You guys, I have something interesting to share with all of you today.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been using a new product that I thought you may all want to learn about.  You may be seeing this display at your local stores or you may have contemplated picking one up for you to try.  Either way – I’m going to share my thoughts with all of you on this pretty cool and genius product.  The DUO is available in Olay, Old Spice and Ivory.  I got the Olay – which I was quite happy and excited about.  So – what is this interesting showering tool, you must be asking?  Well, let’s get into it, shall we?  I’ll be giving you the details on the Olay DUO today and sharing my experience on this particular product.  Ready?  Let’s go!

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So what is the Olay DUO?  Well, the DUO unites the clean of a bar, the care of a body wash and the experience of a puff/implement, while giving consumers the multi-sensory experience they are looking for and desire for the best of all worlds.  Basically, it’s a dual-sided cleaning tool that is infused with a flexible cleanser inside.  There are obviously two sides – one side is the scrubby side that exfoliates and renews the skin’s surface and a soft flexible cleanser interior conforms and lathers while the smooth side softens and conditions the skin.

Olay, Old Spice, Ivory, Shower DUO, Olay shower DUO, review, bath, shower, product review, beauty, skin care, Olay DUO review, shower evolution, drugstore, hydration, deeper clean, effective, exfoliation, scent, facts, clean bar, shower bar,

The Olay Duo (Dual-Sided Body Cleanser) retails nationwide for $9.99 – $12.99 (MSRP).  Available in popular scents, I got the Olay Soothing Orchid  & Black Currant but Old Spice offers Old Spice Swagger and Pure Sport and Ivory has a scent called Refreshing Clean.  I can only speak to the Olay Soothing Orchid & Black Currant, but I can tell you that it’s a a fresh and fragrant scent that I’ve been loving.  If you are someone who is not fond of fragrance, you may not like that these come scented, but I really enjoyed the smell.

So – with these particular shower duos, using them is easy.  You simply just add water.  You can experience the DUO daily for a complete, close clean and an invigorated and healthy skin look.  By adding water to your DUO, you will start to get a rich lather that is perfect for the body.  Use the scrubby side to exfoliate and clean and the smooth side to get a soft and gentle massage for your skin.  You can use the DUO daily and hang it dry after each shower.  DUO’s built in cleanser indicates when it’s time to dispose and get a new one – when the lather fades, time to buy again.  This will give you up to 30 uses.

Olay, Old Spice, Ivory, Shower DUO, Olay shower DUO, review, bath, shower, product review, beauty, skin care, Olay DUO review, shower evolution, drugstore, hydration, deeper clean, effective, exfoliation, scent, facts, clean bar, shower bar,

Why is the DUO so awesome?

Well, it’s more effective than other cleansing bars & tools because of it’s patented multi-layered cleansing technology that delivers a 2x better clean vs. their basic body wash and puff.  You get a deeper clean as it exfoliates the surface skin deeper than a body wash puff.  You also get a complete clean because the flexible cleanser glides and contours to your every move and groove.  And, you get a delightful scent experience with 3-4x more fragrance ingredients than their current bar soaps and body washes.

I haven’t used a bar soap in years but have read that bar soaps are perceived to clean well, though you can trade off on delivering soft and smooth skin.  Body washes are perceived to lather and nourish (which is what I used prior to the DUO) well with a great scent experience, but you can trade-off on the deep clean and exfoliation.  DUO was invented because 34 percent of men and 44 percent of women in the U.S. say that they are dual users, meaning they use both a body wash and a bar soap to get the clean, lather and soft skin they yearn for.  The DUO basically offers benefits of both of those things and eliminates having to use both to get the job done.

Olay, Old Spice, Ivory, Shower DUO, Olay shower DUO, review, bath, shower, product review, beauty, skin care, Olay DUO review, shower evolution, drugstore, hydration, deeper clean, effective, exfoliation, scent, facts, clean bar, shower bar,

My skin feels smooth and soft but really feels like I got a good clean.  I’m beyond impressed with what is being offered and I look forward to trying other scents and fragrances.  I would love to see this offered in a variety of scents in the future and look forward to trying them all.  Here’s the deal – if you are someone that uses a loofah or puff to clean, you’ll enjoy this product.  If you are someone who uses a bar soap to clean, you’ll enjoy this product.  I love that there is so much in this item that you get a lot of uses from it and it’s something neat and exciting.  I like neat and exciting new things.

For over 130 years, from the launch of Ivory bar soap to the introduction of their body wash, Procter and Gamble has delivered innovative products based on the evolution in consumers’ body cleansing behavior.  Over the past 20 years, the cleansing category has not seen the introduction of any new forms – until now.

Olay, Old Spice, Ivory, Shower DUO, Olay shower DUO, review, bath, shower, product review, beauty, skin care, Olay DUO review, shower evolution, drugstore, hydration, deeper clean, effective, exfoliation, scent, facts, clean bar, shower bar,

Now, here’s the low down and my actual thoughts of this product.  Like I mentioned before, I really did like the scent of the Soothing Black Orchid and Black Currant – while it was stronger than what I’m currently using, I thought it smelled slightly fruity with a tad bit of musk but overall it was a clean scent and one that lingered on the body for hours.  When it comes to the type of clean that the DUO provided, I think it surely got me clean without question but left my body and skin feeling soft and moisturized.  I didn’t feel like I had a build up of product left behind on my skin and my skin didn’t feel dry at all.  I thought I got good exfoliation from the product which is great. I currently use a product called Via Buff and found that this still exfoliated my body of dead skin cells well.  I love how the DUO feels against the skin.  The exfoliating side really cleaned perfectly, but gentle and the soft side just left my skin feeling nice.  And, I just love how convenient this product is – easy to use, no need to deal with messy soap or body wash and considering the price point and how many uses you get out of this product, I think it’s at a reasonable cost.  Overall, I will continue to buy this and have purchased another to replace this one since I seen it at my local Walmart this past weekend.

You can get more information on this product and find locations of where you can purchase it at: http://www.olay.com/en-us

Have you seen this product in your local stores yet?  Is this something you would try or have tried already?  Comment below and let me know.

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Over the last two years I had to stop and rethink my skincare game and that included eliminating use of foundation on my face as well as other products that caused my skin to be irritated.  While getting rid of a routine that used to be the norm for me, I noticed that my skin was affected by so many different products and I didn’t even realize it.  Did stopping the use of foundation and concealer mean that I had to give up that “flawless, airbrushed appearance” that we sometimes swoon over on others?  Well, no… but let me tell you, finding the right BB Cream or CC Cream that offered me great benefits, some sun protection and looked nice on the skin was surely difficult to find.  After two years of watching the BB, CC and DD cream trend evolve, I found a product that has absolutely turned into a favorite.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t use it often… but when I need a little coverage or feel like I need some minimizing of the pores, this is the product I now turn to.

Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream

The Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream retails for about $17 – $25 depending on where you find it and I love that it is easily available at most drugstores and retailers like Walmart, Target and Kmart.  The tube pictured on the box is the actual size so there is no guessing on whether or not the product is half the size of the box and 1.7 fl oz (50mL) is quite a bit a product since the product blends nicely and a little can go a long way.

Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream

This CC cream is a pore minimizing cc cream with sunscreen (broad spectrum SPF 15) and is a multi-tasking moisturizer with light coverage that helps to minimize the pores.  You can find this in three shades:  Fair to Light, Light to Medium and Medium to Deep.  I use Medium to Deep… which in my opinion is a great shade match for me.  When squeezing it out of the tube initially – I thought it would be too light… but it blended into my skin perfectly leaving my skin looking fresh (my skin but better) and I didn’t have any white cast or flash back when taking photos.

fall inspired makeup using MAC blue brown

In the photos above I am using the Olay Total Effects CC Cream as my all over coverage.

The CC cream has 7 benefits for healthy and radiant looking skin and include:

  1. Evens skin tone and appearance
  2. minimizes the look of pores
  3. enhances brightness
  4. visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  5. reduces the look of spots
  6. hydrates for a firm look
  7. replenishes moisture

Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream

Oil-free so that it will not clog pores, lightweight, non-greasy and Dermatologist tested, the Olay CC Cream is a liquid like cream but a little thicker than that of a liquid foundation.  While this product is not marketed as a primer, it does state on the packaging that it can be used alone or as a primer under make-up.  I believe this product is a perfect base for your makeup if you are a foundation wearer or if you want a little more coverage than just bare skin.  As with other CC creams, this one has CC Coverage to help with tone correction and gives you an airbrushed look without the feel of having anything on your skin.  I apply using my beauty blender or a flat top kabuki brush for even distribution and my skin will continue to stay hydrated and moisturized through the day.  While this is a squeeze top packaging, I didn’t notice that I was getting too much or too little when trying to apply the product – the packaging works okay.  If you have uneven skin tone, I think you will absolutely love this product to help even your tone out.

Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream
Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream
Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream
CC Cream prior to being completely blended
Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream
CC Cream completely blended on the skin

Like most Olay products, this one can be a little more in cost than those you normally find in the drugstore, but overall I think it is a great product for the cost considering I didn’t get any flare ups, skin sensitivities, break outs or any affects I would normally receive from using foundation or bb cream type products.  Besides the price, I think that they could benefit in adding a larger shade range, though I was pretty amazed at how well the product blended into my skin and looked like it wasn’t even there while still offering a bit of coverage for every day use.

If you are someone who uses full coverage foundation to cover up any scarring or problems you may be experiencing, while I think this product will overall benefit your skin and help to keep it moisturized, I do not think it will provide the coverage you may be seeking.  Since my skin tone and overall skin appearance is okay, the coverage this product offered worked well for me.  While I don’t use face products like foundation, concealer or bb creams often, I found that this has been a favorite of mine.  After using this product over the last several months, I didn’t see any negative affects on my skin and overall I loved the application, ease of use, and how it feels on my skin.  I definitely think this would work for anyone who has sensitive skin as I do because I didn’t have any issues.  Would I buy this again?  Yes, most certainly.  If you are like me and rarely use face products as I mentioned but are looking for a product to use like I do for days you want a little coverage or just want to have a finished and polished look, I think you’ll like this product as I have.

Looking for a video review?  Click the link here and see what I have to say about it or watch the embedded video above.

Have you tried this before?  If you have… what are your thoughts on it?  If you haven’t… is this something you would be interested in checking out?  Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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I am pretty behind in sharing my monthly favorites.  Sadly I actually filmed a video for August favorites, uploaded it to YouTube and never got around to sharing it… so I decided I would delete it.  Honestly, do you know how many times that happens… I have so many videos I upload without release and realize 2 months or more later that the information I talked about or my thoughts on the subject are no longer accurate. lol Oh well, C’est la vie!  You can consider this my September Favorites… but it’s really a combination of products that I’ve been liking lately.  Without further adieu, let’s get busy. lol

Current favorites 2014

Don’t you just love it when you were busy trying out new products in the month that you have a laundry load of items to discuss?  Yup, that was me the last few months.  Check out my video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

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current favorites 2014The products mentioned in the video that are included in current favorites are:

  • Favorite Song -Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
  • Favorite Apps – Seahorse App and Trello
  • Favorite Food – Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte or Salted Caramel Latte, Nestle Crunch Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars.  (Check out the boys and I as we discuss our first impressions and taste tests of these goodies in this video.)
  • Favorite Hair Products – DermOrganic Leave-In Spray Therapy with Argan Oil
  • Favorite Makeup Palettes – Lorac Pro2 and Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
  • Favorite Face products – Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream, Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Wet n Wild’s Fergie Centerstage Shimmer Palette in Photo Bomb.
  • Favorite Eyeshadow – MAC’s Blue Brown Pigment
  • Favorite Lip Products – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rapture, Jordana Easy Liner Lip Liner in Cabaret, NYX Matte Lip Creams in Instanbul and Monte Carlo, J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint in Queen of Hearts, L.A. Girls Glazed Lip Paints in Daring.
  • Favorite Mascara – Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
  • Favorite Eye Shadow bases – Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige and Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in Plum

current favorites 2014

Overall I think my current favorites include a combination of past loves and favorites and new ones.  I can’t wait to see what October Favorites looks like.  Hope you’re enjoying your Fall months.

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