give them. I’ve been tackling day to day duties on the home front and spending about 4-6 hours a day teaching the twins from home and to say it is a challenge, is an understatement.

What is this Common Core witchery?

I’ve complained before about common core math, but man, can someone just give me a 1+1=2 question without needing to do 15 different steps to come up with the same answer? I know that common core is a great way for the kids to come up with their answers easily, utilizing different ways to solve a problem… but the fact that it is so different from how I was taught math in the 80s and 90s – well, it makes teaching (and learning) a struggle. Thank you, YouTube for having so many resources available to learn these techniques so I can teach my children. And, thank you to the teachers who post these videos online so we can continue to teach them to our kiddos.

School Support is so important!

Yesterday I went to the boys’ school for a drive up and pick up to grab some paper packets and one of their Chrome books. We are lucky that our household has computers and tablets for them to do their work, but it is helpful to have an additional computer since we have 3 boys working from home. Our eldest has been doing distance learning with his teachers via web apps like Zoom and Google Classroom and the twins have had assistance from their teachers via ClassDojo and Zoom as well. Thank goodness for these applications and to the teachers that have been making resources available to them. Without this, it would be very difficult to keep the boys up to date with their learning.

Overall – How is homeschooling going?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a challenge. Kevin Ka’eo – who is in 10th grade has been keeping up with studies since his school has his teachers online during their normal hours. I keep the twins on a daily schedule with little wiggle room, but I try to keep them with structure so they do not get too relaxed and then not want to work. I’m thankful for the resources available to keep them learning and overall – I think they are doing okay.

I didn’t realize how much of a challenge homeschooling would be, but considering the circumstances, I think we are doing okay. Last week, I wanted to pull my hair out and this week, I think I’m able to maneuver through lesson plans a little easier. On a positive note, the boys and I have been reading Manic Magee by Jerry Spinelli. I originally read this book when I was in the 4th grade so I thought it was a great book to read with the twins.

Hope you are all staying safe and helping to flatten the curve during this pandemic. It’s definitely a challenge to keep our kids active, occupied and learning – but together we can do it and keep each other inspired.

Here in Hawaii, most of us are on day 5 or more of the self-quarantine, social distancing, and lockdown during this coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Our Mayor just released a “Stay in Place” order and I know many states throughout the United States are on a City or Statewide Lockdown. A few islands in our state have already instituted curfews and many establishments are no longer open. My sons’ schools, as well as all schools in the state, are closed till April 7th. I know it’s a scary time for humanity, and many of us are doing the best we can to keep composed during an uncertain time. Honestly, it can’t be easy for anyone and I know first hand how trying and stressful it is for those who are worried about compromised immune systems. As much as I’m worried and stressed, I’m also looking at this as a way to spend more time with my family and to get going back on the grind here on the blog again. It’s been FOREVER (literally, no post since December) since I wrote here and just about as long since my last YouTube video. So, I’m going to be taking this time to be a bit more active here and on social media. Missed me? Well, hopefully so and hopefully you don’t get tired of me too quickly.

So, we are going to be riding out this storm together. There is so much going on in my personal life, I feel like I haven’t had the chance to update anyone. Even my IG has been a bit dormant lately. If you’ve been following me there at all, you may have seen that my sister and I have been doing workshops for all kinds of sorts. It’s been fun and exciting but that also means that a few things (like my blog) have been pushed to the back for a bit. I’ve also been taking time away from my blog the last year or so because I feel like I need to share with my readers what’s been going on in my personal life and I have been avoiding it. (Stay tuned, that’s coming in a later post or video, or podcast)

I’m extremely excited to have more time with my boys and husband since we are on lock-down. I tried to make sure to have my normal monthly shopping done a few weeks ago so that we wouldn’t be stuck in a predicament, and I’m glad I did because the shelves in our stores are bare and empty as I’m sure it is in most stores across the nation. I usually do our huge family shopping once a month and the stores were already dwindling in supplies. Sometimes, we take so many things for granted and I’m glad that I was somewhat prepared before this shitshow hit the islands. Honestly, there is not much we can do about it, so I digress… but I know it’s such a big challenge for so many that just want basic necessities. We try to help where we can.

I’ve been practicing Social Distancing (yes, that is a term) and only leaving the house should I truly need it. As many of you know, if you’ve been following me a while, I as well as my husband has compromised immune systems and the boys all have asthma. So we are trying to limit our time outside in the public as much as possible. Leaving home for medical emergencies and food are going to be our new norm for the next few weeks (at least). I’m hoping this will give me a great opportunity to not only work on the blog, but also get videos up and podcast segments. I have no excuse now, so I can utilize the tools I have that I do not need to go into public to use.

Here is a list of things I’ll be doing and focusing on while keeping indoors during Social Distancing:

Netflix & Chill – Yes, that is truly a thing and now we get to put that phrase into action. I’m using this opportunity to not only get caught up on some shows I’ve had on my watchlist, but also to watch some newly released ones. I’ll be releasing a series of posts over the next 2 weeks (or so) with a list of some recommendations for different networks and streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, so keep your eyes open for them.

Arts & Crafts with the kids – Since the boys are usually in school, I don’t have the opportunity to do a lot of arts & crafts with them. So, we’ve pulled out the polymer clay, watercolor paints and all the fun things to do during this time. If you have kiddos, use this time to learn a new craft or teach a new craft to the kids

Continue Learning from Home – Now is the time to get going on homeschooling. Keep your children educated by reading to them daily, doing fun activities online that encourages reading or math. Things like these are perfect to keep kids on top of their learning so that when they go back to school, it’s a fairly easy transition.

Learn how to play an instrument, brush up on your skills or learn a new song to play or sing – Bet you didn’t know I play an instrument (or a few), huh? Well, I am hoping to utilize some of the time teaching myself a new song or brushing up on my ukulele skills. Maybe I can convince Kevin Ka’eo to teach me how to play the guitar or drums.

Virtually tour National Parks and Museums – If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve been sharing links to different sites that allow you to take virtual tours of National Parks & Museums. It’s a great way to get outdoors, without stepping out of the house & the kids love it.

Get that “At Home Exercise” routine in – I’ve been using the gym as a way to keep up with exercise, but I need to remember that I can do all those types of exercises at home, for the most part. I know that I have to keep up with my activity, even while indoors and this is a great way to do it.

Practice meditation, mindfulness, and self-care – sometimes we forget that we need to live in the now, be thankful for what we have and utilize the things that we forget all about due to the hustle and bustle of life. I have hardly been taking the time to meditate the last few months or just think about things that I need or must do to keep inspired. I also haven’t really been taking care of my personal self the last few months too. Because of this, it’s important that I take this time to really focus on improving myself and taking better care of myself as well.

Get caught up on reading – This one is definitely important to me since one of my 20 for 20 goals this year is to read at least a book a month. I’ve been catching up on my reading and keeping up with all kinds of fun things.

Start or continue gratitude journaling or journaling in general – this is something I do daily so it’s something that I think will continue to be a part of my routine. A great way to combat the humdrum blues and keep positive and inspired is to write or journal.

Play Video games – Yes, I went there… lmao! But, on all seriousness though… I find that playing video games is a great way to pass the time and there are so many games out there that are fun to play together as a family or via online platforms with friends.

Board Games anyone? Pull out the Monopoly, Connect Four, Sorry, Clue, etc. and have some fun with family that you share a house with. Since most families are stuck in the same predicament in their household, have some fun.

Time to get caught up with Blog posts, YouTube Videos and Podcasts – Since I haven’t been writing, recording, or posting anything the last few months, I’m going to be using this time to get caught up with a proper posting schedule. But, I’ll also be using this time to get caught up reading, watching and listening to other people’s posts as well.

Learn a new language or skill – I guess I’ll be opening good ol’ Duolingo once again and brushing up or learning a new language. This is also a great time to learn some new skills. I will be looking into websites like Skillshare, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and others to learn new things and new skills. I’m excited because I love learning.

Purge & Organize the house – It’s Spring Cleaning time, so what better time of the year than to purge old items or those we don’t use and to organize and clean the house. I’m trying to convince myself that I no longer have a reason to put it off, so I’m gonna make it work in my favor.

Clean the Car, Inside and Out – Winter really raised havoc on my car. With the constant rain, I have mud inside and outside my vehicle. This is a great time for me to not only clean out the car, vacuum and wipe everything down, but give it a nice wash and polish too.

Of course, this is just a quick list I put together. There is definitely so much more that we can do while we are stuck indoors or on our own properties.

Yes, being stuck at home can be one of our biggest challenges. But, just think about it this way – staying at home for a month now, to help flatten the curve and stop the pandemic from spreading… is far less worst than having to be on lockdown for months or even a year because it became completely uncontrollable. Many of our ancestors and people before us fought against the plague, Spanish flu, and many wars and if we are smart and think of others, together we can. Besides, we have television, radio, and the internet to help us pass the time, so I think that social distancing is much more doable because of it. I’m not gonna lie, I’m going stir crazy too… but I’m using this time to get caught up on television series, Netflix shows and family time. Speaking of Netflix shows, keep an eye here on the blog for my Binge-Worthy movies and series to watch (especially for moms) during this social distancing time.

To all of my family and friends near and far, stay safe, stay healthy and be smart. I’m looking forward to using this time to improve myself and get more time with my family. Being cooped up in the house is never an easy thing, especially when it’s important for everyone, but hopefully this list has given you a little inspiration on things you can do while at home.

Stay healthy & safe friends – xo Honey

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