As a mom of three boys, I find myself doing the best I can to ensure they get everything they need, while I tend to cut corners on personal things for me.  Let’s take, say… Specialty Tea for example.  I buy the cheaper stuff so the boys can get the things they want and need.  Honestly, after doing it for so long, I kind of forget that I’m even doing so.  With the boys back to school, I realized that I needed to take the extra few minutes to pamper myself a little more.  Whether that means that I’m able to spritz on a little perfume before running out the door, combing my hair before I leave the house, or just getting some great teeth cleaning without feeling the need to rush.  I think there is definitely room for me in this equation of busy days.  So, I figured I would start small, like selecting a toothpaste and floss that would give me that “fresh and clean” feel while also providing me with the confidence and bright smile when I need that little beauty pick me up.  Today, I introduce you to Rembrandt and Plackers.

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I’m sure most if not all of you have heard of these two brands.  It’s been years since I’ve used Rembrandt toothpaste, but I use Plackers consistently to floss my teeth and they are the perfect little tool to take with you on the go.  It may seem like toothpaste and dental floss are not the “treat yourself” kind of package, but to me… knowing that I can remove stains, restore my enamel, get whiter teeth and clean between my gums, all without having to take more than a couple of minutes out of my day… well, that make me a Happy Honey.

Rembrandt products are found at most stores and are reasonably priced.  The Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Toothpaste has helped to whiten my smile and doing so all from the inside out.  It helps to restore my teeth enamel and is specially formulated with a rapid-release peroxide ingredient that starts working immediately on contact for visibly whiter teeth.  As someone who photographed weddings in the past, I can tell you that this is definitely a toothpaste worth looking into prior to your big day to show off your pearly whites.  And as a busy mom, I love that this works quickly so that I don’t have to sit there and fuss with trays and gels and all that other stuff.  I still have all that time I can use to spend with my sons.

Retail: $6.99

  • Rapid-release peroxide starts working on contact to visibly whiten deep stains inside teeth
  • Fresh mint whitening toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling clean and invigorated
  • Sodium fluoride strengthens teeth by restoring tooth enamel

The Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste has also been a must-have for me lately.  While I don’t drink coffee any longer I find that I still have the remnants of stains left behind on my teeth.  This particular toothpaste polishes away stains while whitening your teeth.  It’s the perfect daily use teeth whitening toothpaste and is formulated to remove tough stains while actively restoring and strengthening the tooth enamel.

Retail:  $6.99

  • Micro-polishers help to remove surface stains while tetrapotassium pyrophosphate helps prevent future buildup
  • Special formula fights tough stains like red wine, berries, coffee and tobacco
  • Removes and prevents stains while restoring tooth enamel

Rembrandt, plackers, teeth, floss, toothpaste, review, bright smile, smile, white teeth, confidence, beauty, dental hygiene, cleanliness, teeth cleaning,

Of course, great teeth not only come with awesome toothpaste but a great floss.  The Plackers Micro Mint Flossers are just the thing to easily remove food particles between your teeth.  Plackers Micro Mint Flossers come in a cool mint flavor and give you an immediate fresh feeling while allowing you to keep your smile clean and bright.

Rembrandt, plackers, teeth, floss, toothpaste, review, bright smile, smile, white teeth, confidence, beauty, dental hygiene, cleanliness, teeth cleaning,

The flossers are made with Super TufFloss that doesn’t stretch, shred or snap and the pick is protected and can be folded away when not in use.  This is my go-to floss to take on the go because it fits easily into my purse with my other “on-the-go” items and I don’t have to worry about poking myself when reaching into my bag.

Retail:  Between $4.00 – $8.00 depending on the quantity in the package and where you buy it from.

Whether you are looking for a new selection of dental products like tooth paste or floss or just want to try something different, I definitely suggest checking out Rembrandt and Plackers.  They are the perfect treats for your smile and can be found at most stores at reasonable and affordable costs.  So, how about you, do you have a favorite toothpaste or floss?  Have you tried any of these that I mentioned before and if so, what are your thoughts?

Disclaimer:  The products featured in this post were sent for review/feature.  This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I will remember those micro-mint Plakrs – I haven’t seen minty little tools like this. Mine are plain.

  2. Lola Seicento Reply

    I love those Plakrs- I use something similar from another brand!

  3. all_the_words025 Reply

    I always go for the little flosser things as opposed to regular floss, so I’ll definitely be looking out for the Plakrs. Such a great looking design!

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