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BA Star is a company known for their bold colors and sparkle that is so widely used as performance makeup.  Most commonly used for dance, cheer and dramatic performance, BA Star offers a wide range of cosmetics and have recently added new Eye Shadow palettes to their brand.  A total of 6 different palettes are available for purchase.  Each palette comes with 5 shades in a range of colors that compliment one another.  These BA Star Eye Shadow Palettes, Retailing for just $8.75 – are affordable and offer good quality pigment.

BA Star Eye Shadow Palette in Spicy Natural

The palette I received is called Spicy Natural.  It includes a few neutrals and some pops of color in a shimmery 5 pan palette.  The following colors were included:  Champagne sparkle white, copper, chocolate brown, purple and golden yellow.  Each shade has a bit of sparkle and can cause fall out so patting motions when applying the shadows are best.  You can use these colors on their own without a primer or base and they will allow you to create a soft and every day wearable look.  I have swatched each shade in the photo above on dry skin – no base or primer so that you can see what it looks like on its own.

The lightest shade in the palette offers much more glitter and shimmer than the other four shades, so it can be the most challenging to work with dry, but over a sticky base it applies nicely and offers a gorgeous champagne color.  The other colors applied nicely and offered great color pigmentation to create my look.  I don’t have one to share since I forgot to take a photo of it the other day – but I’ll be sure to post one when I do.   Since I have a medium to dark skin tone, I did notice the gold didn’t show up as boldly as the other shades used over a regular primer, but used on a white or colored eye shadow base it offered a bright golden shade.  While the eye shadows are a little powdery – they are easy to work with, blend nicely and offer great color payoff.  I didn’t notice much fading after 5 hours and the color stayed pretty true to form over my favorite Eye shadow primer.

BA Star Eye Shadow Palette Spicy Natural

I also received an eye shadow base in the set and while I did test it out, I was not a fan of it.  It’s just a little more on the liquid side then I would have liked and it was difficult for me to work with.   Overall, I am impressed with this palette, just as I was when I reviewed the red lip pencil a few months ago.  The pigmentation is really nice, the colors are bold but you can work with them to create a wearable day time look and they offer pretty nice staying power when used over a base.  The only issue I think I had was with the champagne white which had the most fall out – but it was a gorgeous shade once I was able to work with it.

You can get this palette and others at  Be sure to check out their entire line of cosmetics – both affordable and great quality.

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    • It seems like forever to dry so that I could apply the shadow over it and then it started to crease. Oh well 😉 I do like the shadows.

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