I have been using Tea Tree Oil for years as a part of my skin care and home needs, even if I’m not necessarily fond of the scent.  Australian Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca Oil (which is what is was  introduced to me as about 15 years ago) was first introduced to me to help treat my dry scalp due to the fact that I consistently colored or bleached my hair I had dandruff.  While I was not necessarily a fan of the fragrance, I noticed instantly that it helped with that issue and I continued to keep a small bottle on hand in the case other issues arise and while I haven’t had the need to use consistently, it is something I know I can rely on.

Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil is known as one of the most versatile essential oils.  The list of claimed benefits of this product is long and include naturally fighting acne, toenail fungus, lice, yeast infections, skin tags, cold sores, dandruff (I can attest to this one), ringworm, fleas, warts, psoriasis and much more.  Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (4 fl oz / 118ml – $27.99) has been a great addition in my household and I have been enjoying this product since getting my hands on it.  This particular brand offers their Tea Tree Oil in a Pharmaceutical Grade, which is a huge bonus considering a lot of companies offer watered down versions of this product (I know, I have purchased these before).  I love that this particular product is undiluted and without impurities which allows you to get the benefits of the product in its 100% form.  I haven’t had the chance to test it on a few skin tags I have, but trust that I will be doing this because I want to put it to the test further.  Even after years of keeping this product on hand, I’m still amazed at its continued benefits that I constantly hear about.

Tea Tree Oil

One thing I have used Tea Tree Oil for over the years like I mentioned, is for my hair.  While I don’t have issues with dandruff any longer… when I feel my scalp feels a bit dry – I simply use this oil as my hair massage oil and do the inversion method while massaging my scalp with a combination of this oil and my coconut oil.  It works wonders on my scalp, but also my hair.  Many ask how my hair grows so quickly considering I trim off about 2-3 inches every 2-3 months and I definitely believe this regimen has some to do with it.  And, while I do not recommend it – before having my children, I used Tea Tree Oil to stop the bleeding on some of my cuts or help heal my cuts quicker and faster.  Of course, it does sting a little, but it worked quickly and was an easy fix.  But, I’m no doctor and do not suggest this… DISCLAIMER – I don’t suggest it.  Also – don’t get this stuff in your eyes or mouth.  It stings your eyes and do not swallow… yuck. lol  I know some that use this as a gargle when they have cold sores or viruses, but… I’m not quite at that stage yet – lol.  I’m looking forward to using this for treating my dog and his area where he sleeps to keep the buggies away from him, once I do – I’ll be sure to come back with a revisit to discuss everything I’ve been able to accomplish with this product.

Quick notation… Tea Tree Oil can be very toxic for animals especially when in it’s pure form.  Please use discretion and discuss with your vet prior to testing out anything on your animal.  I will be seeing my vet before using this on him.  Same goes for humans.  While I have used this in the past, I always make sure to discuss with my physician prior to starting anything new with Essential Oils.  

Tea Tree Oil

Having tried several brands of Tea Tree Oil I knew right from opening the package that this was the real thing.  Like I mentioned before, the scent… whoa – it’s strong and for many it can be unbearable.  I am not a fan of the scent – At All!  So after applying to my hair, I wash my hair shortly after.  However, for the price point and the large bottle you receive, it’s well worth the cost.  I’m impressed with the brand, the communication and customer service and the product.  Apothecary Extracts also includes a Downloadable E-book with purchase of the product so that you can read about different uses of this product.

Since I’m a fan of this product and a long time user of Tea Tree Oil, I will continue to purchase from their brand knowing the quality of the product and the price point is beneficial.  Have you heard of Tea Tree Oil before?  Is this product you have used? I would love to know your thoughts and would love to know that if you used this product, what your uses and benefits were from this oil. 🙂

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  1. Jessica InTruBeauty Reply

    I’m a huge fan of tea tree oil as well, but I agree about the scent. This looks like a high quality product and I absolutely love the design of the bottle and label.

    • definitely a high quality – it’s a higher amount than most that you get that are watered down… which means it also smells stronger too. lol But worth it for the cost 🙂

  2. I’d heard that those ‘as seen on TV’ skin tag removers were largely tea tree oil. I have some I want to remove. Hope you’ll post something about your experience removing them with this oil… before I try it! lol!

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