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Happy Monday Maui Foodie Fam! If you’re not from Maui or visiting – no worries, we hope you still enjoy this post. Today, we are sharing with you another Maui Eats find. We love love love checking out food trucks on the island and the Earth Aloha Eats truck has been a recent find on our foodie adventures. Today, we are sharing EAE with you.

What and Who is Earth Aloha Eats

First, I’d like to apologize, because, in my video, I called them Aloha Eats, but they are indeed Earth Aloha Eats or EAE (for short). Earth Aloha Eats is located in Kahului, just a mile or so from Kahului International Airport. It’s situated on Dairy Road at the Foodtruck Lot in the old Shell Gas Station, next to Bedmart. EAE is a Vegan truck that specializes in plant-based specials. Earth Aloha Eats is open daily from 11am – 8pm and there are a variety of specials as well as takeout and delivery available.

Maui Foodie Adventures - Earth Aloha Eats Foodtruck, Plantbased Vegan Grinds
Earth Aloha Eats in Kahului on Dairy Road. Follow them on Instagram @earthalohaeats.

Upon arriving at their food truck, I asked the team a bunch of questions about their food and was greeted with a warm smile and lots of aloha.  Their advertisements on the side of the truck included pictures that were absolutely enticing. But, honestly – I was intrigued that a “pork” anything, as well as “fish” and “burger”, would taste like real meat. The Maui Foodie fam decided we would try out their Pulled Pork Fries and Creme Brulee.  

The Pulled “Pork” Fries

Maui Foodie Adventures - Earth Aloha Eats Foodtruck, Plantbased Vegan Grinds
Pulled “pork” fries

The pulled pork fries include Golden french fries topped with vegan pulled pork, rainbow coleslaw, and their house-made BBQ sauce.  It is the ultimate in plant-based nom noms! The takeout dish is both vegetarian and vegan and the “pork” is made with a plant/soy base. Let me start by saying that the plate itself is really pretty to look at and the colors are gorgeous. But, the taste is really really good. It is stuffed full of flavor and there truly is a lot of food for a “slide nom” as they call it. The french fries were crispy and there was a lot to this dish. For just $8.95, you get a lot of food.

Now, let’s talk about the vegan pulled pork for a sec shall we? Did it really taste like meat? Hmmmm… I have to say, I’m quite impressed. I have tasted mock-chicken before and other types of vegan based meat-like items. But, the texture is not always ideal.

Maui Foodie Adventures - Earth Aloha Eats Foodtruck, Plantbased Vegan Grinds

The Creme Brulee

The Creme Brulee is a mildly sweet and creamy vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar top.  This little mason jar of goodness has the perfect amount of sweetness and creaminess. I loved the crunchy creme brulee caramel top. It was crispy and delicious. My creme brulee was liquidy, so I’m not sure if that is how it normally is… but it definitely was delicious. While the texture was different than I would expect from a traditional creme brulee, it ultimately had the flavors I look for. It was decadent and yummy!

Maui Foodie Adventures - Earth Aloha Eats Foodtruck, Plantbased Vegan Grinds

As I mentioned before, both food items are vegetarian and vegan and the creme brulee is gluten-free. 

Maui Foodie Adventures - Earth Aloha Eats Foodtruck, Plantbased Vegan Grinds

Other Food Items

EAE offers a varied menu with lots of items for any taste or craving. Here is a list of some of the options available – but keep in mind that they offer daily specials as well.

  • Golden Fish
  • Thai Chicken Tacos
  • Mexican Street Tacos
  • Buddha Bowl
  • Asian Teriyaki Bowl
  • Falafel Wrap
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap
  • Gyro Chicken Wrap
  • Aloha Burger – Beyond Burger on a toasted ciabatta bun
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Phish & Chips (crispy golden vegan fish served over french fries w/mixed greens, etc.)
  • Greek Plate with housemade falafel, hummus, mixed greens, brown rice and more
  • yummy drinks like Eqyptian Hibiscus Iced Tea, Kombucha, Amazing Lemonade, Cucumber infused iced water and Green Goddess Smoothie (special)
  • Kid-friendly meals like Vegan cheese quesadilla, chicken nuggets with french fries as well as rice and veggies

They are reasonably priced and again, all products are vegetarian and vegan so you get a guilt-free foodie experience that will satisfy any craving.  

Maui Foodie Adventures - Earth Aloha Eats Foodtruck, Plantbased Vegan Grinds
EAE has a little garden with herbs that is attached to their food truck. It’s not only unique but adds to the dining experience and I LOVE the concept.

As a meat-eater, I’m always looking for plant-based/vegan food that provides me with the flavor and most importantly, the texture of the meats that I enjoy.  The Maui Foodies was definitely impressed with EAE’s food selection as well as its flavor profile.  EAE also have their own garden right on the food truck which makes it a unique experience. 

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If you are in Kahului and are looking for something new to try or feeling like you want to go vegetarian or vegan for the day – head on over to Earth Aloha Eats.  We definitely suggest you giving them a try. Earth Aloha Eats food truck also offers not only takeout but also delivery. Check them out on Instagram for more info.

Overall, we truly enjoyed our experience at Earth Aloha Eats Food Truck. We highly suggest you stopping in and checking it out for yourself. If you do stop on by to try them out, let them know that The Maui Foodies sent ya!

Disclaimer: Nothing to disclose. All items featured and reviewed were purchased with our own money. Affiliate links may be posted throughout (please visit our Disclosures Page for information on monetization, sponsored posts, etc.)