It is not secret that I have some crazy sensitive skin and do everything in my power to keep it in control by using natural products and pretty costly serums and products to keep my face and sensitivities at bay.  About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with eczema after having one of the most horrendous flare ups I could have ever experienced, so I have been very leery to try anything in fear that my skin would have a serious reaction again.

I have used Murad products in the past (cleansers and moisturizers) and while I did like their products, I never continued to use them after the first bottle was used up.  It’s not because the product didn’t work, but because I just transitioned to something more readily available for me.   But after receiving the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum from Murad and using it the last 10-11 days, I really think this will be one I’ll continue to use.


Here is what my face looked like prior to my first use:


Don’t judge, lol – I know I look like a hot mess.  I took this photo the day the Murad Serum arrived in the mail (October 20, 2013).  This was taken earlier in the day before I applied any makeup.

This image was taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and no editing has been done.


I took the photo above a few hours later before putting my makeup on since the lighting was a bit better.  Again, same camera and no editing.  In the image you can see some of my freckles on my cheeks as well as pigmentation from my eczema near my mouth area.


The photo above was taken on Halloween (10/31/13).  The lighting was not as harsh so there wasn’t as much dark cast on the image, but you can tell that my face had lightened up quite a bit, enough so that it was noticeable by people I hadn’t seen for a few days.  My husband even noticed the change. It was not dramatic enough to where I looked odd, but enough to where my skin had added luminosity and looked vibrant and pretty.

Check out my video review below where I discuss all that the product does, some of its key ingredients as well as demo the product for you to show you what my face looked like on the first day of use and then 10-11 days later.  Overall, I’m very impressed by this Serum.  It is backed by one of the leading Skin care companies but it also holds its own as it has definitely proven to be a favorite in my skin care arsenal.  I would like to think the pictures show the results for you as well as the video.

The Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum retails on Murad’s site for $60.00 for 1 fl oz.  Even with daily use, since you need only a thin layer, the product will last you for quite some time.  I do think it is costly, but what skin care products aren’t these days?  I think it will make an awesome addition to any woman’s skin care regimen, regardless of age.

Like I mention in the video below, please be sure to use sunscreen when using this product (or at anytime).  Due to the ingredients it can cause sensitivity problems.  Be sure to watch my video review for more detail on the results I received as well as my experiences.  You can also watch the video here.

This product was sent to me for consideration for review courtesy of

All opinions are my own are 100% honest and my own and I was not influenced in anyway to provide a positive or negative review.  I was not compensated in anyway to provide this review.


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