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Fall is here!  Hawaii doesn’t get much change in weather – well, it’s colder, but not by much… but it’s still my favorite season… woohoo!  With Fall and colder weather come a change in clothing and accessories and today I’m going to be sharing with you an unconventional one.  Who says a water bottle can’t be the newest fall accessory trend?  I think it’s a great idea.  So, today I’m going to share with you some Fall goods that I think would be a great accessory and make fun and festive holiday gifts too.  While we are all changing out our closets and prepping for the newest beauty and fashion trends, I want you to complete your outfit with the latest and greatest accessory from Contigo.

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Purses, shoes and jewelry are all fabulous things any time of year – but especially during Fall when dressing up is fun for colder weather.  But, Contigo has added a new addition to their line of hydration products and I want to share it with you because I think it’s important to stay hydrated during colder months.  The Purity Petal Glass Water Bottle is a glass bottle that is plastic free and adorned with a flower petal silicone sleeve in bright, vibrant colors.

Retailing for $14.99 this reusable glass water bottle offers style with your hydration.  The BPA-free Purity Glass Water Bottle has a stylish silicone sleeve which really makes this glass bottle so chic and perfect for on the go.  It comes with an attached silicone lid to make this convenient along with a carry loop to ensure that Purity will be ready for you and on your side for on the go.  I love the wide mouth which also makes it easy to add ice to keep your water cold when you’re ready to hydrate.

water bottle, glass water bottle, Contigo, Coffee Cup, autoseal coffee mug, drinking mug, coffee, tea, fashion accessory, fall accessory, fall fashion,

The Purity Petal Glass Water Bottle by Contigo features:

  • Made completely of glass, steel and food grade silicone; no plastic parts
  • Contoured wide-mouth design
  • Attached silicone tethered lid
  • Comfortable, stylish non-slip silicone sleeve to help with durability
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • 20 oz. capacity
  • SRP $14.99
  • Available in: Very Berry, Scuba, and Grapevine

water bottle, glass water bottle, Contigo, Coffee Cup, autoseal coffee mug, drinking mug, coffee, tea, fashion accessory, fall accessory, fall fashion,

If you are someone who loves to drink tea or coffee (that’s me), then the Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug may be one for you too.  Available in Stainless, Polar White and Matte Black – the AUTOSEAL knows when to close.  It is the ultimate commuter companion and so sleek and chic that it will go with any outfit.  It’s basically the Holy Grail of travel mugs and I love it.  It’s Spill Proof, easy to clean and stays hot for hours on end.  It was thoughtfully engineered with a CleanGuard lid to keep out dirt and germs and is perfect for transit and for a ride.

The AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug retails for $24.99.

So, are you on the lookout for a fun Holiday Gift Idea or just want to add to your list of fashion and stylish accessories this Fall?  If so – I highly suggest checking out these finds from Contigo.  My plan is to pick up a purple one to have on hand of the Purity Bottles because I just love how simple but stylish they are.

You can check out all the info and more on Contigo and their complete line of products here: http://www.gocontigo.com/  And, if you have a coffee or tea drinker or water lover on your holiday gift list, I definitely suggest you get them one of these – it will be a great gift.

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge water drinker… but as much as I love water, I’m not a fan of it warm or hot unless it’s in coffee or tea.  Years ago my husband and I started carrying our water bottles with us everywhere, but because your typical plastic bottle usually contains some form of BPA, they were not able to be left in the car while shopping and they would get really hot from the sun.  Who wants to drink hot water to rehydrate themselves?  Certainly not me!  Over the last year, my husband and I have invested in the Hydro Flask and it is now a household name.  It is the #1 staple in our house and since all of our boys play sports and my husband and I are avid walkers, we enjoy our bottles.  Today I share with you how I keep cool this summer and why I think this is such an essential item to have.

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You’ve seen it featured in my Thirsty Thursday videos time and time again.  The Hydro Flask has been my number one drinking companion since I first started using it a year ago.  It goes where you go, whether out and about or working out, it will keep your drink ice cold or piping hot for hours.  I am sharing with you the 40 oz bottle but they come in a variety of sizes.  The Hydro Flask is an award-winning global leader in high performance, insulated stainless steel flasks.  They were founded in 2009 in beautiful Bend, Oregon and the company’s mission is to save the world from lukewarm.

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Hydro Flask uses the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel and the Hydro Flask food and beverage flasks are stylish while still offering all the necessities like BPA-free, recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty.  Hydro Flask believes strongly that great flasks and great causes go hand-in-hand.  Because of this, through its charitable arm 5% back, consumers can allocate a portion of the net profit of their purchase to a charity they choose.  (Learn more about Hydro Flask’s charitable giving here).

Hydro Flask offers a variety of different products that include:

  • Bottles (Ranging from 12 oz to 40 oz)
  • Beer Growlers (64 oz and 32 oz)
  • True Pint (16 oz beer pint)
  • Coffee (12 oz, 16 oz & 20 oz coffee flasks)
  • Food (12 oz and 18 oz food flasks)

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My family and I are huge supporters of the Hydro Flask brand.  Each person in my family owns a 40 oz. bottle.  While each one is an investment (depending on where you buy them they can retail for about $40 for a 40 oz. flask), they are well worth the cost.  During Sports, my sons need to hydrate and keep cool, especially in the warm weather that you get here in Hawaii.

Hydro Flask has Universal Benefits that are great for daily use as well as for anyone:

  • TempShieldTM Protected
  • Keeps hot up to 6 hours
  • Keeps cold up to 24 hours
  • 18/8 Pro Grade Stainless Steel
  • BPA-Free and Phalate-Free
  • Durable, sweat-free powder coat finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Hydro Flask is known for their Temperature, Taste and Transport.  (temperature) TempShield is used in 100% of Hydro Flask products, which is a unique double wall insulation that protects temperature for up to 24 hours cold and 6 hours hot.  (taste) The 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel won’t retain or transfer flavors, ensuring the pure taste of your beverage. (transport) Proprietary powder coat offers an easy-grip, sweat-free and extra-durable bottle that you can take anywhere.

Unlike other stainless steel bottles my family and I have had in the past, the Hydro Flask bottle is sturdy.  Other bottles have dented quite easily but these have retained its shape for quite a bit.  Of course, if it drops on a hard surface, it can get dinged, but overall it has lasted us quite some time.  I have had my original flask for over a year with minimal damage to it.

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I love that Hydro Flask offers a variety of different accessories for your flask.  A Wide Mouth Straw attachment is a favorite of ours and it allows us to carry our water with ice in it all day.  What is so awesome is that even on a hot day, with my bottle in the car, my flask is still ice cold and most of the time my ice is still wiggling around inside the flask.  The bottle never sweats which makes it perfect to store anywhere without worrying that it will ruin any of my electronics or furnishings and I love how convenient it is to take with us on the go.

When it comes to staying cool and hydrated this summer or anytime of the year, I know I can rely on my Hydro Flask to keep me cool.  It’s the best summer necessity to have and an essential in my book.  We are completely hooked – my husband takes his to work daily and the boys take theirs to school and practice.  It’s definitely something I think you should check out.

It’s an investment for a water bottle – but many times in the past I have left my flask in the sun while out at the beach or in the car and the ice is still there and my water is still very cold hours later.  There are not too many of those types of stainless steel bottles on the market today that can offer you that kind of awesomeness.  Who wants to drink warm water anyway, if not for coffee or tea? lol

You can purchase Hydro Flask products at: http://www.hydroflask.com/

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Disclaimer:  The product featured in this post was sent for review consideration, however – I already owned similar products previously so I’m speaking with experience as someone who has also spent their own money on the products.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted through out.




Water is such an essential tool to hydrating your body and we all need it.  But sometimes, lugging around a water bottle (especially one that is large enough to carry the necessary amount of water) can be daunting and stressful.  After buying a Hydroflask a few months back, I have found that I can keep my water cold and still have enough on hand through the day – but carrying it in my purse or lugging it around has been an issue… until now.  Recently I got a Neoprene Water Bottle Holder that makes carrying my water bottle, whether Hydroflask or a standard plastic bottle, easy to do.  Today I’m going to share with you some information about this product and you can decide for yourself if it is something you may need.

A Cozy For My Hydroflask - Neoprene Water Bottle Holder

Perfect for travel or out and about, this lightweight and sporty Neoprene Water bottle holder can carry your 1L or 1.5L water bottle snug and easily.  I can fit my 40 oz Hydroflask in the pouch without any issues.  It is made of soft neoprene material which is a high performing material used in wetsuits so that it can help to keep your beverage cooler or warmer for longer periods of time.  This product can reduce the sweating that can happen with plastic water bottles – especially those that have been cooled and begin to sweat as the water gets warm.  This little pouch is perfect for walking, running, biking or doing any type of outdoor activities because it comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry.  The strap is adjustable so you can easily carry at a comfortable length for any height or activity.

Retailing for $15.00 and currently on sale for $10, this neoprene holder has been so convenient to use.  I love it because I have been able to easily carry my bottle around with me and leave my hands free of holding something.  The strap is long enough that I can sling it around my neck and shoulders to make it easy to hold.  I love this product so much that I even picked one up for my husband so he can have one to use for his hydroflask too.  It makes carrying your water so convenient and easy to take around with you so there is no excuse to not drink any water.

A Cozy For My Hydroflask - Neoprene Water Bottle Holder

You can get this product and others on their Amazon store here.

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Disclaimer:  The product mentioned in this post was sent to me for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted through out.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Since I was a little girl, water was a huge part of my life – as it should be for anyone.  It quite honestly is my favorite drink and let me tell you – the ways of drinking it has surely evolved since I was younger.  As a kid I would drink my water directly from the water pipe or hose outside our house to keep hydrated in the Hawaii heat and as I got older, it became more evident that it was not the best way to drink water so filtered or water bottles became a part of our daily lives.  Since the gold ol’ H2O is essential in keeping our bottles cool, healthy and hydrated, it is important that we are constantly drinking for the well being of our body and lives.  With new scientific research we have learned so many ways to drink our water to help us consume it more – like infused waters, water with essential oils and more but we also need to look at issues like BPA, recycling and other environmental and health risks when it comes to consuming water from plastic bottles.


Glasstic Glass Water Bottle

Now if you have been following me on Instagram – you will see that I am huge on fruit infused waters and green juice as well as just every day delicious plain old water and recently I have been doing everything I can to switch our household from the plastic that we are used to and got us drinking from glass.  There are so many benefits to drinking out of glass versus plastic or metal and here are a few of them:

Glass is 100% recyclable.  You never have to worry about toxins like BPA or harmful chemicals that can leak into liquids from plastic bottles or heavy metals like aluminum, chromium and nickel which can come from metal bottles.  Glass gives you a better tasting liquid or water that will not leave your drink tasting or smelling like plastic or metal.  And, since Hawaii is slowly converting to a “no plastic bag” state, it is nice to know that glass bottles will also benefit the environment, eliminating a huge amount of waste.  You save money  and our planet’s resources since the bottle is reusable.

Shatterproof?  What makes GLASStic bottles better than regular glass water bottles with protective silicone rubber sleeves?  Silicon does not contain the shattering glass if the bottle breaks.  The GLASStic bottle is not only “very” break resistant, but it is very shatterproof.  If you drop it and the glass breaks on the inside, the glass will be contained in its shell which keeps you from getting cut or having to pick up glass around you.  The outer shell is made from a highly durable BPA free plastic which helps with the longevity of the bottle.  What’s also awesome is the cap and base are BPA free as well and fully recyclable.

GLASStic Shatterproof bottle

The GLASStic bottles come in 6 cool colors ($19.99 each).  Each bottle holds 16oz of fluid and what I love about it so much is that it seals with a great lid and you can lock the lid in place.  Turning the bottle upside down and to its side freaked me out a bit, but it never leaked or spilled and made it perfect for travel, going to the park or storing in a cooler on its side.  What is awesome is that if your bottle does break – you can contact the company directly and pay a small fee (about $8.00) to replace the glass insert on the inside.  The outside layer and top/bottom should survive through most of the damage should your glass on the inside shatter.

While this bottle is super cool, it was not tested to see if it can handle high temperatures like those for tea or coffee, so please be sure to use cold or cool drinks in your bottle only.  And, most importantly – do not freeze the bottle.  Many don’t realize that when water freezes, it expands and because of this, it can cause the glass in the bottle to shatter.  Besides these little notations, this bottle provides a great item for those who love to drink water, or any cold drink for that matter.  I especially love the colors and the fact that I can see through the bottle itself.  I think infused water is not only about the healthy parts of it all – but also the fact that it’s super pretty to look at.  The bottle is dishwasher safe, however it is suggested you wash it by hand to preserve the bottle itself for longevity.

I have had this bottle now for a month and considering we are pretty active and my sons drop everything at this age, I am very amazed at how well it has held up to numerous washing (by hand) and some dropping as well.  The company states that the bottle can take up to about 6 heavy duty drops before the inside cracks and of course, it depends on what it is dropped on and how high.  If you are someone who enjoys water infused with essential oils, this would be an awesome bottle for you.

Check out the video demo below that shows how the GLASStic bottles are different from Glass bottles covered by silicone.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the product.  It is a little costly, but at the end of the day you are saving quite a bit of money since the bottle can be reused.  If you are interested in the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle – you can check out their site and see the colors and designs available for purchase: https://www.glassticwaterbottle.com/water-bottle/

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.