Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with soft pinks and sweet kisses and as a tradition, each year I have created a Valentine’s Day look using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes.  This year I decided I would go ahead and do a “GRWM” Style makeup look that features the newly released Too Faced Bon Bons Palette and add it to my tradition.  “Just Call Me Sweetheart” is a soft and sweet Valentine’s Day look that can be used day or night but it is an easy look to create that features a little pop of pink that’s subtle with a little sexy.  I hope you enjoy this look.  Check out the video below and hang out and talk story as I get ready and create this Valentine’s Day look.

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“You know you’ve found love when you look in their eyes and find yourself.” – Monique Patton

Click here to watch the GRWM (Get Ready With Me) Video and let me walk you through the steps on how I created this look.

Valentine's Day, OOTD, MOTD, FOTD, Valentine's day makeup look, valentine's day makeup tutorial, soft makeup look, sweet makeup look, beauty, Too Faced Bon Bon,

Creating this look meant it needed to be quick and easy.  From start to finish I say it took me about 25 minutes to complete.  I wanted this to be a wearable makeup look that could be used for day or night.  If you want to spice things up a bit – you could surely add a pair of flirty false lashes to the look to make it a bit more glam, but I opted to go for my mini lashes (natural lashes) and the look was complete.  To create this look I used the following products:

  • Eye brows:  Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil and Taupe Brow Powder set with BDB Brow Gel
  • Eye shadow base / primer:  Milani Eye Primer
  • Eye shadow palette – Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, shadows used:  Divinity (all over the lid from lash line to brow bone), Mocha (transition shade), Molasses Chip (lid), Bordeaux (outer v / outer corner and lower lash line), Dark Truffle (used to deepen the outer corner), Totally Fetch (lower lash line blended with Bordeaux), Satin Sheets (inner corner highlight), Divinity and Cashew Chew (brow bone highlight)
  • Mascara:  Essence Get Big!  Lashes Volume Boost in Waterproof (black)
  • Eyeliner:  Milani Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
  • Foundation:  PUR Hydra Fluid Water Serum Foundation in Tan (I don’t use foundation normally, but I’m trying this one out… so if you want, you can opt to go without foundation as I would normally).
  • Blush:  Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette – Blush in Love Hangover
  • Lips:  Jordana Twist Up Lip Liner in Rock-n-Rose, topped and layered with ColourPop Lippy Stix in Lumiere and Milani Matte Naked Color Statement Lipstick.  Later in the day, I switched up my lips and added ColourPop’s Bumble for all day smooch-proof lips.

Valentine's Day, OOTD, MOTD, FOTD, Valentine's day makeup look, valentine's day makeup tutorial, soft makeup look, sweet makeup look, beauty, Too Faced Bon Bon,

When I created this, I wanted this look to be soft with a pop of color so I opted to use fluffy brushes to apply and put down most of the shades on my eyes.  If you really wanted to you could use a more defined brush for precision but I really wanted the eyes to look diffused so each shade was applied using a blending brush except for the lid shade which I used a pretty large eye shadow brush to lay down the shade.

Valentine's Day, OOTD, MOTD, FOTD, Valentine's day makeup look, valentine's day makeup tutorial, soft makeup look, sweet makeup look, beauty, Too Faced Bon Bon,

 “You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered.  You are a song, a dream, a whisper… and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have.” – Nicholas Sparks; The Notebook

Valentine's Day, OOTD, MOTD, FOTD, Valentine's day makeup look, valentine's day makeup tutorial, soft makeup look, sweet makeup look, beauty, Too Faced Bon Bon,

If pink is not your favorite color for the lips, you could opt for a nude lip shade and it would still do very well with the eye look.  Play around with colors and see what you think will work for your skin tone and your overall look.

Valentine's Day, OOTD, MOTD, FOTD, Valentine's day makeup look, valentine's day makeup tutorial, soft makeup look, sweet makeup look, beauty, Too Faced Bon Bon,

Check out “Genuine Sweetheart” – a look I created for last years Valentine’s Day using the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, here.  And, “Cherry Truffle” which is a Valentine’s Day look I created the year prior using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day – no matter how you celebrate it or if you don’t celebrate it at all.  For a full list of products used as well as a walk through of how I created this look, check out my video and don’t forget to subscribe.  Wishing you a wonderful day of love!


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Want to know about a tradition my husband and I have each year?  Check out this post and see why Time is so important to us.

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Let me be real with you all for a second… when asked, “What is your no makeup makeup look?”  I’ll straight up answer you with… “Um, no makeup – at all!”

But, It’s absolutely no secret that my every day makeup look (if I am using any makeup that is) is mascara and a lippy and on most days.  Since I really do not use makeup, but I want to add a little sexy to the mix, I’ll pull out my big guns, my heavy hitters… my HG products.  So today, in collaboration with a few gals from the Beauty Blogger Collab, I’m bringing to you my “no makeup” makeup look.  This is what I put on when I need a little swag in my look, but still want minimal makeup.  Of course, like I mentioned earlier – if you are looking for a look with literally no makeup, well – that works too 🙂

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look http://honeygirlsworld.com

So let’s chit chat a little about what my no-makeup makeup look is.  I definitely want to look polished and put together and it all starts with great skin and my skin care regime.  To give me that fresh dewy look that I love, I make sure to cleanse, add my favorite serums like Hyaluronic Acid and Anti-Wrinkle serum and then finish with a great moisturizer.  These products alone give me a natural glow and really freshen up my face and my look.  It’s essential that I do this each day to keep a youthful appearance.

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look http://honeygirlsworld.com

My basic and daily makeup products for me are mascara and lip balm so mascara and a lippy of choice is a definite must have.  My lashes are really short, so if I have clear eye lash glue on hand, I’ll slap on a pair of flirty false lashes, but today I opted for a few coats of mascara to help open up my eyes.  Since I have my eyeliner tattooed, adding mascara to my lashes not only opens my eyes more but also enhances my tattooed liner and makes my lash line look fuller.  My lips are another thing… if I am not pulling for a colored lip balm, I’m reaching for my favorite nude lippies to help enhance my pout.  Usually my no-makeup look would stop there, but if I want to add a little something extra, I’ll add a blush, highlight and a light contour.  Applying these with a light hand are key to get that sunkissed and radiant look that adds a little to your makeup but keeps them guessing if you have anything on.

Here are the products I used on my look today:

  • Brows – For my brows, since they are shaped fairly well and are full, I used my NYX Control Freak Eye Brow Gel.  (Review here)  I swept this product over my brows to set them in place for the day.
  • Lashes – Since I have short lashes, I like to layer certain mascaras to make my lashes stand out without false eyelashes.  Today I used my Covergirl Super Sizer mascara layered with Benefit’s Roller Lash.  These two lashes paired together help to give me some length and volume without looking spidery or clumpy.
  • Lips – One of my absolute go-to lippies for an “every day” or no-makeup look is MAC’s High Tea.  This lipstick is the perfect nude with a gloss texture and offers the perfect color to compliment my pout.
  • Bronzer – To add a little warmth, a light bronze and some subtle contouring I used Laura Geller’s Bronze-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Bronzer in medium.  Using a domed bronzing brush I light dust this all over the areas I want to give a subtle bronze look.  It’s not about contouring but more about a light definition.
  • Blush & Highlight – For a little color to my cheeks and a soft highlight I used my Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Como.  This combination has a blend of pink and gold to offer the perfect amount of color to your cheeks and a gorgeous peach gold highlight so the sun looks like it is perfectly kisses your cheeks.  With a fluffy brush I lightly dust this on the applies of my cheeks and blend onto my cheek bone.
  • Set your makeup – To set and put that nice dewy look back into my face, I spritz on one of my favorite facial sprays.  Today I used my Evian Mineral Water Spray.  Since it is warm, this is perfect to cool me down but also give my makeup that effortless, no-makeup look.

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look http://honeygirlsworld.com

My normal “no-makeup” makeup look is pretty easy and simple to create but it puts a little pep in my step and still gives me that “put together” look without using too much.  If I go with a basic look (mascara and lippy) or add a little blush, bronze & highlight – it’s something you can definitely see me rocking out most of the time.  If I were asked what my go-to look for Summer is, this is it.

So what are your favorite go-to’s to create that “no-makeup”?  When I say “no makeup” I mean it, but sometimes we could use a little style and flair to our look, don’t you think?  Be sure to stop by and check out the links below for the no-makeup makeup looks of the lovely ladies from the Beauty Blogger Collab.

Smooches! xo

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Everyone pretty much knows I live in a house filled with guys… between my husband and three sons, I’m a bit out-numbered.  While the guys in my life are very understanding about my makeup obsession, they also inspire much of what I create.  The other day while talking to my sons, I decided I would do an Amazing Spiderman inspired makeup look.  My sons have named me Spider girl.  The look is easy to create as it is all makeup I have in my stash and a good liquid liner to allow me to create the web.  I didn’t film a tutorial on this look but figured I would share it since it came out pretty good for my first time doing something like this.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my sons and I did.  Considering we are a Marvel comics family, I think I did pretty okay for my first try. lol

Amazing Spiderman

  1. I started off by priming my eyelids using my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  2. Then, I blended NYX’s Eye Shadow base in white all over my lid from my lash line to my brow and on my lower lash line.  This will act as my base and allow my shadows that I’ll be applying to pop and be much more vibrant.
  3. Did I mention I wanted my brows to be bold, so I used black eye shadow from the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette and blended it onto my brows creating a defined look.
  4. Taking a matte brown shade from Milani, Milani Bella Eyes in Cappuccino, I swept this color as my transition and place it above my crease.
  5. Then I applied Milani Bella Eyes in Navy to my lid patting the color on till I got the shade I desired.
  6. Taking the red from the BH Party Girl Palette, I blended that shade into my crease with a fluffy brush.  I also took a shimmery white shade and blended that below my brow for my highlight.
  7. With a dense crease brush I took the glittery black shade in the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette and swept it into my outer v as well as into my crease.
  8. I then took NYC Liquid liner in black and applied my liner to my upper lash line creating a wing that was bold and defined.
  9. I also took Jordana’s 12 Hour Made to Last Eye liner in Black Point and lined my inner rim (tight line and water line) to create a dramatic look.

The Amazing Spiderman makeup

  1. I used the NYC Liquid liner to create the spider web pattern on my eyes.  Taking my time I drew each line from my brow down to my crease and then connecting each with “c” shapes to create the web.
  2. I added the dark blue (Milani Bella Navy) and red (BH Cosmetics Party girl palette) and blended those two shades (one after the other) on the lower lash line and applied the shimmery white shade (BH PG Palette) on the inner corner of my eye.
  3. For lashes I went with Red Cherry Lashes in 05.

The Amazing Spiderman Makeup

  1. To create the spider and web on my cheek, I drew the spider on with my Jordana Black Point pencil liner and then used shades from the BH Party Girl palette to add shadow and dimension on the spiders body.  Taking a brush I also used that to shade with a dark gray shade under the body of the spider to create shadow.  I did this freehand and on my face so it can take some practice to get it right.
  2. To create the spider web, I used my NYC Liquid Liner once again and drew a simple spider web next to the spider.

The Amazing Spiderman Makeup

For my lips… I used NYX Monte Carlo Matte Lip Creme blended with Jordana’s Cabaret Lip Pencil and blended them well to create an ombre type look.

And, once the lips are done, you are done… super simple and easy to create. I’m pretty impressed with how the look came out and since Halloween has me running around after the boys, I think since this look was pretty simple, I may do something similar so I can be a bit festive this year.  Let’s face it, by the time I’m done getting them together, I can sometimes forget to dress up.  I think a cool blue smoky eye with some webs or something, could be a pretty interesting way to add some fun to my jeans and tank top. lol

The Amazing Spiderman Makeup

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Do you have your makeup look all planned out?  Do your children and husband sometimes inspire your makeup creations?  I’d love to hear from you… leave your thoughts below. xo

The Amazing Spiderman Makeup

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