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I’m a wholehearted believer that great makeup application is done with great tools.  But, over the years I’ve learned that your tools or makeup do not need to be expensive or have a luxury price tag to get the job done.  I have tried a variety of different tools from different brands and I can attest that quality and cost are not always one in the same.  Beauty Junkees has easily become one of my favorite makeup brush brands (and makeup brands for that matter) and today I’m sharing with all of you a new collection of brushes.

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Beauty Junkees is a brand I’ve talked about here on the blog many times.  I’ve recommended their products to many friends and readers over the years and it’s become a favorite of mine to use for just about every and any occasion.  What I love about Beauty Junkees is that they are so affordable, that it makes creating your everyday makeup looks an absolute breeze.  Beauty Junkees brushes and cosmetic products are sold via their website and on their Amazon Storefront.

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Let’s talk about their new Duo Fiber Collection.  Retailing for just $29.97, this set includes 6 brushes and come with a faux leather zip-up bag.  Each brush is labeled with its use/name so that beginners or pros can utilize the tool for what it’s for.  The 6 piece Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set has long and short synthetic hairs to pick up and distribute the perfect amount of makeup.  Each application will provide a sheer, flawless, skin-perfecting finish.  Back in my freelance days I often used duo-fiber brushes to apply cream and liquid products so that it left the skin and application soft and blended.  The short bristles hold the product, while the long bristles blend to a featherweight finish.  These brushes work great with liquids, creams, and powders.  They are ideal brushes for acneic, scarred, dry or aging skin.  Each brush comes with a solid wood handle with double crimped copper ferrules.  I love how soft these are and the fact that there is such a great selection of brush type in this set.  You can literally create a look using just this set of brushes, from foundation and concealer down to the eye makeup and highlight.  These brushes do not shed and are just perfect considering the price point and how affordable they are.

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The Pro Powder set comes with 3 brushes and retails for $19.97.  This gorgeous brush set also comes in a faux leather zip-up bag and is also labeled for easy to use simplicity.  The 3 Piece Pro Powder Makeup Brush Set is best used to apply powder all over the face and body for that gorgeous, polished finish.  These brushes work great with loose, pressed, minerals, blush, contour and highlighter powders and I love how soft and fluffy they are.  They are made with high density synthetic Taklon bristles and are vegan-friendly.  Each brush comes with a solid wood handle, double crimped copper ferrule and is created to not shed.  I love this set because it is the perfect type of brush for an effortless application or all over color.  Did I mention these were soft?  My gosh, they are so soft that it’s hard to not want to pet them 😉

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I’m always excited to try new products from the Beauty Junkees line.  The brand has flourished and extended their line of products a lot since I first started using the brand about three years ago.  With over 200 makeup brushes in my collection, I find that I will always pull for a Makeup Junkees brush before any other brand.  I am also a huge fan of the different makeup they now have available – from eyeshadows to blush and highlight (lippies and brow products too).  Beauty Junkees is becoming one of my favorite brands for a wide selection of beauty products.  You can search {Beauty Junkees} on the blog and read up on some of my favorites from the brand.

If you’re like me and love a minimal makeup look or go for a glammed up smoky eye, I definitely suggest checking out what Beauty Junkees has to offer.  I think that price really doesn’t always determine the quality and in this case, the quality surpasses the price point making these brush sets an absolute steal.

Wanna get more information on these sets and more from the brand?  Head on over to http://www.beautyjunkees.com/




Disclaimer:  The products featured in this post were sent for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted throughout.



Well – well… today we are going to chit chat about brushes.  It’s no secret that it is one of the many things I collect when it comes to beauty.  Let’s face it, an artist needs their tools and a great set of tools is essential.  I have tried them all and with a collection of over 250 makeup brushes, I’m always interested in trying out new ones.  With the cost of a cosmetic brush ranging anywhere from $4.00 to $40.00 in price and in some cases more, I always appreciate a referral on a good one that I can not only utilize but enjoy using.  Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets.  These affordable beauties have been a new favorite in my makeup arsenal and I think I should share them with you.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

I’m not gonna lie, affordable and good quality are hard to come by these days and today I’m sharing with you a company and brand that offers both.   With a mission to “be a testing ground for all things beauty so that you can get honest reviews from real women before spending your hard earned money on the next miracle”, Beauty Junkees is a hub for all things beauty accessories and a place you can find some of your favorite products.  Today I share with you two Makeup Brush sets that I think would make wonderful tools for anyone whether a beginner or someone in the industry.

Also – it’s still technically the holidays, so you could snag some for that loved one or as a treat to yourself before Christmas.

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The first set I am going to talk about is my favorite.  The 8 Piece Pro Series Brush Set comes with everything you need to create the perfect eye look.  Retailing for $39.97 (currently on sale for $24.97 – not sure how long the sale will last) you receive 8 gorgeous and well made eye brushes and a great quality zip top brush case.

You receive the following brushes:

  1. Pro Pencil – used for smudging eye liner or apply shadow for a more defined and precision application.
  2. Pro Tapered Blending – used for applying and blending shadow on the eye or use to apply transition shade to the crease.
  3. Pro All Over Shader – with dense bristles this is used to pack shadow on the entire lid but still can be used to blend some.
  4. Pro Precision Eye liner – perfect for tight lining the upper and lower lash lines using liquid, gel or cream (powders too).  I especially like to use this brush to smudge out the lower lash line and smoke it out.
  5. Pro Angled Shading – this is a great brush to apply to shadow to the brow bone or to blend color into the crease.
  6. Pro Flat Definer – use this brush to create a sharp and precise line o nthe upper and lower lash line with your liner or product of choice – cream, gel, powder.
  7. Pro Blending – This great brush is used to blend powder shadows and buff harsh lines to give a gorgeous and diffused effect.
  8. Pro Crease – use this brush to apply shadow in the crease for a soft and diffused effect.

Each brush comes with a solid wood handle – sturdy and well made and a double crimped copper ferrule.  The ferrule is positioned well and holds the brush hair in place perfectly.  I haven’t had any issues with shedding and love that each brush can be used with a variety of mediums – powders, creams and liquids.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

I love that this eye set includes all the brushes I need to create a great eye look and more so it has brushes that are essential for any makeup brush arsenal.  Each one is well made and well put together and after much washing, I haven’t noticed any shedding (with exception to tiny hair during initial wash – which is normal) after many uses.  The brushes are soft and well made and the blending brushes remind me of some of my favorites from well known high-end brands.  I’m absolutely loving them.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

Next is the Mini 5 Piece Kabuki Makeup Brush Set with brush case.  This set retails for $39.97 (on sale right now for $18.97) and includes 5 brushes in the set.  The name “mini” does not refer to the size of the brush handle, but the size of the actual brushes as this is a smaller size to the actual Kabuki brushes you would use to apply foundation.  These little brushes are so fun and perfect for people like me who contour and apply highlight.  Each brush is dense but soft and made specifically so that they will not soak up excess amounts of product.  This is particularly awesome for those that like to use cream based products as these brushes will allow you to get the right amount of product with an easy application.

Included in this brush set:

  1. Mini Flat Makeup Brush – this brush is my favorite for buffing out my contour along the sides of my nose for a more chiseled and defined look without looking harsh.  It’s perfect for stippling concealer onto sun spots, blemishes and other small imperfections as well.
  2. Mini Angled Makeup Brush – this brush is a favorite because it can be used on the eyes for blending, I love to use it to apply my ColourPop eye shadows into the crease or apply as transition.  This brush is also dense enough to use as a foundation brush or to contour your cheekbones.
  3. Mini Flat Angled Makeup Brush – this brush combines the blending application of the flat kabuki with the contouring application of the angled kabuki – packed into a mini for precision contouring anywhere on the face.  I especially love this brush for also contouring down the sides of my nose and to really provide a chiseled and defined contour below my cheekbones.
  4. Mini Tapered Makeup Brush – this brush was designed to provide coverage in hard to reach areas such as the eyelid, corner of the eye and under eye for a flawless finish.  I love using this brush to blend out my cream or liquid highlight or to also contour since the tip allows you to really define the areas.
  5. Mini Round Makeup Brush – this brush has a variety of uses but is perfect for mineral makeup concealer to buff the product on and blend or to just apply as an all over contour brush for detail and precision.

Each brush is made of high density synthetic bristles and is vegan friendly.  They each come with a solid wood handle that includes a double crimped copper ferrule and I haven’t noticed any shedding with this product.  They can be used with liquid,  powder or creams and I find these work especially well with my ColourPop shadows.  Due to the size of these minis (the bristle size) they are not intended for full face coverage when applying foundation, but great for detail work.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

After years of spending lots and lots of money on makeup brushes – I’m beyond impressed with Beauty Junkees not only for the price point, but the quality.  Each brush comes with a sturdy wooden handle that is long making application easy for me when using them.  I’m very particular with the weight of my brushes, especially because of my Carpel Tunnel and find that these are well weighted but not too heavy that it will hurt me when using them for long periods of time.  That is especially important when you’re a makeup artist because after a while of doing several clients in a row, your hands and arms can get very tired and sore if the brush is too heavy.  Even if they are light weight, they still have a good balance making application and blending a breeze.  It’s all about that balance and movement in the wrist that really helps with the blending technique.  The cinching in the ferrules for each brush is absolutely well made and done to perfection which means your brushes will last longer with proper cleaning and care.  I found that cleaning each brush is easy.  I use my Parian Spirt or regular brush cleaner as well as soap and water without any issues and after several cleaning with using these brushes they kept their shape well, dried nicely and I didn’t experience any shedding.

I didn’t discuss the brow brush but know that for $10 – the Pro Brow Brush has a great spoolie on the end and an awesome angle brush which works well with gel or powder.  It’s pretty fabulous too.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets


*In the look above I used Beauty Junkees to apply all of my products from eyes to face – even my brows and eye liner!

So – what do you think?  Could you see yourself using any of these brushes I discussed here today.  You can use code: HONEYGW1 for 25% off your order (from now till January 15, 2016) which would make these prices even better and you could pick something up for yourself this Holiday season.  Also – if you have Amazon Prime – shipping is FREE.  Click here to check out other products that Beauty Junkees has to offer.  I know I have my eyes set on more brushes as well as some of their beauty sponges, so you may see many more reviews or features here later.

Beauty Junkees has definitely impressed me, so much so that I featured them in my Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers because the price point is fab and the product great.  I definitely suggest you checking them out for yourself.  We all know I keep it real here and if they didn’t work well, well… we know I would be the one to lay it all out there.  I’m quite impressed and really enjoy what I tried, so I figured I would share it all with you.


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Disclaimer:  Products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review/feature consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these products or to feature them, but affiliate links are posted through out.