As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to cut my cleaning time in half.  Whether it be delegating the duties at home to a “willing” helper or accomplishing each chore a little at a time to get it done… I try my best to make it happen.  Though, I’ll be honest – I always think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all have our own personal Robot like they had in Bicentennial Man?”  Well, not really… because I’d probably develop a motherly bond and have difficulty letting go, just knowing me… lol.  But, I think I have a solution and my family and I have been loving it the last month.  Today, I introduce you to bObi Kaho’ohanohano, the new baby in our house.  But, bObi is not your traditional or typical baby.  Nope – she is a robotic vacuum.

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When my family and I was given the opportunity to give bObi a test run, let’s just say we were quite overjoyed and completely ecstatic to receive her.  She came bundled in a sturdy box, well packaged and even included a little card that welcomed her to our family.  The directions are easier to follow than I would have ever imagined and getting her going and started was a complete breeze.  We were all excited to try her out… well, almost all of us.  Ikaika who is our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is still currently on the fence about her and still hasn’t decided if he likes her or not.

Our family has a traditional vacuum, which I’ll be honest – I really enjoy.  It does it’s job but obviously, it can’t do it without someone behind the wheel actually doing the vacuuming.  I don’t mind running the vacuum, it’s kind of soothing – but finding the time in my hectic schedule can pose many issues.  We have a small house in general, so a standard vacuum will surely do the job without issue in very little time, but finding the time in my day is what seems to be the biggest problem.

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Immediately after receiving it, my boys were so excited, they couldn’t contain their excitement.  While our living area is small, we were eager to try bObi out for ourselves.  I plugged her in the night prior to let her charge through the evening and then the next day, we were able to take her for a run.  Our biggest challenge is a small living area and the fact that things move around in our house consistently.  The boys have a table they do their homework on and it gets folded up and put away when we vacuum usually, so we wanted to be able to leave it out and have bObi work around it.  The vacuum learns a pattern of where everything is in the house, or you can easily use the remote control and guide it in the direction you want for yourself.  There is also a sensor on the vacuum so you do not have to worry about it bumping into things.  It has run me over a few times, but I noticed it’s normally when the sensor is on the opposite side of the unit.

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bObi has a small sweeper attached to it with brushes that work to pick up all the little pieces or sweep them into the cleaner… it’s awesome.  I love that it gets near to the base boards in my kitchen or in the areas where dog hair gets caught and sweeps it up quickly and easily.  bObi does not get all the rubbish in certain areas all the time, but it’s still learning to make its way around our house the the boys ever-moving their things around the rooms.  While it won’t get that piece of lint or hair the first run sometimes, as it comes back around – it picks it up and leaves my house clean.  With bObi’s dirt sensors, she is determined to go back around and get it done – so no lint or dust will be left behind.

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I set bObi on a timer so it will run a sweep through the house and kitchen area each day at 10am while I’m sitting at my desk working.  It’s so convenient for us that I think our traditional vacuum is starting to feel a bit left out.  I use bObi daily and run my traditional vacuum on Saturdays to get a really good, deep into the carpet clean.  bObi will reach under the beds and tables and below the cabinets because she’s so petite.  It’s nice not having to bend to get under those areas with my traditional vacuum.

bObi Classic retails for about $269.00 on Amazon ($749 USD on bobSweep website) and comes with all the attachments to get it done.  A charge overnight and you’re good to go and ready to clean the next day.  Mop, sweep, sanitize… have lots of fun and get a few moments of breathing time for yourself.

You can see bObi in action while she goes through our hang out area.  As you can see, Ikaika (our dog) is not yet a fan.  But, he’s warming up to her… especially since she keeps his area where he sleeps, nice and clean!  We are looking to replace our carpet and I can’t wait to see how bObi performs on the new one.

Oh, I forgot my favorite part… bObi mops.  My bObi unit comes with a mop extension and 2 mop cloths which can be attached to the unit to do a quick mop.  bObi comes with a UV light that kills bacteria and filters the air with her built-in HEPA filter.  She’s seriously genius!  I use this specifically for my kitchen.   This is the perfect way to “spot mop” or do a quick mop during the weekdays until I do my thorough cleaning and mopping on Saturdays.

Charging bObi is really easy.  It comes with a charging station and you can either let it run it’s course for it’s usual vacuuming and let it return to its dock or press the “juice” button on bObi or the remote control and it finds the docking station and recharges itself… simple and easy.

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I think technology advances are so fun and exciting and I’m so thankful to have bObi to help me complete a few of my chores – mopping & vacuuming… check!  I have never tried a robotic vacuum before so this is an experience my family and I are enjoying and we’re very thankful for.  If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I highly suggest giving bObi or any of the other bobSweep family members a try.  After having bObi in our house for just about a month now, she’s settled in and is a great addition to our family.  Even Ikaika is starting to enjoy her (since she’s so quiet in comparison to our traditional vacuum), he has made her his friend and even rides her from time to time, lol.

Now that you’re done reading my thoughts (and my family’s) on bObi, do you think she will join your family?  We’re just a humble family with a little home that we love and I figured instead of staging or prettying up the post, you could see bObi in real life and experience what we experience – good cleaning and a little less hectic-ness and stress for mom.  Hope you enjoyed!

Check out the rest of the bObi family here or the whole bobSweep family here.

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When it comes to cleaning our teeth, I’m the warden in our house and I’m constantly on top of the tooth brushing and cleaning each day.  But, I also believe that brushing your teeth shouldn’t just be a habit you develop, but it should be fun and you should want to clean your teeth several times a day.  I think the boys share a similar attitude towards dental hygiene as I do.  They love to go to the dentist (I remember as a kid hating to go) and they enjoy brushing and flossing each day as much as I do.  A few months ago I had the opportunity to try the Foreo ISSA Toothbrush and Foreo ISSA Hybrid brush head and really enjoyed it so I wasn’t surprised when all three of my boys were drooling over the new gadget I got to try.  To our surprise, we got a wonderful email from Foreo asking if we would like to give their Mini Toothbrushes a whirl and today, the twins are talking about their experience with the toothbrushes and how they like them.  I’m excited that the twins get to try the Foreo ISSA Mini Toothbrushes because I think it will be a great tool to have… now I just have to save up so my oldest son Kevin can get one for himself and big Kevin too. lol

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The Foreo ISSA Mini Electric Toothbrush is specially designed for kids (or the kid in you).  Like the Foreo ISSA (which I reviewed previously and you can read about here), the ISSA mini brings color and brightness to your teeth cleaning with a fun and bold silicone design that includes their innovative Sonic Pulse Technology.  This toothbrush is suitable for ages from 5+ which makes it ideal for the twins since Luke & Isaiah are 6.

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The ISSA mini electronic toothbrush combines Sonic Pulse Technology that includes soft silicone bristles, resulting in extremely gentle yet effective cleaning of your child’s teeth.  This helps to protect the teeth and gums from over-brushing while keeping your teeth squeaky clean and promoting a healthier mouth overall.

What is so great about the Sonic Pulse Techology for the ISSA mini?  The ISSA mini’s silicone bristles channel 9,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute to create micro-sweeps that effectively and gently clean the teeth and gums.

Retailing for $119.00 – the Foreo ISSA Mini Electric Toothbrush comes in four fun colors and the boys got Mango Tango (Orange) and Summer Sky (turquoise).  Each toothbrush comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10 Year Quality Guarantee.  While it is specifically designed for children, I actually find that the brush head is a great size for my own mouth and like the size of the smaller brush in comparison to my adult version of the Foreo ISSA.

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Most dentists suggest that anyone brushing their teeth brush for at least 2 minutes, 2x a day.  The ISSA mini features a Smile Helpers “Glee” and “Glum” to keep your child’s brushing routine on target.  You’ll see the “Glee” after 2 minutes of brushing (happy face) and the “Glum” will light up if you haven’t brushed for the 2 full minutes.  You will also see the “Glum” if you haven’t brushed in over 12 hours making this a fun tool for the boys to keep track of their brushing habits.  The boys look forward to seeing the happy face when they are done brushing.

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ISSA Mini replacement brush heads come in two different types – the ISSA mini Hybrid ($19.95) which is used for heavier plaque buildup since it has PBT polymer bristles that deliver more vigorous cleaning while the silicone bristles remain gentle on the gums and the ISSA mini replacement brush head ($24.90) which is made from medical grade silicone and lasts for one whole year.  Our household replaces our toothbrushes every three months, so I love that the Foreo ISSA mini brush head replacements are not only affordable, but good for a whole year.  The natural properties of silicone and PBT polymer harbor less bacteria which also means you get a more hygienic brush head and overall better oral health.

“I love my toothbrush.  It feels like little scrubbies are cleaning my teeth and my teeth squeak when I’m done.  I want to make sure I get a happy face each time I brush.” – Isaiah

Foreo, foreo issa mini, foreo issa, toothbrush, dental hygiene, dentist, teeth, tooth, clean, dentist, foreo skin care, product review, kids,

“My toothbrush makes brushing my teeth fun.  I love the color of my toothbrush and the brush feels really soft and smooth.  I love that it cleans my teeth, and gets all the germies out.  I like the way my teeth feel and my gums are getting hand massages by the toothbrush.” – Luke

What makes the ISSA mini so great for my family is the gentle silicone that is used to create this product.  The ISSA mini brush head consists of soft and flexible silicone bristles that don’t scratch tooth enamel or damage gum tissue.  This makes this the perfect brush for children’s softer tooth enamel and for more sensitive teeth and gums.  I also love that this unit is completely waterproof (I wish my sink and countertops were too – lol, if you have kids, you understand) and the ISSA mini is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold with a built-in timer and 3D flexible brush head to reach every part of the mouth.

Foreo, foreo issa mini, foreo issa, toothbrush, dental hygiene, dentist, teeth, tooth, clean, dentist, foreo skin care, product review, kids,

We also wanted to mention the Foreo ISSA mikro which is currently in Pre-Sale.  Available in five different colors, the ISSA mikro is made specifically for babies and is the only baby toothbrush to combine silicone bristles with gentle sonic pulsations, making it a safe, effective and fun way to teach your children to brush their teeth.  Suitable for children ages 0 to 4, the soft silicone bristles deep clean teeth and the sonic vibrations are delicate to help soothe gums providing relief from teething pains.  The brush comforts and calms babies making brush hassle free.  Check out the ISSA mikro and their presale specials that are going on right now.

Overall, the boys absolutely enjoy their Foreo ISSA mini as much as I enjoy my ISSA.  They have been using it for a few weeks now and I have noticed that they have a little competition in the bathroom to see who gets their happy face to come on first.  It’s fun and the colors would make anyone excited to brush their teeth.  As I mentioned before, I also own the adult version – the Foreo ISSA and it has made such a difference in the way I clean my teeth.  I do not use mine exclusively – I have a few other brushes I use in combination with it, but my gums have been so healthy because of it.  The twins (Luke & Isaiah) have been loving the little massages they get when brushing their teeth and they tell everyone about their cool toothbrushes.  I have noticed that their gums look healthy and their dentist says he thinks this was a good addition to their dental hygiene.

If you have been on the fence to picking up something like this for your kids, I highly suggest checking it out.  They are costly, yes – but considering the benefits, you have something that will be worth it.  Did I mention you only have to charge it for an hour and the charge lasts for 200 uses?  Yes, I consider this a lifesaver for sure.  Foreo is easily becoming a household name here and we love the products we have and will continue to support the brand and their products.  I have tried many different things that I consider to be gimmicky but we are loving the products Foreo offers and look forward to trying out more.

Do you think this may be something you’ll invest in for your kids?  Have you tried the Foreo ISSA toothbrushes before?  You can purchase these products and learn all about them on their website here.

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Happy Thirsty Thursday!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding my take on Breastfeeding in public so I figured I would touch base on this subject in this weeks Thirsty Thursday episode.  Also – a sweet friend of mine also asked about my cleaning and daily routine as a Stay at Home Mom or (SAHM) so I also share that with all of you and a little something about what I think a Woman’s Worth is.

Click on the video and watch all about it – this TT is a little long, but I think I have a lot to share.  Hope you enjoy.

Have a wonderful Thursday and a fab weekend!

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Having three little ones with a very active lifestyle keeps me consistently on my toes and I’m ALWAYS cleaning.  One thing that I do not suggest is carpet (especially light colored carpet) in high traffic areas of your home, but we moved in to a place that already had carpet installed so it was something we had to deal with.  Even with a “stain resistant” carpet – the stains did not clean up as easily as it warranted and after years of spills, no matter what we did and how well we cleaned, the high traffic areas in our home were beyond cleaning despair – until now.

Resolve Easy Clean Pro

Upkeep of light colored carpet when you have little ones in the house is not necessarily difficult, but definitely a challenge and I found that my husband and I spent a lot of money on carpet cleaning products in the past that cleaned very small sections without issue but the follow up and keep up of it began to be expensive.  At one point – we even discussed ripping the entire carpet out – but financially it wasn’t feasible.  Recently my husband and I tested the Resolve Easy Clean Pro Kit that came with the Carpet Cleaner Gadget and a Foam Refill.  The set retails at most stores like Walmart & Target for about $20 and in some cases cheaper and the replacement foam can retail for about $15.00 if purchased separately.  I’ll be honest in saying that we really weren’t sure that the cleaner would work and I was not easily a believer.

Check out my video below that outlines putting together the unit and shows you how easy it is to work.  You can also click here to watch directly on YouTube.

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As you can see from the image below – our carpet really took a beating over the last few years.  With spills from juice, milk, liquid like foods, snacks – you name it, it has definitely graced these floors.  My husband and I have used various cleaning products prior to Resolve and only a few stains were removed, usually not enough to make a difference, especially in our very high traffic areas.  With just one use of the Resolve Easy Clean Pro and Carpet Spray we were able to see a HUGE and very noticeable difference in how our carpet looked.

resolve carpet cleaner before and after

As you seen in the video, assembly of the cleaning gadget was VERY simple and took me just a minute or two to put together.  While there was a slight smell from the foam, it was not as strong as other carpet cleaning products we have used in the past and drying time was faster than we had expected.  The texture and feel of the carpet didn’t change as other products have done before as well – some had left our carpet very hard and crunchy like… it felt uncomfortable on the feet.   So I’m super happy that I didn’t feel like I was walking on porcupines after cleaning.  And, I do love that my carpet did not change in tone or discolor after use and drying.

The instructions were super easy to follow:

  • Assemble the unit
  • Insert the Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam Canister
  • Dispense the foam by pressing the trigger at the top of the Unit
  • Brush the carpet – using the unit and brushing the foam to remove the grime
  • After carpet has dried – vacuum and done

A few tidbits about the product:

  • New ergonomic handle for easy grip and extra comfort
  • No more scrubbing on your hands and knees (woohoo – love this one)
  • Up to 50 sq. feet area coverage per can (I think this is awesome since we are able to cover a large amount before we need to purchase a refill)
  • Made for High Traffic Areas of the Home – stair landings, corridors, entry ways, small area rugs
  • New and Improved – 100% more dirt fighting power

Con – I do have one thing I wish I could be changed and it is the length of the handle.  I’m not very tall – just 5’6″ but I feel like I’m bending over a bit while brushing the carpet so you can certainly understand how my husband feels since he is 6 feet tall.  I wish there was just a few more inches added to the handle to accommodate our height.  It is not necessarily uncomfortable but it could be a little easier to brush with the handle if it could extend just a little more.

Overall – Having not used a unit like this before, I am very impressed with how well it worked for us.  My husband and I have already treated a good 80% of our living room carpet and I feel like it surely worked well after just one treatment of each area.   We will continue to use this product until we have put it to so much use that it doesn’t want to work anymore.   It’s affordable and offers you an awesome solution over spending a lot of money on renting or buying heavy duty equipment to clean your carpets.  I’m definitely impressed with ease of use, affordability and availability of the Resolve Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner.

So are you looking for a fairly easy way to clean your carpet?  Will you be looking into the Resolve Easy Clean Pro to take care of your carpet cleaning needs?  If so – I would love to hear your thoughts on it if you end up buying it or if you have tried it already.

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