Do you suffer from back pain that stops you from performing your daily routine? Then you’ve come to the right place! This handy guide contains some of the most effective recommendations that you can utilize to help manage and reduce your back pain before you know it, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more now!

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Change Your Mattress 

One of the most effective steps that you can follow to reduce your back pain in record time is to change your mattress. The mattress that you sleep on can either help you to stay comfortable and supported or force you into experiencing all manner of back and neck problems, but it’s not always easy to find the best mattress for you. There are countless different styles, materials, and brands available, so it’s a good idea to take some time to understand your unique needs. If you have fallen victim to back pain due to your mattress being too soft, which is extremely common, then why not browse through these firm ones the sleep shop picked out as a more suitable replacement? You’ll notice a near-instant improvement in your pain when you can sleep on a comfy mattress that meets your specific needs, so change your bed if you want to relieve your discomfort! 

Improve Your Posture 

Do you spend a lot of time slouched at your desk, or perhaps hunched over your smartphone? If so, then this could certainly be contributing to your back pain. Improving your posture will no doubt help you to relieve your discomfort, so stand up straight and put your shoulders back! The best way to achieve and maintain a suitable posture is to imagine that you’re searching for a friend over the top of a crowd – hold your head high with your chin up rather than down, and make sure your back is straight up rather than curved and compressed. Regularly ignoring the need to maintain good posture can actually lead to long-term back problems that are much harder to resolve, so do your best to stand up straight as often as you can. 

Try Yoga Or A Similar Stretching Exercise 

Last but by no means least, taking part in regular yoga sessions can be an excellent way to keep your body supple and ward off aches and pains. Yoga is an exercise that focuses on stretching your muscles rather than putting pressure on your bones like lifting weights, so you’ll feel relief from your back pain after just a few sessions. You can even find specific yoga poses and routines that are made to help back pain, so this is certainly something that you should consider looking into. 

Figuring out how to reduce your back pain has never been so simple when you can utilize some of the excellent ideas in this handy guide! Good luck on your quest to feel relief from your nagging back pain. 

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Happy Monday Fam and Welcome to the start of a new month. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. My family and I had a pretty chill night at home, roasting marshmallows and making smores on our fire pit, just hanging out with one another. Today I have a new Podcast Episode for ya and it may ruffle a few feathers. I promise, it was not my goal to do so… but I felt like I needed to get my thoughts out so that is how it came about. Today I’m going to be sharing with you a recent experience as well as my thoughts on Pro-Choice and what it means or doesn’t mean to me. This is not meant to be biased or an opinion to cause issues, but just a little share on my thoughts.

I’ve embedded the episode above, or you can listen to it directly on Spotify here. The Honeygirl’s World Podcast is available on most streaming services, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Breaker, etc.

Regardless of what your thoughts are or your opinion, we should be able to state them without worrying that we’ll be crucified because of it. Don’t you think? I absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whole-heartily agree with such. But, that should be a compromise that goes both ways. What do you think?

Thanks a bunch for joining me today fam! Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and a great start to the holiday season. xo Honey

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Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

The summer months are officially here and after a few months of distance learning, we are extremely excited. During lockdown and quarantine, we were blessed to work with Razor. Today, we are sharing with you our thoughts on the Razor E-Punk Electric Bike.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

E-Punk Electric Scooter

The Razor E-Punk has been one of our favorite things to take on our daily walks. The boys love riding them alongside my husband and I. Our daily walks are usually about a mile and a half to two miles long and with 40-minutes of battery life, it’s perfect. Make sure to follow the charging instructions to ensure great battery longevity and you’re good to go. Max speed is 9 mph depending on the type of road/path you take and the E-Punk bike does well on flat ground. It took on our neighborhood with ease.

Perfect for Cruising Around

The Razor E-Punk electric-powered mini bike is compact and portable. It’s made and constructed well with a rigid steel frame and comfy cushioned seat. The E-Punk features a BMX-style, pneumatic front tire to absorb the shock of riding, while decreasing vibration and stress to your hands. These features make For a small little electric bike, it has great speed and power.

  • MSRP: $159.99
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Battery life up to 40 mins
  • Max weight for rider 120 lbs

E-Punk sports folding metal foot pegs to allow for foot clearance and a kick stand all for easy storage. This tiny little bike is built quite tough and works well with larger riders too.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

Assembly Required, sort of

Assembly of the mini bike is required, but it’s easy and very minimal. To put the E-Punk electric bike together, simply put the handlebars and the seat in and that’s it. It comes with all the necessary tools (like Allen wrenches) to tighten the parts and adjust for height. The one thing that took the longest before being able to ride the bike, was charging it. Charging requires a minimum of 12 hours, so we assembled the bike in the afternoon and let it sit and charge overnight.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

We enjoy the E-Punk Electric Bike

While it’s easy to transport, keep in mind that the E-Punk bike is heavy to lift, especially if the battery dies. Speaking of battery, Razor states you will get about 40 minutes of ride time, but we were able to get up to just under 2 hours a few times. It’s not like a traditional bike that you can pedal (which would be ideal if the battery died while out and about or far from starting location) Because of the weight, it is not easy to push or carry if the battery should not last. To turn on and power the bike, you basically flip a switch and press a button. I would have really liked for the bike to have a rotating handle to power the bike so it would be more like a traditional motorized bike. The boys agreed that they would have enjoyed something like that, but they enjoy the bike nonetheless.

Come ride with us!

The twins are 10 years old and haven’t really had the chance to ride two-wheel bicycles as often over the years. They jumped right on the E-Punk and had no trouble getting it going. They both commented on how easy it was to use and how much fun they have on it.

Summertime Fun with Razor E-Punk Bike

While this electric bike has its limitations, overall, it is a great addition to our outdoor arsenal. The twins loved it and continue to ride it daily since getting it a few months ago. This little mini bike has provided my sons with hours and hours of fun. It has been essential during our lockdown/quarantine time and we cannot recommend this mini bike enough.

Interested in checking out the Razor E-Punk Electric Bike for yourself? Head on over to: and get the deets.

Stay tuned for a review on the Razor Power Core 90 Electric Scooter in the next post.

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It’s Monday and time to start week 6 of our Distance Learning for the boys. Week 5 has ended, thank goodness – because it was a doozy. It seems like the days are flying by, which is unusual – considering that it also seems so long in comparison. Maybe it’s just me – maybe it’s the world. Some parts of the state are starting to reopen again but distance learning is still a new norm and will take till the end of the school year. Now that it’s May – that means there is about 3 weeks left (for the most part), till the boys are able to truly enjoy some time off.

What’s New – Any Challenges?

I think the boys are starting to get cabin fever. A few days ago they followed my Father In Law to take in the recyclables. There truly is no people interaction there, but they kept their masks on while unloading. It was the first time they actually left the house (other than walking in our neighborhood) and you could tell the twins enjoyed it. My eldest followed me to the store (of course, social distancing and protected) and it seemed to help him a bit.

The boys have been in the house for over 5 weeks and I could tell that they were going stir crazy. While we’ve given them all the tools to keep them busy while staying home, I know that they miss being outdoors and my little fish certainly miss the water. If the ocean or ponds are calling my name, I can only imagine how much it is affecting them.

Luke’s Homework assignment – a card to the frontliners for Covid-19

We’re Thankful

While the boys are struggling with what seems to be their new norm and it shows… they are making the best of the situation. Who said distance learning was easy, right? But, I know that while the boys are having a difficult time, they are truly thankful to all of the people on the frontline – tackling Covid-19. They know that by staying home, we are keeping us safe, as well as the frontliners that are working so hard and diligently for all of us. It’s difficult to teach a little person the importance of social distancing, especially when we try to teach them to limit television and screen time. But, we’ve been able to do our best and I’m thankful for this opportunity that I have more time with these little bugs.

They Can’t Get Away From School

If there is one thing I’m starting to notice as we wrapped up Week 5 – it’s that the kiddos are getting frustrated with doing school work from home. I am realizing that they are having to give up their love of home life because it’s now their place of school as well. Homework is no longer an assignment or two like a normal school day, it now feels like an all-day affair. What was once a place they could use to escape from school is no longer. Their sanctuary from reading, writing, and math – is now the all in one.

I don’t think that it would be so bad if they were able to leave the house, go to the park, take part in sports or even go to the beach. But, since we are on lockdown – they spend all day and all night at home. If I’m struggling with it myself – I can only imagine how difficult it is for them. I try to set a schedule for them each day – so that we are done with school work and they have time to relax and play. But, if I’m honest – it’s that it is not really working and they are not only frustrated but definitely not happy with me.

Favorite Things from last week

We take solice each week in some new found things or something to help pass the time. Here are a few favorites that did just that:

  • Operation – the board game – Yes, that is still a fun and exciting thing in 2020. We pulled the game out and had a blast. My 10-year-old twins thought the concept was hilarious. The game also helped to make the day go by faster a few times this past week. Who says childhood board games are lame? Certainly not me!
  • Frozen Pizza – Cooking dinner each night is a normal thing usually in our house. But cooking diner along with breakfast and lunch every day of the week – WOWZERS! It’s a challenge to constantly think of what to make – with or without meal planning. I picked up a bunch of frozen pizza to throw in the freezer. Let’s just say – LIFESAVER! It works when our day is fruitful and no one wants to cook. Add some of your favorite toppings and you have a winner of a pizza dinner.
  • Razor Electric Scooter and E-Punk Bikes – Walking is great exercise, but electric scooters and bikes are fun. The boys were blessed with an E-Punk Electric Bike from Razor (review coming soon). But, they also received an Electric Scooter gift from their Aunt. It has helped to make our outdoor time a little different and fun. The boys have been enjoying it and we can’t wait to tell you all about it later this week.

Off to the next Adventure

Well, that’s it for last week’s recap. We’re doing what we can to keep busy, keep inspired, and keep going. It’s been a struggle – but we make it work to the best of our ability. This past week has reminded me that sometimes we just need to regroup. Reminder: know that we are not in this alone. The boys are doing the best they can and I will continue to encourage them as much as possible. We can only look forward to our next adventure.

If you’re reading this – we hope that your Week 6 is off to a great start. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!