Can you believe we are about to say Aloha to February and Aloha to March? Well, I just can’t fathom how quickly this year is flying by already. For the month of March, I wanted to stick with the color green as a theme, without the traditional St. Patrick’s Day vibe. For the March 2022 Freebies, I designed desktop wallpapers and smartphone wallpapers that featured my hawaiian fern illustrations.

Desktop Wallpapers

Hawaii is known for its lush greenery and I wanted to take my fern drawings and incorporate them into a simple but vibrant wallpaper. From a variety of ferns like laua’e, hoi’o (pohole) and kupukupu, there are a few selections featured in the illustrations.

The computer desktop wallpaper comes in two designs – the design with just a quote and the calendar option. Download both of them for free here.

Smartphone Wallpapers

I couldn’t possibly make desktop wallpapers without making them for my phone. I have been loving seeing my wallpapers on my lock screen and honestly, the calendar option has been great for quick “at a glance” dates. Just like the desktop wallpapers, I also featured my fern illustrations in the design. There are two wallpapers available and you can download both here.

March 2022 Sticker Kit

To match the collection, I have also designed a monthly sticker set featuring the same color scheme and designs. Have a look at the four-page set here. It’s available for $15.00 (plus tax and shipping).

I love creating these freebies for all of you and I hope you enjoy them. Definitely tag me in photos on Instagram, TikTok, and more – I’d love to see how you are utilizing them.

Wishing you all a wonderful March.

xo Honey

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were designed and created by me. No disclaimer is required.