I am so excited that it’s getting warmer here in Hawaii.  Well, don’t get me wrong… Winter is still my favorite time of year, but summer in Hawaii is like spending the season at the beach, literally.  Because of the beautiful weather most of the spring and summer season, my family and I tend to hit the sand and the waves quite often between April and August.  But, being “beach ready” isn’t no easy task.  While many stress that a beach body is essential, for me, I like to make sure I got everything I need to feel good while enjoying myself.  The last thing I want while sun bathing on the sand is to have my body hair stealing the show from me.  So, getting beach ready for me means getting rid of the hair.  Have you ever shaved the day before stepping into the ocean?  Ouch!!  It’s painful and burns so usually I have to make sure that I shave days before hitting the sand.  But, with Emjoi’s Epi Slim+ e18, I don’t have to worry about any of that.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Emjoi epilators this year because they have made things so convenient for me.  While I did have IPL hair removal on my legs several years ago, I still have strays and I still have underarm hair that grows.  The use of an epilator allows me to quickly and effectively remove my hair from my body (or my face) with little to no discomfort.  I love that Emjoi literally has an epilation model for each and every woman’s needs and expectations.

epislim+, emjoi, epilator, shaving, hair removal, hair, ingrown hair, product review, beauty, epilation,

The Epi Slim+ e18 (retails for $34.95) is a perfect on-the-go device.  It’s ultra portable and compact, which makes it easy for me to reach areas like my underarm and bikini line (my most sensitive spots).  The results can last up to 6 weeks time, I find I’m using it every 3 weeks (but my hair grows fast) and I think it’s great that it can remove that unwanted hair as short as 0.3mm from the root.  With 18 patented 3-disc tweezers that remove the hair quickly and efficiently – leaving me without the hair and skin irritation.

epislim+, emjoi, epilator, shaving, hair removal, hair, ingrown hair, product review, beauty, epilation,

The Epi Slim+ e18 is battery operated which makes using it very easy.  I have an Emjoi that requires a plug in and this way – I can reach all my “hard to reach” areas without a cord tripping me up.  With built-in Erase Glide Technology to glide your device back and forth or circular over your hair to leave you with smooth, hair free skin in a matter of just seconds.

epislim+, emjoi, epilator, shaving, hair removal, hair, ingrown hair, product review, beauty, epilation,

The disc of the unit opens at an optimal 14mm and operates at 540 strokes per second so that these tweezers eliminate the majority of hair at the first pass and by lifting the hair and removing it quickly.  It’s such a convenient little device because it allows me to remove my hair so easily.  Honestly, I have never tried an epilator till this past year and I don’t know why it took me so long.  My underarms would get so irritated from shaving and with the epilator, now I don’t have to worry about irritations because there are no razor cuts or burns.

epislim+, emjoi, epilator, shaving, hair removal, hair, ingrown hair, product review, beauty, epilation,

Like I stated before, going into the ocean after shaving your legs can really burn your legs or leave them itchy.  But I can use my Epi Slim+ e18 by Emjoi the day before or the day of and I won’t have any issues.  My skin is smooth and hair removal is a breeze.  I’m really enjoying this product and have already taken it on a short trip with me.  It’s so convenient and worth every penny.

Emjoi was presented the Customer Choice Award from QVC, year after year.

You can learn more about the Epi Slim+ e18 and other Emjoi products at:

How about you?  Have you tried an epilator before?  Have you tried this one from Emjoi?  What are your thoughts and how do you like it?

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  1. Jen Sky Walker Reply

    I have never used an epilator! I usually just try to shave the day before heading to the beach or just deal with stubble, lol!

  2. Love the shape and color of this epi
    I usually get 2 weeks of usage out of one session because my hair growth is fast too

    • My body hair growth has never been fast until my hormones went crazy… now I think it grows faster… but I think it’s been still about 3 weeks for me. This epi shape makes it so much easier to use than others for sure.

  3. Naked Without Polish Reply

    I have no clue what an epilator is, but it looks scary. haha I’m going to have to do research.

    • Ha ha! It was scary looking for me too… you should have seen the first time I tried using my other one… it freaked me out. lol

  4. I had a Philips epilator but after the one use, I palmed it off on my (hairless-wonder) mother, and went in for IPL. I’m on my fourth sesh and the results are nothing short of miraculous!

    • I loved getting IPL, but because of my PCOS… places I never had hair in years because of IPL started to grow again… ugh… I hate it.

  5. I want to get an epilator — and EpiSlim sounds so good! I would love to epilate my under arms and legs. I feel like it would save me SO much time in the shower…and I’d be hair free for longer!

  6. I think sounds awesome. I have wanted to try an epilator but have been so scared. I am so over shaving my legs, so if this makes it last longer- I need this ASAP!

    • I think you would like this particular epilator. I own another larger one and it kind of hurts… this particular one is perfect for sensitive skin and painless.

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