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Happy Thirsty Thursday Fam! I am excited to finally bring a new video that talks about some things I’ve been up to. I released my first planners & books and today I share them with you. Are you ready for this? Read on to get all the details.

What I’ve Been Up To

For the last couple of months (years even) I’ve been working diligently in creating a series of different books. These books were to be utilized for me and to provide to my workshop attendees. While Covid-19 has literally stopped a lot of things from happening for me, I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to put some of my idle time to good use. Today I share with you the Planners and Books I’ve been working on. You also get a little flip through of some of them, so you can see what’s inside.

Color Your Vision, Plan Your Dreams – Vision Book

Over the last few years, I’ve been working on the Color Your Vision, Plan Your Dreams – Vision Book. This book (workbook) is used in combination with my Vision Board Workshops and often times used in place of a traditional vision board. After utilizing a discbound system for over a year, I finally had the opportunity to put it into a printed and bound form. It’s so exciting to see this in print and available for sale on Amazon. In September, I released the Vision Book to those in my little community and I finally got around to sharing it and doing a flip-through on YouTube today.

The Everything Planner

I haven’t shared a photo of The Everything Planner yet, this video being the first glance at it. I admit, my goal was to do an official launch, but Covid-19 took control of my schedule. With distance and virtual learning the current norm, I didn’t have a chance to devote to an actual launch – so this is it. The Everything Planner combines some of my favorite layouts that I’ve created for myself over the years. It also has a variety of different productivity tips as well as spaces to keep you on track & on task.

Watch the Video on YouTube

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All The Things

Besides the Vision Book & The Everything Planner, I also released a Dot-Grid Notebook, Called The Fearless Girl Boss Dot-Grid Journal. This book is ready for you to use as a Bullet Journal, sketchbook, or whatever you desire. It comes ready with a blank Key Page and index pages. I also have a series of different Coloring Books that I have hand-drawn or done in collaboration with others.

Check out some of the other books available for sale at: Honey’s Books

While these books have all been a labor of love over the years, I’m extremely excited to share them with all of you. I have so much in store and so many things that are in the pipeline right now. This little video and post is just a small share of what I’ve been up to.

If you’re interested in getting more details or grabbing some of these for yourself, check out my Amazon link and see what’s available there. I also mention the Monstera Love Planner in Hardcover form, which you can see here.

Thank you for stopping in and hanging out with me. Wishing you all a wonderful week, stay safe & healthy!

xo Honey

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Happy Thirsty Thursday.  Today’s episode in my TT Segment has a lot to do with abuse in a relationship.  There are so many different types of abuse and often times, we as friends, outsiders or those looking from the outside in do not even realize what is happening.  While this episode is basically my opinion on emotional, mental and physical abuse – I hope that if only one person watches this video and it helps them make a change for the better, that it will make a difference.

Have a great Thursday and remember… You are beautiful!


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Is it just me or is this week dragging on even with the Labor Day Holiday this past Monday?  Honestly, I feel it is just taking forever but needless to say – I’m glad it is finally Thursday.

 THIRSTY THURSDAY - Updates & Dear Beautiful People | 09.10.15

Today for this week’s segment of Thirsty Thursday we get on a personal level about some updates with my health.  I also discuss a few things that have been on my mind lately like the negativity in society and press samples as well as so much more.  Check out my video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Remember – you are beautiful! And, if you are joining me this Thirsty Thursday – whatever your drink of choice, drink responsibly.


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